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How to Capitalize on Viral Trends and Increase Brand Value?
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How to Capitalize on Viral Trends and Increase Brand Value?

Digital workspace has a broad reach, but it’s very dynamic. A marketing strategy that works today might fail disastrously tomorrow. So, to make the maximum utilization of this robust platform, companies need to be very active with their online and social media strategies.

While you cannot change your marketing stance overnight, it’s crucial that you are always aware of the trend and look out for opportunities to capitalize on the viral trends.

We have shared some of the top trends which have been well proven to bring success for businesses.

Capitalize viral trends to enhance the brand value

1. Rock-solid content

If you have heard that content is the king, know that it’s a fact! When it comes to the World Wide Web, the most crucial part of your marketing is through content. Now, does that mean you need to have lengthy content?

No! Your content should be impactful, informative, and catchy enough to grab the attention of your audience.

Good content is the recipe for robust online presence. To attract more traffic to the website and thus business, it is the content that needs to do the talking! In the 21-st century, relevant content is sure to help marketers build brand preference and open new avenues for enhanced customer relationship, giving them an edge over competitors. With the world sinking into digital mayhem, content marketing can be the savior especially if a business can project a lucid and distinct viewpoint, which is imperative to create the required brand image in the mind of the target audience.o

For SEO purpose, a content rich in keywords will surely enable a business to secure a good rank in the ‘webbed world.’ The next step is to convert one-time visitors into regular readers and turn prospective customers into guaranteed buyers. All of this depends on good content, which is the lifeline of a website.  

2. Think out of the box

Whenever you talk about marketing, a key to any type is ‘thinking out of the box.’ While it’s imperative that we follow techniques which have been successful earlier if you can add a twist to the proven methods, you will benefit more.

Hire a strong marketing research team, study the market trend thoroughly, build strategies according to trend, and spend money on promotional gifts.

3. Media

Media includes both videos and images. According to studies, our brain can register more visuals than words. So, if words are the body of social media, images, and videos is the bloodstream.

In this age of diminished attention spans, bright and engaging visuals help create a long-lasting impact. Great content, when combined with engaging videos and relevant images, is bound to grab the attention of the viewer for a more extended period.

People now seek out for videos on online platforms like YouTube for everything under the sun. If you can utilize this, and start providing solutions through videos, you are sure to enhance your brand awareness.

You can also insert short videos and meaningful images within your content, which is going to retain the attention of the readers by making the page more interactive and exciting.

4. Personalization

While social media has a broad reach, people prefer only those brands with whom they can relate. So, instead of trying to appeal the mass, select your target audience, and design strategies according to their preference.

Communicate in the first or second person, and give them the experience to talk about. Once you appeal to a group of people, they will do the rest of the task for you! So, deliver the right content to the right person at the right time, and in such a way that it feels personalized.

Brands are now even experimenting with completely personalized content hubs, using simple tactics like mentioning a reader’s name in an email or sharing promotional keyrings along with your products.

Personalization is still somewhat a new technique in the market, and if you can utilize it for your business, you will influence customer experience to a great extent.


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