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5 Renovating Ideas for Chic and Charming Spacious Bathrooms
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5 Renovating Ideas for Chic and Charming Spacious Bathrooms

Interior decoration has evolved over the past few decades, and how!  Have you noticed the designs and decorative accessories used in the traditional homes of our ancestors? Every one of us can identify with the substantial use of elephantine wood furniture, heavy drapery, Victorian statues, vintage angel lamps, and intricate and ornate carvings. Elaborate use of ornamentation in ancestral homes was a hallmark of times gone by. Today, minimalism has taken over, leading to the diminishing use of key elements that were commonplace in the artistic design of conventional homes. But today’s design concepts are very flexible and accepting – you may happily and aesthetically blend the two styles if you know how to, and if it matches your persona and the character of your property.

Are you renovating your washroom, and finding it trickier than you imagined? The fundamentals of adding practicality and necessity, and merging it with innovative design for your space, could leave you knackered at times. You may have, by now, hit a few snags. So, calling in a professional whose work suits any budget and style would be the right move. It is not hard to find qualified designers and experienced builders through their websites; they can comfortably and affordably commit to your satisfaction, for your washroom and kitchen renovations in Sydney. Pinnacle Constructions and Design is committed to rendering high-end construction, quality design services, while working at a reasonable rate. If you are looking for free design and renovation quotes and ideas, you can pursue such building companies and house renovators.

Best practices with renovating big bathrooms in your home

It is important for some people to own large bathroom spaces. Well, most of us would, if we had that much space to spare! Your decorating concept should be designed with regard to the space you have at hand. Whatever the actual size, some tricks and tricks can make any space look spacious. For large bathroom renovations in Sydney, one must understand the challenges you may face when it comes to cost, labour and time involved. Right now, let’s take a look at some tips to help you renovate a large bathroom:

  • Colour scheme: Scoping out the right colour choices for the bathroom is as important as figuring out the correct layout. One can play it safe by choosing neutral colours that seamlessly arrange a constant flow of space in your room. But, why play with just creams and whites, when you have so many options?! When space is not a constraint, you can happily experiment with the bold and the beautiful. You can go with royal shades like emerald greens, sapphire blues and rich tans, if you love vivid colours. They can be paired with fixtures in soft shades like off-white, pale greens and pastels.
  • Ambient lighting: Lighting helps to set the mood of a space. You can use beautiful light fixtures to amplify the bath area. For a large space, ensure to incorporate enough lighting. Even better, use natural light too using large windows that give you a beautiful view, in case your bathroom offers sight of the greenery outdoors. When you want both light and privacy, you need to keep some things in mind like the view and angles. Accent lighting can also be added to highlight spaces like the shower cubicle, bathtub or vanity.
  • Bathroom storage: If you own a large bathroom space, storage should be the least of your concerns! Organising the space properly for aesthetic and practical purposes is the key. Opt for a good melange of both concealed and open storage. You can easily tuck away cleaning supplies that look unpleasant to the eye. And, display beautiful bottles of regular use items, and even plants in pretty planters and some showpieces too. The vanity area is a central focal point for large bathrooms; you can pair it with a matching cabinet that would allow for storage of your hair tools, bath supplies and towels. Rich browns, white tones and sage green cabinets would blend well with most colours.
  • Ornamental plants:  Flowering and indoor plants are exotic elements of décor that you can easily install in a large bathroom to impart a feeling of an oasis. There are several plants with beautiful foliage that do well in a humid environment. They don’t just serve the purpose of decoration, but also purify the living spaces. You can use them to improve the air quality of your homes, after understanding which ones survive well in damp environs. Snake plants, bamboo, Aloe Vera and orchids are good examples.
  • Ventilation:  Moisture and dampness is a daily issue that is common in any area that deals with constant use of water. The same problem has to be tackled when designing the bathroom, be it any size. You can choose a combination of windows and air vents, that will help reduce the collection of moisture. If you live in a place that has great sunlight through the year, then you can swing open your windows to freshen up the room. Airing out the bathroom helps to keep it feeling fresh and crisp.

If you plan to get ahead with your designing, make sure there is enough flow inside your space. When the door of your room is left open, it should be pleasant and relaxing to the eyes. Once you study the design tips given, you can apply the same to any space in your home. Are you now ready to introduce that spa like ambiance to your bathroom?

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