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December 4, 2019

Are You Committing These Common Mistakes In Your Architectural Photography? Please Don’t!

Architectural photography is that kind of photography which has usually been pretty self-selecting. Before there was digital photography, people invested extreme amounts of patience and attention into the detailing and technical precision of good architectural photography. But, since the last decade, the evolution of digital photography has made the process a whole lot smoother. It has led to the facility of architectural photographers to work much faster, deliver tons of finished images and keep the clients satisfied. What used to earlier end up in the dustbin, can now be fixed with five minutes of cropping and Photoshop editing.

That doesn’t mean, however, that [...]

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July 27, 2019

Best Key Finder

A situation that is quite common to all of us is when we aren’t able to locate the items that we so clearly remember placing somewhere. This has to be something that almost everyone at some point if their life has experienced and has felt helpless and frustrated over it. I’m pretty sure there must have been multiple attempts at trying to resolve this issue but all seems to be of no use. At times like these you really wish you were gifted with a better memory which could help you remember the items exactly where you placed them. While memory is still something that will take time in improving, while you’re busy misplacing stuff there actually has been quite some advancements in [...]

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July 16, 2019

Best Diaper Bags

How we selected the best diaper bags to compare

For this research, our analysts were experienced parents that have had experience using diaper bags in the past. For the same reason, we had an idea of the top contenders we wanted to pick for this research. However, apart from the existing knowledge, we also referred to review websites such as BabyGearLabs and Wirecutter to pick out the best diaper bags for this comparison.

Readers would notice that the list does not feature any artificial leather bags. While the bags are a growing trend on social media and popular parenting websites, the user reviews do not indicate that such products are not fit for a top-product list in this [...]

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July 16, 2019

Best Meat Thermometer

What does an ideal day in the kitchen look like to you? To most people it entails spending their beloved time and effort in making something that they dearly love. Something that seems worth spending all the time in the kitchen, giving attention to minor details here and there. Now what could possibly make that experience even better? A tool that eases your workload or probably something that offers you a helping hand at your recipe effortlessly right? Well thanks to the ever so advancing kitchen tools sector, you now have something to help you with when you are cooking something loved by mostly all- meat. Sadly we have to margin out the vegetarians in this article but this product [...]

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