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5 Tips to keep your tyres looking good this summer!
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5 Tips to keep your tyres looking good this summer!

Depending on how your mind functions, you might find the topic of tyre maintenance quite interesting, or you might not. But, it in no way reduces the importance of the matter. Research shows that there is a high percentage of drivers who put absolutely zero effort on their tyres. Even there are many drivers who drive around dangerously with under-inflated tyres. There could be a maximum of a third of the driving population who actually drove around with properly inflated tyres. Did you know that keeping your tyres properly inflated could have a huge difference to the amount of fuel your car burns?

On the other hand, if you fail to inflate the tyres properly, not only will the tyres wear out much more quickly, but also the suspension, steering and brakes wear out much faster. You need to frequently check your car tyres for signs of wear and tear. They can also get damaged by screws, nails, or horns they rode over on the roads. The story of tyres goes as such that you might check your tyres in the morning, and then set out on the roads and by afternoon, any one of them could have picked up a nail. So, you need to give utmost attention to your tyres, especially if you drive for long distances. Taking care of your tyres in Alexandria with Kismet Mechanicals at your service is a God-send. They are the best mobile car service to help you out in emergencies as well as offers on sale branded tyres and wheels for all makes and models at the best prices.

Handy tire maintenance tips for the summer:

Well by now, you must have realized that looking after the tyres is an important part of the car maintenance. New sets of tyres don’t come affordable, so you should make sure to keep your tyres looking good. Properly cared for tyres ensures that you stay safe on the road. Summer is a really hard time for your tyres as too much heat can impact the car’s steering sensitivity, durability, and fuel efficiency. Therefore, tyres need extra care during the summers and frequent check-ups by a professional car service in Sydney. Follow these basic maintenance tips to take good care of your tyres this summer:

  • Nitrogen: Air expands much faster than nitrogen and so should be avoided. Nitrogen should replace the air in the tyres and will save you the weekly hassle of checking the tire pressure. But, this doesn’t imply that you can turn a blind eye to your tyres after filling them with nitrogen.
  • Tyre valves: This is one of the most important things to check in the tyres. You should ensure that the valves are in proper shape and the covering caps are well-fitted. This will help to overcome tire puncture or air leakage situations.
  • Tyre check: You should frequently check your tyres for any kind of cracks, or wear and tear. You could insert a coin between the tread to check for weariness. If one-fourth portion of the coin isn’t between the tread, then you need to replace it immediately.
  • Spare tyre: Getting stuck in worst case scenarios with a punctured tyre in the middle of the road is quite a disastrous situation. That’s why as a responsible driver, you should always have a well-inflated, proper spare tire to get you out of such sticky situations.
  • Tyre pressure: The summer heat can expand or contract the rubber tyres, and cause a change in their pressure, which will lead to misalignment of the tyres. With constant exposure to heat and such continuous changes, the tyres may burst. So, you should keep the tyres cool in the summer months by pouring some water on their surface, or parking them in shady areas.

So, these are the simple ways in which you can care for your tyres in the summer and keep them in shape. Tyres connect your vehicle to the roads as well as support the weight of your cars. So, keeping proper care of them will save you time, money, and effort in the long run.

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