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September 19, 2018

Best Gaming Monitor

Just a few years back it was predicted that PC were on their way out of fashion. Although people do switch to the portable option, the desktop of the same version is seen to perform better than their laptop and tablet version. The best monitors would not increase your computer performance but they will increase the user experience. You also don’t need to worry about breaking your piggy bank as it won’t hit your pocket a lot.

These monitors also feature high resolution and low refresh rates which makes them the best gaming monitors. So whether you’re looking for a gaming monitor or a monitor for normal video uses with light gaming, here is the list of best [...]

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September 10, 2018

Best CPU for Gaming

If spending hours in front of a computer screen, saving the humanity from an alien attack or simply fighting the bad guys to save your country is what most of your days look like then something that you have surely invested in must be a Gaming computer. This is very special to people who are dedicated to gaming and would never compromise on any feature when it comes to providing them with the best gaming experience. If you are a newbie who is on the lookout for the perfect gaming computer that will transport you into the world of gaming in the best way possible then you must be starting off with the CPU, the main component of a gaming computer.  

With the ever-advancing [...]

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