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Can you imagine a world without the internet? A world with no memes? A world where you cannot find videos of all those cute cats, dogs and pandas? NO WAY! I find it safe to say that in 2019 that we have all transformed into species who’ve created a new form of communication- MEMES. Yes. And how do we access those memes if there is no internet? We have entered into the era of “speed equals money” hence, everyone uses the fastest networks for their internet usage. From broadband to wireless WiFi adapters, internet usage has increased a thousandfold! This has increased the requirement of making internet devices portable. Wireless adapters arrived like a flash wave into WiFi devices. Easy to carry and use, wireless adapters immediately created a high demand in the consumer market. Without burning a hole in the pocket, these portable adapters provided instant internet with high speed and continued streaming. Here we list down some of the market’s best wireless adapters in, for a better understanding before purchasing:

#1 – Net-Dyn AC1200 Wifi Adapter For Pc (Best Overall)

At a time when the speed of the internet is of much value, the Net-Dyn AC1200 delivers a promising performance. With a little bulk on the size, this adapter has an excellent performance capability at 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz in Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems. The high bandwidth gives excellent speed due to its dual-band adapter and for traditional users, this wireless adapter definitely has the potential in being one of the best adapters in 2019.

Design and Features Of Net-Dyn AC1200 Wifi Adapter

Wireless adapters are usually built lightweight in design and the Net Dyn adapter looks like mini cassette and carries a little more weight than most wireless adapters. Weighing 13 grams, this adapter is 3.5 inches in length, 2 inches in width and 0.5 inches in height. Despite the slightly bulky design, this adapter finds a place in the list due to its stable connection across large bandwidth. The design is such that it has the capacity to cover a wide network area with a fast connection.

The AC1200 operates in WINDOWS 10, WINDOWS 8,8.1 and 7, Vista as well as XP and even Windows 2000. Besides it also works well with MAC versions 10, 9, 10.10 and 10.11 and also on Linux v3.0.0.1.

The Net Dyn AC1200  has a USB 3.0 interface that supports up to 867 Mbps data streaming both up and down streaming.  It provides reliable speed at 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz at IEEE802.11A/B/C draft compliance. The memory type of this wireless adapter is WRAM and is known for strong signals across 100 yards of area coverage.

Installation Of Net-Dyn AC1200 Wifi Adapter

The AC1200 is very easy to install and only takes a few simple steps to set it up. It comes with its own installation CD so you need not worry about looking for any software to download. First, the adapter has to be plugged in the USB port and then the CD. Once the driver is finished installing, the adapter is ready for use!

Performance of Net-Dyn AC1200 Wifi Adapter

The Net Dyn series has become a household name for wireless adapters due to its high speed and reliable connection. One might point out the size of the AC1200 to be a little more than most wireless adapters on the market but what it lacks in size, it makes it up in its performance. Covering a wide area of about 100 yards, one can connect multiple devices, and still receive maximum speed and high data streaming. This adapter has an excellent working capacity required for web surfing and even gaming. Since online gaming requires high-speed data streaming, this adapter provides the same with reliable speed.

The AC1200 comes with a lifetime warranty and one needn’t worry about any damage incurred. The Net Dyn company provides a lifetime warranty for all its wireless products and hence, this brand is definitely reliable. They also have excellent customer service and this builds a trustworthy relationship between the company and the consumer base.  

This wireless adapter comes with external dongle features and is capable of 20MHz,40MHz and 80MHz transmission which increases its performance level and ensures seamless streaming and high-quality internet.

Final Verdict

In a world where fast speed internet is an everyday requirement, wireless adapters are like a gift none would dislike. Whether one is looking for simple web surfing or video streaming or even gaming, reliable connection is a priority. The Net Dyn series is a must check out brand due to its easy to install and promising bandwidth that makes it worth it. The AC1200 is known for its compatibility with both Window and MAC software and even though price range at which the AC1200 falls maybe a little more than what one usually spends but if the required features in a reliable adapter is wide-area coverage, high-speed internet and lifetime warranty services, then the Net Dyn AC1200 is sure to deliver well.

#2 – TP-Link AC1900 Archer-T9E Wifi Adapter ( Best Budget )

In a market where there are a number of options in terms of looking for a wireless adapter, it becomes difficult to choose within such a variety. In such a case, it becomes crucial to list down the features provided by each brand so as to decide on the best. The TP-Link AC1900 Archer is a dual-band user interface that has a speed high as 1300 Mbps at 5GHz. This wireless adapter is excellent for users who require frequent usage of high-speed internet at all times, for eg. gaming, work purposes.

This adapter comes with next-generation WiFi services, combined with dual bandwidth of 1300 as well as 600Mbps. Such high speed ensures HD quality video streaming and very lag-free gaming experience. Considering how much fast internet is a dire requirement now, this adapter promises easy installation and quality service.

Design and Features included

The TP-Link Archer T9E is designed in a stylish manner with dual-band that enables a large bandwidth of this adapter, ensuring fast speed internet. This wireless adapter is built with triple antennas on one side of the adapter, and a slot for network adapter card to be inserted on the side. It is a little on the heavier side and weighs about 317gm but not to worry, for it covers a large area of bandwidth. It is 4.5 inches in length, 4.8 in width and 0.8 inches in height.

Apart from the next generation WiFi, the TP-Link offers incredible transfer wireless speed and beamforming technology. This piece of technology increases the efficiency of the WiFi signals that enhances the reliability and stability of the internet tremendously.

Usually, when gadgets are left on for long, they heat up after some time, decreasing the durability of optimum functioning for an extended period of time. But not to forget that we live in a blessed century of technology where this problem is better tackled. The Archer T9E has heat sink technology that is designed to temperature control the adapter thereby increasing the quality of performance tremendously.

This new player has other cool features such as external antennas, and easy to install the device, and supports in almost all versions of Windows. The safety of internet usage is also taken care of in this wonderful device by securing WPA and WPA2 encryption standards.

Installation of TP-Link AC1900 Archer-T9E Wifi Adapter

The TP-Link Archer T9E is easy to install and comes with easy to use interface CD. The CD is required to be run in order to install the program into the desired device. Once that is done, the adapter is ready to be used.

Performance of TP-Link AC1900 Archer-T9E Wifi Adapter

This new member of the Archer series has an almost unparalleled performance capacity due to its dual bandwidth. Moreover, the triple antennas ensure there is zero space for any lagging for internet streaming and provides up to 1300 Mbps over 5GHz. This amount of speed helps in seamless video streaming on HD and also for gaming purposes.

The beamforming technology included in this model of the wireless adapter allows the device to receive seamless directional signals which mean ensures that there is no sudden network loss in between. Very few brands use this marvelous technology for wireless adapters and it is such an amazing feature to be included as often whilst in the middle of streaming videos, etc. glitches on the internet may be a factor while choosing a wireless adapter to buy.

The high bandwidth helps in intense gaming experiences as the seamless streaming of the internet is taken care of by the dual-band standard.

Final Verdict

If one is looking for affordable wireless adapters that provide high-speed internet and is compatible with both Windows and MAC, the AC1900 Archer T9E is the one to go for. People who have extensively used this wireless adapter have reported it to be a very worthy of use due to its high-quality user interface that allows such seamless streaming.  It is the ideal adapter for gamers and HD video streaming. The DDR3 SDRAM wireless type makes it a sleek device that can be trusted upon for high-speed internet. The beam from technology ensures there is no lagging in the streaming process and hence, it can be said that this latest member of the TP-Link series can be a reliable device and an absolute value for money.

#3 – TRENDNET TEN809UB Wifi Adapter ( Best Range/ Full Size )

In a world where Darwin’s survival of the fittest has become too literal that everyday monotony has turned human species to compete for every last aspect of possibilities under the sun. That being said, virtual reality has its own competition now. It is the requirement of lightning-fast speed internet for staying on the virtual competition all the time!

So when in terms of design, to allow ultra-speed quality internet, the TRENDNET brand came out with a very unique yet in a spooky way released the TEN 809UB model. Primarily designed for enhancing the speed for multiplayer virtual games, the model built into four antennas made sure everyone was looking at it. At a time when the gaming industry has gained significant control in the virtual world, online gaming needed more speed than ever. So the 809UB model knew just how. By increasing the strength of the signal by providing more bandwidth with double the antennas!

Design and Its Features

Built into the shape of a tech spider, the 809UB model had four protruding antennas facing upward. A little eerie for all those who have an intense dislike of spiders, this model sure gave some serious hardcore action in gaming experience!

The 809UB has some pretty cool features such as the dual bandwidth with its network. The beamforming technology as mentioned in the TP-Link Archer model, this latest release by TREND NET gave double the speed with four antennas, the seamless quality internet is excellent for the online gaming experience. This spider looking adapter is equipped with 802.11ac enabling ultra-speed internet, unlike most nano-sized adapters. It is 8 inches in length, 6 inches in width and about 2.4 inches in height.

In its 5GHz band, the 809Ub can hit up to as high as 569 Mbps and maintain a low 178 Mbps in a 2.5 GHz. This flexibility sure makes this model very important in our list of best wireless adapters in 2019!

The added antennas do add some space occupying volume but nonetheless it offers some very interesting features in this model. It is notable that this model of TRENDNET isn’t equipped to provide maximum speed in gaming in laptops and portable options.

Installation of TRENDNET TEN809UB Wifi Adapter

This model is known for its easy to install setting. Once the installation CD that comes along with the device is mounted into the host device, the software needs to be installed and the device is thus ready to be used.

Performance of TRENDNET TEN809UB Wifi Adapter

As mentioned earlier, the 809 UB outdid its previous models by increasing the bandwidth with its four antennas working simultaneously. This gives a very exhilarating speed for multiple users, especially in online gaming. However there is a slight downside to this model is that if removed out of the maximum bandwidth perimeter, the speed relatively slows down. But not to forget that, it a great device for some in-house gaming with friends. The signal strength is very high with 5dbi technology.

Another unique part of this model is that the antennas are absolutely detachable thereby giving the user access to chose the bandwidth requirement and use accordingly.

This model doesn’t, however, support MU-MIMO technology which basically is the multiple user/input/output formats. Therefore moving the router out of its range won’t provide its maximum coverage strength. The 809UB model boasts of reaching up to 569 Mbps in the 5GHz. The bulky built of the adapter gives some touch time in the market of adapters.

A little inconsistency in the speed was noticed while devices were moved a little more distance outside its bandwidth. Weighing about 317 gm, this adapter makes up for the size in its speed.

Final Verdict

At a time when gaming experiences are revolutionized into being more and more realistic, time and again, speed internet is of significance. This new baby of the TRENDNET series is an ally for super-speed gaming experience due to its four antennas providing enhanced speed and quality internet. One might hesitate by the bulk size of the adapter but what it lacks in its dimensions, the high-quality internet at ultra-speed bandwidth changes one’s decision opting for this model. Surely it is a must check out option for those looking for speedy internet for gaming purposes.

#4 – D-Link AC1900 Wifi Adapter( Best For Desktop/ PC & Design )

As we keep divulging into the list of best wireless adapters the D Link series is a mandatory mention for they have been a household name for providing quality services. The AC1900 lives up to its name by providing tough competition to the already thriving market for the fast-paced user interface. This round egg-shaped adapter arrived with a whole new era of wireless internet connectivity. The latest addition to the D Link series has compatibility with Windows versions of 10 and 7. Like the previous models on the list, this model of AC1900 also has Smart Beam technology and gives away powerful bandwidth capacity. This D Link model comes with faster streaming capacities, gaming and also to make VOIP calls seamlessly.

Design and its features

The design of the D Link AC1900 is such that it looks like the size of a baseball. Weighing about 294 gm, the round-shaped designed adapter becomes the only differently shaped adapter in the market. It has a black colored top and a silver base color that makes it stand out prominently. It measures about 3.15 inches in diameter and looks like a minuscule robotic device. It is designed to glow in electric blue color to indicate the power usage of the adapter at all times. The differently shaped adapter loses its portability feature due to its bulky size.

The AC1900 comes in dual-band capacity with both 2.4GHz for low streaming purposes such a web surfing and 5GHz for fast internet streaming for video streaming, gaming, transferring of large files. The USB 3.0 interface provides data transferring up to ten times the USB 2.0 interface. Another unique feature of this adapter is that it is compatible with all brands of router WiFi devices and also range routers.

The advanced Smart Beam technology increases the coverage bandwidth with its flexibility to redirect signals to the devices attached. This model of D Link comes with some high powered amplifiers that strengthen the connectivity across walls for better WiFi range.

Installation of D-Link AC1900 Wifi Adapter

This latest D Link model has a little sophisticated installation owing to its uniquely designed adapter. For the installation, it is first required to install the required software into the host PC/laptop using the installation CD that arrives with the purchase of the adapter. Once that is done, the adapter needs to be plugged into the system USB provision. Once the device flashes a blue colored light, it is ready to be used.

Performance Of D-Link AC1900 Wifi Adapter

The AC1900 delivers excellent performance in terms of its promising design. The dual bandwidth of the device allows it to provide optimum performance capabilities of 2.4 GHz for less streaming speed whilst giving out 5GHz bandwidth for increased bandwidth for activities such as video streaming, gaming, etc. The USB 3.0 makes data transfer by increasing the speed by tenfold. Once the device is plugged in, any number of devices connected to the adapter receives an equal amount of bandwidth due to its unique design for being able to carry signals across walls for enhanced quality internet.

The AC1900 is rightfully named so the maximum speed reached is 1900 Mbps and it is compatible with all routers as well as with Windows 10 and 7. Both bandwidths gave a very steady performance quality at low and high medium. It can also be connected to USB 2.0 port even if being a USB 3.0 adapter service. The powerful strength output of the adapter is visibly recognized on its usage.

As mentioned earlier, the advanced smart beam technology embedded into the AC1900 adapter ensures that the speed of the internet remains optimum within its coverage area. This primarily makes it an important feature to have included this model in the list.

Final Verdict

The D Link AC1900 has created a niche in the adapter market due to its promising features that comply with the demand of a high powered adapter. Although this model is a little bulky in size to be easily portable feature, this model of the wireless adapter makes up in its performance efficiency by removing the barriers for traversing through walls for better internet speed. It can safely boast of superior throughput services and also better range performance. For anyone seeking reliable super-fast internet, this model of D Link is a definite check out.

#5 – Linksys Dual-Band AC1200 WUSB6300 Wifi Adapter

( Best For Gaming )

At a time when USB attached wireless adapters have taken a strong foothold in the industry of WiFi, the Linksys brand couldn’t be left out of mention. The WUSB6300 is the latest addition to the family and already has got some eyes on it because of its prominent features. With a 3.0 connector, this latest member of the Linksys family accommodates dual bandwidth capacity and 2/2 MIMO technology equipped.

After reviewing a number of a bulky wireless adapter, this one comes as a breath of fresh air due to its smaller size. Yet the model comes along with multiple features that enhance the significant performance of the adapter as a whole. Let’s have a look!

 Design and its features

The WUSB6300 is designed to occupy less space and is only 89 mm in length and 11mm in height. The sleek stylish design of the adapter enables it to be easily portable and weighs a mere 17gm. It has a dual-band antenna internally built that gives off as high as 867Mbps internet connectivity. There is an inbuilt colored light that is used as an indicator of the connectivity performance.

Encased in black colored plastic, the body of the adapter has a button for connecting it through WiFi protected setup altogether. It has a dual-band adapter that comes with a 2/2 MIMO antenna configuration that makes this device an easy pick on the list.  It connects to a USB3.0 port and doesn’t have any external antennas but rather internal ones that ensure the speed of the internet to be of ample bandwidth throughout. It is compatible with Windows versions of 10 and 7.

Installation of Linksys Dual-Band AC1200 WUSB6300 Wifi Adapter

The WUSB6300 comes with the typical Linksys installation process that is very easy to use. Like most wireless adapters, the device comes with its own installation CD which when once inserted into a host device, is ready to use after the software has been installed.

Performance of Linksys Dual-Band AC1200 WUSB6300 Wifi Adapter

The WUSB6300 model of Linksys is equipped with an 802.11a standardized user interface that amplifies the data transmission capacity to a maximum of 867 Mbps data transmission. Unlike most wireless adapters, one mustn’t be fooled by the size of this model as it is capable of high-speed internet.

After a few trials of usage, a noticeable flaw of this adapter turned out to be not living up to its promising features as the increased distance couldn’t be covered uniformly by the bandwidth and the connectivity speed dropped significantly. Some users have reported their inability to cover more than 30 feet of area. What is interesting to have been found out in the process is that the WUSB6300 is equipped to quickly switch between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, depending upon the requirement of the user interface. Besides the performance of this model has been of superior quality t the 5GHz band. The Linksys brand has been a novelty in the reliability sector of wireless adapter and WUSB3600 is no exception.

Final Verdict

While opting to choose adapters with high-speed internet providers along with the feature of portability, the Linksys brand delivers a promising device in this small package of the WUSB3600. With excellent bandwidth performance that has the ability to switch between ports, this wireless adapter is efficiently designed to suit the needs of both quality internet as well as easy to use interface. This adapter could be obtained at not so hefty price online and also comes with a year worth of warranty service.

Can you imagine a world without the internet? A world with no memes? A world where you cannot find videos of all those cute cats, dogs and pandas? NO WAY! I find it safe to say that in 2019 that we have all transformed into species who’ve created a new form of communication- MEMES. Yes.…

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