Best Gaming Chair

If you are an ardent fan of video games and wish to improve your gaming skills, you have landed on the right spot. We are here to help you enhance your gaming experience. Want to know how?
Read on, my friend.

Few questions first.

Can’t concentrate on your game properly?
Do you feel a sudden pain in your neck, back or shoulder?
Don’t find comfort or back support during your gaming sessions?

If your answer is yes, you will be surprised to know that the root cause of all the problems is the ordinary chair which you sit on. It is time you upgrade to a gaming chair.

Why Do You Need a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs give you the ultimate gaming experience. They provide the required comfort and support to the gamers which enables them to focus better on their game. Since you spend a considerable time of your day sitting on the chair, a good quality gaming chair will prevent any back, neck or shoulder issues from cropping up.

Which Gaming Chair Should You Buy?

A huge variety of gaming chairs are available in the market. Before buying one, consider certain factors which are as follows :

Design- Choose the design that appeals to you. Think about whether you need a PC gaming chair or a console gaming chair. Do you enjoy rocking or a pedestal chair works best? Keep in mind the colors too.

Durability and Comfort- It is very important to have a comfortable gaming chair that lasts long. Check everything, from the material used for construction to the seat padding.

Features- Some technological features such as compatibility, sound system, wireless facility etc. add to your gaming experience. Check for the things that you wish to have in your chair.

Keep the above things in mind when making your decision. As a starting point, I have picked some of the best chairs for you. Analyze them one by one.

#1 – Vertagear Racing Series SL4000 Gaming Chair

Product specifications :
Dimensions : 53*52*140 cm
Weight : 20 kg
Load capacity: 150 kg
Warranty: 2 years

You might or might not have heard about Vertagear before. In either case, I am sure you are excited to know more about this latest brand that has made a grand entry in the world of gaming chairs with its Racing series.

Aesthetically designed, loaded with useful features, the SL4000 model of the Vertagear Racing series is meant to please your eyes and provide you with the ultimate gaming experience.

Have a look.

Design of Gaming Chair

The Vertagear Racing Series SL4000 boasts a solid construction that makes it strong and durable. The steel frame of the chair along with the matte black, five-legged base which looks like a starfish, is made up of aluminum alloy making it sturdy, stable and lightweight. In addition, the high-quality PVC leathering lends the chair its affluent look and makes it last longer.

When you land yourself on the super-comfy seat of the chair, you won’t be able to restrain yourself from praising the dense foam which is highly resilient and possesses an open-cell breathing structure that guarantees that the heat of the human body does not get confined inside.

Talking about aesthetics, the chair will perfectly fit in any type of decor as it comes in 6 different color combinations which are :

Black and Blue
Black and Green
Black and Red
Black and Carbon
Black and White

White and Blue

To add to its charm, the word ‘Vertagear’ is carved in front side, in a stylish manner and the shiny ‘V’ logo rests at the back of the chair.

Distinct features and Maintenance

Designed to mold itself in accordance with the gamers’ movements and fit all kinds of body shapes and sizes, the Vertagear gaming chair has a number of features to provide you with great support and comfort.

It comes attached with adjustable 4 point armrests that can move in, out, up, down and even rotate. These armrests release the build-up pressure from delicate areas of the wrist, remove fatigue from the shoulders and relieve you of muscle strain.

A wide backrest with angle adjustment option of up-to 170 degrees allows you to modify it according to your seating positions. Also, there are two cut-offs in the upper portion of the backrest which lead to better airflow and thus keep you cool.

When seated for a longer time, stress builds up in particular areas of the body. To help you maintain the correct posture and prevent stress, the chair offers you an adjustable seat. You can fix it according to your height. The seat has a raised cushioned part in the front and 2 metal plates at the back which joins the back section of the chair. If you desire, you can lie comfortably as the seat can be moved to an angle of 140 degrees.

A special feature of this chair is the tilting and locking mechanism which helps you enjoy a comfortable rocking without having to exert much effort. All you need to do is to increase or decrease the tension by turning a knob to match your body weight. This leads to reduced muscle fatigue.

The chair has soft and quiet gliding wheels that offer resistance to dust and debris. Among extra accessories, there is a cushion for supporting the neck and a lumbar support cushion. The neck supporting cushion has an elastic strap going from one end to the other. Rectangular in shape, the lumbar support cushion has two high tension, length adjustable straps attached underneath for horizontal or vertical positioning.

Maintaining the chair is easy as it is water and stain-resistant.


  • Premium quality materials
  • Provides great support and comfort
  • Offers a large number of adjustments
  • Beautifully designed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in 6 different color combinations
  • Cons
  • Expensive
  • Gets dirty easily due to dust settlement
  • Takes 10-15 minutes to assemble


Being a new player in the gaming chair industry, Vertagear has made sure to win your hearts with its first line of products. The SL4000 is indeed a high-quality gaming chair with an elegant design, solid structure, good padding and a large number of adjustment settings. It is super comfortable which makes it ideal for long gaming sessions. No matter how much your height or weight is, you can easily fit into it and enjoy your game. If the price tag does not worry you, this is a good pick.

#2 – Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio

Product specifications :
Dimensions : 65.2*46.4*42.1 cm
Weight: 8.4 kg
Load capacity: 150 kg
Warranty: 1 year

While playing video games, you might have encountered a plethora of sounds- firing guns, footsteps, racing cars, explosions and many more.

Any passionate game lover will agree that the quality of sound can make or break the entire experience of gaming. With the aim of elevating your gaming experience with premium-quality sound, Cohesion brings to you another amazing product-the XP 2.1 gaming chair.

Read on to know more.

Design of Cohesion XP 2.1

If you once set your eyes on this uniquely designed marvel, I assure you that you won’t be able to take your eyes off. All black with red outer strips, it pulls off the racing style graciously. The classic combination of red and black goes well with all types of interior decorations. So, it will prove to be a beautiful addition to your living space.

The material used to build the chair is polyester fabric. It is a strong and durable material and is resistant to bacteria and most chemicals. This makes the chair a long-lasting product. Not only is the chair reliable, but it is also very comfortable too. Shaped like an arc, it adjusts according to various body shapes and sizes. It features high-quality padding.

Unlike many others, this chair has no compatibility issues. It works well with various gaming systems. It does not matter whether you own a PlayStation or an Xbox, this product will let you enjoy an exciting gaming session every time.

Distinct features and Maintenance

The manufacturer has taken enough pain to include even the most minute features to give you a nice experience overall. When you play any game, you are bound to make a lot of movements. The rocker feature of this chair allows you to swivel back and forth with great ease.

Keeping in mind the convenience of their clients, the makers of this chair have designed it in a way so that it takes up less space and is easy to move from one place to another. You will be amazed to know that you can simply fold and unfold it!

The undoubtedly best thing about this chair is the powerful sound that it produces owing to the two inbuilt wired receiver audio speakers-one on the left side and the other on the right side of the chair. You can control the volume level with the help of two buttons located on the right bottom hand side. The plugin/out headphone jacks can be found near it.

Cleaning the chair is fairly easy as it is stain and moisture resistant.


  • Attractive design
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to set-up and maintain
  • High-quality padding
  • Rocker feature included
  • Better sound quality
  • No handling through remote
  • Affordable


  • Lacks bass in sound system
  • No wheels
  • Does not have armrests
  • No subwoofers
  • Wired setup can create problems


The Cohesion XP 2.1 is a stylish gaming chair that supports great features and comes with a well-organized control panel that can be easily accessed. If you desire a basic chair that gives you comfort, fits well in your limited space and lets you enjoy an immersive gaming session with high-quality sound, this might be your best pick.

#3 – X Rocker 51259 Pro H3

Product specifications :

Dimensions : 74*56*53 cm
Weight : 22.8 kg
Load capacity: 127 kg
Warranty : 3 months

X Rocker is one of the leading names in the gaming chair industry. It never fails to surprise its consumer base with the smartly designed, hi-tech gaming chairs that it produces. This time they have come up with the X Rocker 51259 Pro model.

Let us see what the product has in store for us.

Design of X Rocker 51259 Pro H3

What sets a gaming chair apart from other chairs is its design. With X Rocker chairs you can be sure of 100% comfort and reliability. The 51259 Pro H3 model is no exception. Made of good quality vinyl fabric with the incorporation of the latest technology makes it an attractive option. The classic black color of the chair goes well with any type of decor. So, it makes a perfect add-on to your living space.

The chair caters to people of all age groups. It is quite big in size with a soft, cushiony feel. It features an adjustable headrest, a padded backrest, stable armrests, and the best butt rests. The fixed gunstock armrests provide extra stability. The adjustable headrest supports all kinds of gamers. Complete back support for long gaming sessions is ensured through the heavy-duty padded backrest. The chair also possesses spin and tilt capabilities.

One of the good things about this chair is that it can be used with all types of gaming consoles that are currently available, be it Xbox, PS3, PS4 or Wii U. You can even plug it into the TV.

Distinct Features and Maintenance

The X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 has a number of features to offer you which range from the very basic to the highly technological ones.

As the name suggests, this chair is a rocking chair. You can easily move back and forth while sitting on it. The chair saves a lot of space too as it can be folded and kept at a particular place.

This model comes loaded with a wireless wild bass sound system. It makes use of Audio Force Modulation technology to provide you with an immersive and realistic experience while you play your favorite video game. It consists of a set of 4 speakers with subwoofers. To add to it, a vibration device is also present at the lower section of the seatback near the subwoofer. So, you get a little shake when your character gets shot or rides over a bumpy road. You can manage the volume level, bass, and the vibrator through the control panel located at the back of the chair.

The chair also has a built-in wireless receiver and transmitter which helps you to send audio signals to your gaming console. It works with any source of RCA outputs or headsets. Just plugin and enjoy it!

Being waterproof, stainproof, wrinkle-free and resistant to wear and tear, it is an easy task to clean and maintain this chair.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be folded
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Compatible with various gadgets
  • Rocking feature included
  • Powerful sound system with vibration motors
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Wireless and Rechargeable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Inexpensive


  • A power chord is very short
  • No HDMI
  • Quite heavy to be lifted
  • The warranty period is brief

If you are a passionate, hardcore gamer then this chair is just meant for you. It has all the advanced technological features that are necessary for a happening gaming session. Comfort, durability, convenience, easy maintenance, great sound, compatibility, wireless facility, affordability-you just name it and you have it all. I find no reason to not recommend you this absolutely brilliant model.

#4 – Big Joe Dorm Gaming Chair

Product specifications :
Dimensions : 81.2*83.8*63.5 cm
Weight : 2 kg
Load Capacity: 113 kg
Warranty : 30 day return/replacement

Big Joe is a wonderful company which runs on the mantra ‘Comfort for All’. They specialize in manufacturing the most comfortable and affordable bean bags. The Big Joe Dorm Chair is one of their star products. If you have a special liking for bean bags, this is a must-have.

Let us gather more information about it.

Design of Big Joe Dorm Gaming Chair

Sometimes the real beauty lies in simplicity. One of the good examples for the above line is the Big Joe Dorm Chair. It is essentially a bean bag with a large seat which will ensure a pleasant gaming session and prevent back and joint issues. Made from soft, smart-wax fabric and filled with UltimaX beans, it is tough, durable, extremely comfortable and lightweight. This gaming chair is suitable for both adults and children.

The beans are made from 80% recycled materials and are 20% denser than the other average bean bags in the market. They are 100% recyclable too. This makes this console gaming chair an eco-friendly product.

Colorful bean bags are no less than a visual treat. With this model, you get to choose from 6 different colors. This bean bag comes in red, blue, green, purple, black colors and in zebra print.

Distinct features and Maintenance

This model is packed with a variety of easy-to-use features which are quite useful.
Bean bags are generally quite handy to move. This bean bag comes with built-in-handles so that you can have a strong grip and drag the bean bag from one place to another very easily.

One of my favorite features of this bean bag is its storage compartments. They can hold bottles, books, CD’s and other stuff. You can fill anything in the side pockets of the bean bag.

For preventing against the spilling of beans, the covers come doubly stitched with two locking zippers. You can open the zippers with a paperclip or a safety pin and refill the covers with UltimaX beans that are sold separately.

The strong smart-wax fabric of the bean bag protects it against stain, water and wear and tear. Cleaning is easy. You simply need to wet a cloth and wipe off once.


  • No assembly required
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Highly comfortable
  • Long-lasting
  • Suitable for all kinds of users
  • Eco-friendly
  • Portable due to handles
  • Drink holder and side pockets are included
  • Safe covers
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Becomes flat after prolonged use
  • No sound system
  • Lacks adjustment settings such as tilting and height adjustment
  • No console compatibility
  • Not meat for hardcore gamers
  • Limited warranty


Bean bags are quite a cool and colorful piece of furniture. They are very comfortable, strong and durable. If bean bags are your calling, the Big Joe Dorm Chair is worth a try. It is an ideal pick for casual gamers. Packed with a host of useful features, this simple and affordable model makes for a great buy. Moreover, it comes with a 30-day return/replacement in case of any manufacturing defect.

#5 – Steelcase Gesture Gaming Chair

Product specifications :
Dimensions : 34.6*23.6*112.5 cm
Weight : 35.3 kg
Load capacity: 136 kg
Warranty: 12 years

Steelcase is one of the most trusted gaming chair brands when it comes to gaming chairs. The chairs are not only innovative but environment-friendly too. Raising the bar for its competitors, Steelcase presents to you one of its best products – the Gesture Chair.

Join me in exploring the world of this chair.

Design of Steelcase Gesture Gaming Chair

The Steelcase Gesture Chair is a result of extensive research. With the aim of providing the users with maximum comfort, the brand designed this beautiful chair that takes into account the various new postures and movements of the tech-savvy generation. It accommodates people of all body types with different seating styles.
The chair has a fantastic construction. It promises complete dependability. Covered with top-grade fabric, it offers you a mind-boggling number of finish options. You can choose among 31 different possible variations!
One thing to be glad about is that 25% of the build material of the chair is recyclable. Also, 85% of the content is recyclable by weight.

Distinct features and Maintenance

The Gesture chair has a wide range of adjustable and synchronized features.
Starting with the Gesture 360 degree Arm, it copies the natural movements of the human arm. It supports your elbows. You can keep it low, raise it till your mid-chest or bring it in front of your body.
The 3D LiveBack enables the chair to mold itself according to the motion of your spine. This prevents back problems. A lever knob located below the seat controls the tilting mechanism of the backrest.

A unique core equalizer system is responsible for adjusting the chair angle to increase the lumbar support in case of an upright seating and decrease the lumbar support when reclined.
Featuring dense padding with air pockets, flexible edges and depth and height customization, the large seat of the chair will allow you to comfortably sit in an array of positions.

To enhance your sitting experience, the seat and back are designed as such that when you stretch the back, the seat tilts a bit to keep your feet in contact with the ground. The chance of an uneasy sliding movement is eliminated here.

Gesture headrest supports many modifiable settings. If you are a tall person, you can increase the size of the headrest up-to 5 inches. It also allows forward and backward pivot movement to a range of 4 inches. It can even rotate up-to an angle of 90!

The best thing about this chair is that you can customize it according to your preferences. You have a say in the kind of upholstery that you want, say leather or the frame and even the color combination that you desire. You can choose to have a bar-style footstool and even wheels.

The fabric of the chair can be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner. In case of stains, apply a mild soap on a damp cloth and rub over it. The plastic and painted parts can be cleaned using a soft dry cloth.


  • Beautiful design
  • Super comfortable
  • Sturdy build
  • Fits all body types
  • Supports a wide range of postures
  • Eco-friendly
  • Wide range of adjustment settings
  • Customizable
  • Available in 31 color variations
  • Great warranty


  • Expensive
  • Lacks rocking ability
  • Seat absorbs heat and becomes warm
  • Heavy and less springy backrest
  • Requires more muscle effort to cause the backrest to come back from the reclining position

Crafted for the modern hi-tech users of the current century, the Steelcase Gesture Chair stands out as a great gaming and office chair. It features all the necessary modifiable settings that will prove beneficial to people belonging to all age groups. It is comfortable, durable, adjustable, customizable and sustainable. The biggest advantage of buying this chair is that it comes with a superb warranty of 12 years. Overall, it is a wise investment. If shelling out a few more bucks from your pockets gets you this chair, I advise you to go for it.

#6 – Giantex High Back Race Car Style Bucket Seat Office Desk Chair ( Gaming Chair )

Product specifications :
Dimensions : 50.8*50.8*118.11cm
Weight : 22.2 kg
Load capacity: 120 kg
Warranty :

When it comes to stylish gaming chairs that deliver quality performance, Giantex chairs have carved a niche for themselves. This particular model is a great example.

Let us delve deep into its world.

Design  of Giantex High Back Race Car Style Bucket Seat Office Desk Gaming Chair

If you are a fan of race cars, you will surely like the design of the chair. Styled for contemporary users, this brand new racing style gaming chair offers great quality. Though it has an athletic feel, it is fit to be used in offices. It is available in four colors- black, blue, grey and red.

Made of good quality materials, the chair ensures long-lasting efficiency. It is also quite large in size. It is spacious and comfortable enough for more than average-sized people.

Distinct features and Maintenance

The chair has a high padded backrest that feels soft and comfortable. It is segmented to support both the head and the back. It is adjustable up to an angle of 150 degrees. You can comfortably play your game and then lean back to relax. It even allows you easy rocking. The back is connected with the padded armrests that give strong support to the hands.

For extra comfort and greater control, this chair features a bucket seat. You can adjust the height of the seat according to your preference. There are five nylon caster wheels attached to the heavy-duty base of this chair. They enable you to move freely from one place to another. They also protect the floor from scratches.

The chair can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust.


  • Modern design
  • Durable construction
  • Accommodates large-sized people
  • Segmented backrest
  • Padded armrest
  • Wide bucket seat
  • Attached wheels


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Lacks extra features

If you want a pretty solid chair that offers you great comfort, control, and convenience at a decent price, I will recommend you this amazing chair from Giantex. It is a must-have for everyone, especially the plus-sized who find it really difficult to get a gaming chair that suits all their needs.

#7 – GT racing Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair

Product specifications :
Dimensions: 65*55.8*122-132 cm
Weight :
Load capacity: 150 kg
Warranty: 1 year

GT racing is a master in constructing heavy-duty racing style gaming and office chairs. Its ergonomic office/ racing chair is one of the best models for racing style. If you desire a chair that looks straight out of a sports car, I am sure you will like this one.

Let us quickly glance over it.

Design of GT Racing Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The first thing that will attract you towards this chair is its design. The manufacturer has paid attention to every single detail- shape, style, and color.

Ergonomically designed, the chair has a sleek shape and looks quite sporty. It has a metal frame and is covered with fine leather which gives a shiny appearance. The chair is quite comfortable and works efficiently. It is suitable for all body shapes and sizes.

This gaming chair is available in the following color combinations :

Distinct features and Maintenance

This chair comes with the rocking feature. This enables you to rock back and forth smoothly while playing your game. To offer good support to your back, the chair has a backrest with multiple cushions. The backrest can tilt in the range of 90-170 degrees. It aligns perfectly with the movement of your spine to prevent back issues.

The armrests are padded and shaped like the human arm for superior comfort. They can be moved upwards, downwards and sideways. You can adjust them according to your seat height.
Sitting on the seat of this chair will provide you great relaxation, the reason behind it is the dense foam covering of the seat. In addition, the height of the seat can be well-adjusted to suit different types of users. Both features make it super-comfy.
For easy movement, the chair is equipped with heavy-duty caster wheels. They cater 360 degrees allowing you a range of motions.
It is extremely easy to maintain the chair.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Fits all body types
  • Durable
  • Rocking feature included
  • Adjustable seat, armrests, and backrest
  • Sporty look
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reasonably priced


  • No footrest
  • The seat might feel stiff in the initial days of its usage
  • Assembly could create problems due to minor imperfections in manufacturing

If you are on the lookout of a racing style gaming chair that can be used in a professional space as well, this is the best choice to make. It offers few yet highly useful features that will provide you good comfort. The sturdy construction of the chair ensures its longevity. Its sporty design, hassle-free maintenance and ability to adapt according to the user are worth falling for. Weighing all pros and cons, this is a valuable deal to consider.

#8 – Ficmax Ergonomic High Back, Large Size Office Desk Chair Gaming Chair

Product specifications :
Dimensions : 85.8*32*64 cm
Weight : 23.3 kg
Load capacity: 136 kg
Warranty: 1 year

Ficmax is well-known for creating robust chairs and providing excellent customer service. In their pursuit of progress and innovation, they present you with their latest wonder- the Ficmax Ergonomic High Back Large Size Office Desk Chair Gaming Chair.

Find more details about it here.

Design Of Ficmax High Back Gaming Chair

The Ficmax Gaming Chair is ergonomically designed and possesses great looks and has a superb feel. Its metal frame and the stylish polyurethane leather covering gives it the required sturdiness and durability. The heavy-duty steel base coated in plastic adds to the strong construction. Ultimate comfort is ensured through the wide seat and back of the chair that perfectly accommodates different body shapes and sizes. An explosion-proof gas spring of international standards guarantees your safety.

Impressed by its features, when you will go out to buy this chair, you will have a range of color options to choose from which are as follows :

Distinct features and Maintenance

Like most gaming chairs, this gaming chair from Ficmax promises superior comfort and support. While many others fail to deliver, this chair will surely live up to your expectations.

This chair features a high density, thick and soft padding under its seats and armrests. It makes for easy circulation of blood. Also, it is highly permeable so that when you get up from your seat, it retains its original shape instead of forming an untidy depression. The armrests can be moved up, down, in and out. In case, you want to remove them, the manufacturer provides you with that option too.

To take care of your back, head, and neck the chair has a wide backrest and headrest. The backrest can tilt within the range of 90-180 degrees. So, whenever you are tired after a demanding game session you can completely lie flat and enjoy a power nap. The headrest moves in both the vertical and horizontal directions making it quite flexible and supportive.
For easy mobility, wheels are attached to the base of the chair that cater to 360 degrees. This enables you to move it smoothly from one room to another. For the restless child in you, the casters also make the chair more stable.

Very few affordable gaming chairs have a footrest but this is one of them. This gaming chair features a retractable footrest that extends till the feet. An advantage of having a footrest is that it reduces the chances of blood clots by increasing the blood flow.

Saving the best for the last, the most amazing feature of this chair is that it can double up as a massaging chair. Yes, you read that right- a massaging chair. This gaming chair comes equipped with a USB electric massager that can help relieve you of stress and tiredness as and when required. Isn’t that great?

You need not worry much when it comes to maintaining this chair. It is fade-resistant and easy to clean. The chair will look new for a long time even after rigorous usage.


  • Good-looking
  • Sturdy and strong construction
  • Durable
  • Highly comfortable
  • Accommodates all body types
  • Safe
  • Dense padding
  • Adjustable armrests, backrest, and headrest
  • 360-degree swivel base
  • Possesses footrest
  • Massager included
  • Inexpensive
  • Amazing warranty


  • Footrest lacks a lever so it needs manual handling
  • Due to the presence of metal inside bolsters, large-sized people might face little difficulty

A great racing and office desk chair, this wonderful product of Ficmax deserves a chance due to its attractive features and the kind of durability, comfort, support, convenience, and safety that it provides. The best part is that it performs dual functions of a gaming chair and a massager at the price of just one! If you thought that was enough, you are wrong. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the frame, a year-long warranty on its parts, and free replacement or cashback for any defect in the span of 30 days. If all this doesn’t compel you to get this chair home, I don’t know what else will.

#9 – Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style

Product specifications :
Dimensions : 50.2*52.8*118-128 cm
Weight : 20 kg
Load capacity: 136 kg
Warranty: 6 months

It’s time for all racing style gaming chair lovers to cheer up as a super-efficient and best budget gaming racing chair is coming their way straight from the portals of Devoko.

Excited? Continue reading.

Design of Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair 

When it comes to racing chairs, it is very important that they exhibit a classy sporty look. There is no doubt in the fact that the makers of this chair have been successful in their mission of creating that perfect style that appeals to their customers. Once you look at this chair, I am sure you will agree with me. With four different color options of Black, Blue, Red and White, the chair will certainly complement your home decor.

Not only is the chair stylish, but strong and long-lasting too. It is made of premium quality materials. The body is made of metal and has a PU leather covering it.

Distinct features and Maintenance

The chair has a curved high back with a removable headrest. Both the backrest and the headrest are quite adjustable. A lock-tilt mechanism ensures the maximum recline angle of 180 degrees. You can easily lie flat and relax.

For comfortable seating, the seat possesses dense and soft padding and height adjustment settings, making the chair a versatile one that can suit all types of users.
The chair also contains nylon caster wheels for easy mobility. The wheels are designed as such that they do not damage the floor bed, and in fact, perform their function quietly.

Cleaning and maintaining the chair is as easy as the leather covering makes it, resistant to wear and tear.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Sporty look
  • Strong and durable
  • Adjustable headrest and backrest
  • Comfortable padding
  • Seat Height adjustment facility
  • Mute rolling wheels
  • Easy to maintain
  • Budget-friendly


  • Light padding on armrests
  • The seat might feel stiff in the initial days of the usage
  • Assembly consumes time

The Devoko Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair is a perfect choice for all the young gamers who desire a basic gaming chair that has a sport like aesthetics and falls within their budget. Though small in number, the useful features of this product will ensure you a great gaming session. Moreover, you are secured by a warranty of 6 months over damaged parts. In case of any defect, you get a free replacement. What’s better? Devoko also gives you a 30 days money back or replacement guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. You must consider this good deal.

#10 – Furmax High Back Computer Racing Gaming Ergonomic Chair –

Product specifications :

Dimensions : 84*66*28 cm
Weight : 23.4 kg
Load capacity: 140 kg
Warranty :

Furmax is a great furniture manufacturer. Its products are widely appreciated. With the aim of pleasing their customers once again, they have produced a good quality gaming chair this time. Simple and affordable, I am sure this product will interest you.

Let us discover more about this product.

Design of Furmax High Back Computer Gaming Chair

This chair from Furmax has been designed quite efficiently to provide you ultimate comfort and support. It works both as a racing style gaming chair and a computer chair that can be used in a professional atmosphere. Made from a number of good quality materials, you can be assured that it is strong, sturdy and very reliable. The chair has a steel frame and contains some parts made of plastic. High-quality faux leather covering makes it appear glossy. You get this chair in two colors- blue and white.

Distinct features and Maintenance

There is not a lot to boast about this chair. It offers really simple but useful features.
This chair features an adjustable backrest that can tilt in the range of 90-180 degrees allowing you to feel the comfort of lying on your bed when reclined to the maximum angle.

It also comes with a cushiony headrest that gives full support to the neck and provides relief to people suffering from neck or shoulder pain.
For sturdy support to your arms, the chair has armrests that can be lifted easily.
The most important part of a chair is its seat. With this chair, you can enjoy sitting for hours as it has a bucket seat with thick and soft padding. You can adjust the seat height too.

The nylon base of the chair has the ability to swivel 360 degrees. So, you can easily move from one location to another. It also provides greater stability to the chair.
Last but not least, the chair comes equipped with a 3-inch thick padded leather footrest. You can pull it out or flip it over as per your wish. Sturdy and durable aluminum rails provide more support to your feet.


  • Good quality materials used for manufacturing
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Super comfy and supportive
  • Adjustable backrest along with the cushioned headrest
  • Soft lift armrests
  • Padded bucket seat
  • Stable base with 360-degree swivel ability
  • Padded footrest
  • Affordable


  • Lacks technical features
  • Complex instructions
  • Difficult to assemble

This is an entry-level chair for basic users. If you give comfort the highest priority, this is the chair for you. Its bucket seat and footrest are going to provide you great support. In case you are suffering from neck and shoulder pain and need to invest a lot of time sitting on a chair, you should buy this chair. It will provide you with a great relaxation time even when you’re not gaming. To conclude, this chair is quite affordable and offers excellent value for your money.

If you are an ardent fan of video games and wish to improve your gaming skills, you have landed on the right spot. We are here to help you enhance your gaming experience. Want to know how? Read on, my friend. Few questions first. Can’t concentrate on your game properly? Do you feel a sudden…

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