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Unique Tile Design Ideas that are Sure to Make Everyone Go WOW
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Unique Tile Design Ideas that are Sure to Make Everyone Go WOW

The way you live speaks volume about you; it’s an art. Adding elegance to your home alters it into something original, and motivating. The home decoration, which most people term as the interior designing of your house, is essentially the spirit of your lifestyle. The décor of a house makes it home because everything in it starting from the selection of the color, the furniture, the tiles, everything represents your taste and your attitude towards life.

Each room has a purpose and a unique décor. So, you will surely want to use unique designs for each room that are sure to make everyone go WOW.

Some unique tile design
1. Kitchen

The kitchen being the central part of the house, you design it with vigor and zeal. It’s a place where you might spend a lot of your time either yourself cooking, or spending time with your family; in modern days it’s also used to welcome guests.

Whether for the backsplash, or the walls, or the floors or all of these, one of the prime criteria for selecting tiles is how easily you can clean the surface. The tiles should also be water-resistant.

Patterned tiles mainly if you use them up to the ceiling to cover the entire wall, it gives the look and feel of the wallpaper.

Subway tiles are another great option, and their variety of color options, make the kitchen look garden-fresh and remarkable. 

2. Hall

A hall has been a traditional place for recreation since ages, and it has the maximum footfall. It is the first room that your guests sees and therefore, it needs to be the most enticing one.  Spend some extra bucks when it comes to decorating your hall.

Some of the great options for this area are jade tiles, Victorian tiles, polished and glazed ash granite floor, and 3-D realistic floor tiles. Jade tiles are sturdy and scratch resistant, Victorian tiles some wide variants, and refined and glazed ash granite floor, or 3-D realistic floor tiles gives a classy look to the entire room.

For the walls, use brick slips or soft wall tiles depending on the flooring of the room, and the area.

3. Bathroom

You can select tiles for your bathroom from a large variety of colors, patterns, and materials. While ceramic, porcelain and vinyl tiles are the most practical choices, there are many other options for you.

Vinyl tiles are safe, comfortable, and durable; it is well suited for every type of bathroom and cheap. But, if you are ready to spend some extra money purchase glass tiles, which creates the impression of depth and, if you tint it slightly, you will get a beautiful glass stained-glass effect. It is also readily available in most of the local tilers near me.

Made of linseed oil, cork powder, wood flour, ground limestone, and dyes Linoleum floor tiles also give a unique design for bathrooms. Being naturally able to resist dust, it can retain the color.

4. Bedroom

A bedroom is a place which becomes our den at the end of the day – after a hectic day, we lay back, and relax. So, it’s imperative that the decor of this room helps us to rejuvenate and unwind.

To get the perfect serene effect, use can use stone and wood effects. But, if you want to purchase tiles which are trendier while meeting the essence of the room, choose from split face tiles, or salon porcelain tiles.

These tiles are bound to give you a relaxed feeling, and you will also proudly show it off to your guests.

5. Outdoors

There are many tiles options for the outdoors of your home. But, while selecting along with aesthetics, you should consider the ability to withstand elements. Each type is uniquely different and works best for specific spaces and uses.

Now, consider the style and color of your house. The outdoor tiles should complement it – it sets the mood and expectations of your guests before they enter your home.

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