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Top 5 Things That You Should Know About Home Repairs
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Top 5 Things That You Should Know About Home Repairs

Owning a home can be an overwhelming thing but with this, a whole set of responsibility will also come to you. Just when you are planning to have a relaxing weekend, something in your house might need fixing. You should be able to pick up some round-the-house fixings to keep your house safe and running smoothly.

1. Paint Jobs

If you are planning on full-fledged maintenance of your house, you should start with a nice paint job. Because nothing else will improve the appearance of your house. You should be careful about roller marks and uneven paint on the walls. Good preparation is needed for a perfect paint job. Start removing nails, curtain rods and other things hung on the walls which might come in your way. If you don’t do so your painting will look unprofessional. After this clean or wash the walls with water, apply primer and then after it dries apply the paint evenly.

2. Doors

Doors may look fine but they also need occasional fixing. From sticking to squeaks, anything even minor can make doors irritating. In humid weather, wooden doors might expand and swell, if there isn’t enough space for this to happen you have to fix it. You need to have a carpenter’s plane to fix this. Keep the plane on the edge which it is fit and start cutting it off using the tool. This should be measured and marked before doing it. For squeaky voices apply a few drops of oil in hinges.

3. Applying caulk

Caulk is a filler type rubber material which can be used to seal and protect floors and walls from moisture. This can deteriorate over time. When this occurs, what you need to do is remove the old caulk spotlessly from that place and apply a fresh coat. There are a lot of products available in the market for removing the old caulk. You can use a tube or a caulk gun to apply this. If you are not confident about drawing a straight line, practice on a set of plywood or buy caulk stripes available in the market.

4. Faucet washer

A leaky faucet repair is a very common household repair. To do this, start by stopping the supply of water to this particular faucet. Remove the screw and find the washer, you will need a set of pliers and screwdrivers to unscrew and remove the faucet. Remove the washer, replace it with the new one and do the rest in reverse order. This simple fix can repair a large loss of water which normal households ignore.

5. Clogged toilets

Unplugging a clogged toilet is one of the worst fixings you will have to do at your home. First of all, you have to inspect and determine the cause of clogging. If it is due to some foreign objects like toys, you can use a pair of gloves and fish it out or wait for the water level to come down and then pour a lot of water in high pressure so that it gets flushed. If that doesn’t work, use a plunger. They provide enough pressure for the clogging to stop. There are other methods like plumbing snake or pressure cartridges.

6. Floor repairs

If you have wooden floors you might have come across some deck repairs which is needed over time. These include pulling off some nails and loose railings. These type of repairs should be done immediately to prevent hazards. Other floor repairs include tile replacements and polishing.

7. Walls

There are chances sometimes you can have humid or cracked walls. If you leave this without fixing your wall becomes weak and over time will not be cost effective. You can start off by detecting cracked walls and doing solid plastering. Mix cement with little sand and water in a perfect ratio and fill up the cracks.

These simple fixes will come handy at your home. These will not cost anywhere near hiring someone to fix these type of small damages. So roll up your sleeves and master these simple fixes for your lovely home.

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