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Various kinds of designer lights and the best place to use them
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Various kinds of designer lights and the best place to use them

What are the different kinds of lighting available? What are designer lights? How to create ambient lighting or task lighting? What are the best places inside the house to place those designer lights? These are the major questions that pop up in someone’s mind when they try to follow the latest trends of lighting the house. With so many different kinds and types of lighting available, people can get confused easily when it comes to choosing the best designer lights that will suit their home decor style and where will be the best place to install them.

If you are one of them, then just don’t worry about it. You have come to the right place, this article will guide you through the whole selection process and give you all the knowledge about the different kinds of designer lights available in the market. You will also come to know how to place them effectively inside your house to give you the perfect light ambiance. Make sure you read the article till the last line so that you will have the idea of what you are going to buy in case you are visiting a designer lighting store in Sydney.

So, there are mainly two categories of lighting – ambient lighting and task lighting. We will discuss them in details in the context below.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is one of the most common types of lighting, which is nothing but just a soft glow that fills your space inside the room just enough so that you can function without causing any sight loss. In terms of photography and cinematography, ambient light is considered to be the natural light within a room. Creating this type of category of lighting is very simple by keeping the light inside the room as natural and flat as possible. To get this kind of ambient look inside your premises we will recommend some designer lights which are as follows.

  • Recessed or track lights

Try using a series of track lights throughout the space on the ceiling. Make sure that the ceiling is not too low, otherwise, it can create a harsh and bright environment which is not at all good for the eyes.

  • Chandeliers and pendants

These type of designer lights work best with taller ceilings. You can always choose which height will best work for your lighting needs. Sometimes, pendant lights Adelaide work well in foyers, over the tub in the bathroom.

Task lighting

This type of lighting is needed when you are focusing on some work that needs a bit of scrutiny and concentration. In fact, some people love to call it ‘office lighting’. This type of lighting is meant to give you a finer light when you are doing projects such as cooking, sewing, writing, etc.  This type of lighting works well when it is used as a contrasting light in the room.

These type of lighting stimulate your brain cells which in turn allow you to be more alert and concentrated. This will help you to focus on the detailing of the work you are doing to produce higher quality results.

  • Desk, swing arm, and floor lamps

People always need a bit of extra light when they are reading or writing off a project. So, you can place a desk lamp on your desks, bedside tables, and even coffee tables. Desk lamps are fixed whereas swing arm lamps allow you to adjust the lamp anyway you’d like. If you need a lightweight as well as an adjustable lamp, then floor lamps can be a good choice for you.

  • Under cabinet and vanity lights

These are the ultimate task lights when it comes to kitchen lighting. Under cabinet works great in the kitchen where you need the extra light for chopping and cleaning. Whereas vanity lighting works well in the bathroom and on dressing mirrors.


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