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10 expert tips to sell your used car for the best deal
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10 expert tips to sell your used car for the best deal

Selling a used car is one of the tough tasks you have to do when you own a car. A major part of the population looks forward to having brand new cars, but with increasing inflation and stagnant salaries, people have now started considering buying used cars too. It is very economical from a buyer’s perspective and thus this industry is booming for the past few years. Now with several online portals selling used cars, this industry is bringing in profit.

We see a growing interest in buyers to get used cars instead of new ones and this is increase will soon surpass the number of new cars bought in a year according to statistics. Here are some tips on how to get a good deal out of your used car.

1. Know the value of your car

You can sell used car in Auckland and anywhere else easily with the help of various online websites and car dealers. Before setting your foot in the market, it is best to know your car’s worth beforehand,  this will help you not get duped in the market. Many online portals do this part for you free of cost. Just feed in details of your car like mode, make, year of manufacture and odometer reading for starters, to get the results.

2. The golden rule

If you want to know the exact value of your car, do this simple math. A car’s value decreases by 10 percent annually. So subtract this percentage from the ex-showroom price and you get an approximate value of how much you can get out of this car deal.

3. List your car online

Many online websites help you sell your used car with no extra charge. If you are doing it in offline mode, you will have an intermediate or broker to find you an interested buyer and this is going to cost you because a broker charges commission. So do not lose money in a deal where you are supposed to get money.

4. Odometer reading

Do not overuse your car if you are planning to sell it as used car later. No one will buy a used car with a high odometer reading. Keep that in check. 5 years is the maximum you can keep a car to yourself.

5. Buy a car with the commonly chosen color

Buy a car in white, grey or shades of silver if you plan on selling it because the color of the car is one thing that attracts more buyers.

6. Fix your car

Fix your engine and other small damages like dents and scratches before you keep it for sale. You have to spend some to get some.  Never try to dupe your prospective buyers, if you think that your car is worthless better use the services of Car disposal in Auckland to make some side money.

7. Making a good first impression

When talking with the buyer make sure you take your time and explain to them everything about your vehicle as openness will help the buyer gain more interest in your car and close the deal.

8. Sell it to a private party

If you want a really good deal out of your car, go for private buyers. You should focus on getting the retail value of your car. This is the highest price possible that you can get out of selling your car.

9. Go for an outside dealer

You may not get a good deal out of people you know because of the sympathy factor. Go for dealers out of your circle and get a better deal. Try and get at least down payment for your new car using your old one. 10. Leave a good description.
To attract more buyers leave a good description that will leave a very good impression on the car you have to sell. Include current mileage, the make and other relevant details that interest buyers.

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