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“Oily Skin Cleansing”
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“Oily Skin Cleansing”

Guys and Girls you may know that the most important part in the daily care of oily skins is cleansing.
A proper method for Oily skin cleansing is the best form of preventive care that can be given to keep the skin free of black heads, spots and other blemishes.

An oily skin, as the name implies, is one in which the oil-producing glands are over active. then oily skin surface tends to attract dirt, that needs to be removed daily.

If this is not done, various problems can arise on your skin such as black heads, spots and other blemishes.
Purpose Of Oily Skin Cleansing

When you are going to adopt a cleansing procedure. then you should know what are the purposes of oily skin cleansing. and you must keep these basic aspects in your mind.

• Firstly, the surface film of oil and dirt must be removed from your skin after using cleanser.
• Secondly, the pores must be free of accumulated grease, so that black heads are discouraged from your skin surface.
• Thirdly, the texture of your oily skin should be improved. it should not look shiny and toneless.

You know what are purposes of cleansing. now, you can use oily skin cleansing procedure effectively on your skin. But be remember if your skin still looking shiny and toneless after using oily skin cleansing procedure then it means your cleanser did not work effectively.

Home Remedies For Oily Skin

When it comes to choosing products for cleansing, thick creams and gels are taboo. These cosmetics would actually cause pore-clogging. Even liquid cleansers are not really effective, specially when the skin is prone to black heads. The products that are used are therefore as important as the methods that are followed. The Ideal cleansing routine is one that includes two separate procedures.

First the skin should be washed with a medicated soap, using lukewarm water. This helps remove surface oil and dirt. Special non-alkaline soaps in cream form, are available and have been used with success even on skins affected by acne. These non-oily products contain herbal ingredients that actually restore the acid mantle.
The skin should be rinsed with water. Once the skin is cleansed of surface grease a pore-cleansing method should be followed. This is based on a gentle derm-abrasive action which cleanses the skin of dead cells and dislodges hardened oil from the pores.

A mixture of beauty grains and skin tonic is rubbed gently on to the skin. It is left to dry and then rinsed off. This procedure has helped even in cases of stubborn black heads, which are either removed or loosened. Daily cleansing, in this manner, also helps to discourage black heads being formed.

A circular motion should be used to rub the grains gently, concentrating on the nose and chin area. This stimulates the skin, removes dead cells and unclogs the pores. The skin tonic has a rose base which has a healing action and also helps to tighten the pores and refresh the skin.

Gradually with time, the pores shrink, the texture improves and the skin acquires a smooth, translucent look. It also improves circulation, giving the skin a healthy glow.

Whatever your skin type, it is bound to benefit from an appropriate cleansing routine. It is only through cleansing that problems like acne and black heads can be avoided.

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