Best Gaming Desk 2020

Gaming is not just an activity, it is an emotion. You feel that, right? If you’re one of those gamers who’d give up anything just for an intensive gaming session, then you must also know how important it is to have the perfect gaming desk for comfortable gaming time. A good gaming computer desk is really essential for a good game.

A good desk should be able to fulfill your requirements, enabling you to enjoy a fun-filled gaming session. It should look good, have certain specifications, should be in accordance with your budget, right?

Choosing the best deck can be quite a pain, but don’t worry. There is a desk made for every crazy gamer out there, and we’ll help you find your match according to your requirements!

We’re going to compare the best gaming desks on the basis of certain parameters and help you decide what you really want.

So, let us have a look at the top gaming desks that have beaten others to reach the top.

#1 – Arozzi Arena ( Best Gaming Desk )

  • Dimensions – 32.2 x 63 x 31 inches
  • Weight – 85.5 pounds
  • Warranty – 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is undoubtedly one of the most stylish and classy desk on the list. It has a simple yet stylish look. Its quality, finishing and looks will make you want to spend a fortune without a second thought. But you don’t have to, and that’s the best part. The huge surface, custom mouse pad, and height-adjustable feature are some of the many features that make this product a big hit in the market.

It is simple, comfortable to use and its specifications are designed to cater to people of different needs. And to top it all, its looks are going to make sure your decor game is as strong as your gaming skills!

Let us find out what makes this product so popular in the market.


This gaming desk is a very stylish desk and offers 5 different colors to choose from – red, blue, green, white and black. It is carefully designed to make it not only a good looking but also a highly useful computer desk.

It has a surface width of around 6 inches which makes it possible to hold as much as three large monitors on its work platform. It has a surface depth of around 3 inches which makes room for you to keep your mouse, keyboard and other devices. The specifications of this computer desk make it a very comfortable gaming computer desk of great utility.

It also has the height adjustability feature which you can use according to your convenience and can obtain the height that is comfortable for you. And this can be done easily. You simply have to loosen the screws, adjust it to the desired height, and then you can tighten them back. The feet can be adjusted to regain stability.

It can be divided into three sections which makes it easier to transport this otherwise bulky gaming computer desk. It can be easily broken down and transported. Its assembly requires around one hour and is an easy process provided you follow the given instructions.

It also has well-built cable management that comes with three cutouts in the desk and mouse pad surfaces in order to hide all the cables in the net underneath the desk for a easy and clean setup.

Now let us tell you about one interesting feature of this product that sets it apart from the rest.

Excellent Mousepad

One thing that sets this deck apart is the complementary mouse pad which has a great quality and is hazard-free. It is customized and designed in order to provide ease while you work.

This stunning computer desk comes with 14 square feet of custom microfiber surface mouse pad  that is water-resistant and can be easily washed in a machine. It has stitched edges and thick padding for maximum comfort while gaming or working. The full surface mouse pad weighs about 7 pounds and is 5 millimeters thick which ensures that the pad does not slide off during use.

Its high-quality material ensures its durability, while its weight makes sure it’s not slippery while working. And it makes gaming a lot easier, comfortable and hassle-free. Gone are the days when gaming via the mouse was a nightmare, all credits to this skillfully crafted mouse pad.


  • A wide surface top of around 160” for large monitors
  • Custom microfiber surface mouse pad that is spill-resistant
  • High-quality metal and MDF used for assured durability
  • A cable management system that is built for an easy and clean setup
  • Transportable, as it can be divided into three sections
  • 5 different colors to choose from


  • Can be a little wobbly or shaky at times


Arozzi Arena is a great product, and if you’re looking for an extremely stylish desk to make your gaming room look modern and classy, then your find is over. This product is suitable for large monitors and offers an extremely large platform. It has garnered popularity in the market because of its amazing features that it offers. If you’re in for spending a few more bucks than you thought, then this is going to look great and will definitely leave you satisfied

#2 – Atlantic Gaming Centre ( Best Budget Gaming Desk )

  • Dimensions – 44.8 x 26.2 x 7 inches
  • Weight – 43.6 pounds
  • Warranty – 1-year limited warranty


Atlantic Gaming Centre is one simple, sleek and minimalistic gaming desks, that makes it one of the best of its kind. It won’t be a budget upsetter, so it’s a great bargain especially if you have a restricted budget.

Specially designed for gamers, it has some really amazing features like height-adjustable feet, game holder, smartphone stand, gaming organizer, high-quality surface finish and a sleek design that makes it easier to store! All this at an unbelievably low price, what else would one want?

Comes with great looks and is a perfect desk that will definitely making gaming sessions a lot more

comfortable. And it has so many detailed features, that you will never have trouble organizing your essentials as long as you have this product.

Let us now look at other characteristics of this amazing product that will give you a better picture.


Atlantic Gaming Centre is a gaming desk, and is perfect for skillful gamers. It has a minimalistic setup,  has a simple and straightforward design for easy use.

It is made of sleek charcoal colored carbon fiber laminated top that provides ample room for your monitor, PC, speakers, laptop, and more and monitor shelf dimension. It has enough room for all large monitors along with other devices and equipment required for the perfect gaming session.

It has a steel rod construction with a silver metallic finish in order to provide the sturdy nature of this gaming desk. It can support up to a 32 inch Flat Screen TV up to 40 pounds. Its non-marring feet of steel provides excellent support. It can fit a heavy monitor on top of the kickstand that has been specially designed for an extra monitor

Weighing 43.6 pounds, it is lightweight and can be easily moved around. It is simplistic, easy to use without any complicated drawers. It doesn’t take much space and gives a sleek look. Also, it comes with  a cable management system that makes it lot more easier to manage cables and give a neat look.

But that’s not all. This product has some unique, impeccable features that you definitely need to know about.

Impeccable Features

The Atlantic Gaming Centre has a charging stand for your smartphone, one for speakers, game storage, under-desk basket for other essentials, controller stand, built-in wire-management, rear power strip holder, a cup holder that can hold a large drink plus the headphone or headset hook.

It provides you with so many accessories to store different items, making it extremely easy to organize and create a comfortable gaming environment. The cup holder is spacious enough to hold a large container, so you can sip your coffee while you’re in the middle of your gaming sessions.

It has game storage that can store up to five games and a controller stand that can hold two controllers. And the smartphone stand allows you to hold the largest of smartphones that you may require to purchase more games online or even pay the bills. It also has a headphone hook that lets you hold one headphone at a time. And it also has a charging station for electronic devices.

All in all, it has everything you’ll need around you while you’re working or having an intense gaming session. It will help you organize while you are gaming, and will make it extremely easy for you to store all that you need right around, thanks to the great features of the Atlantic Gaming Centre that provide so many options for storing and organizing stuff.


  • Sturdy, built with a steel frame and can take a weight of 40 pounds
  • It has a lot of space to hold various essentials, like cup holder, charge station, monitor stand, etc.
  • Relatively lightweight and can be shifted easily
  • Has a cable management system to make cables hassle-free
  • A smooth Carbon Fiber finish surface for durability


  • Cannot hold a monitor over 27”, it might just hang off the surface


Atlantic Gaming Centre is a treasure in disguise. If your requirements include a minimalistic desk that is sturdy and stable, then you’re very close to your dream gaming computer desk. And the best part, it’s affordable prices. If you do not require a bulky, over the top desk and want something simple yet stylish, then you don’t have to look further. Your search ends here. At a great price, it offers features that make it a favorite amongst the users. This product will definitely fulfill all the demands and you would want to recommend this one.

#3 – ApexDesk Elite ( Best Standing Desk )

  • Dimensions – 71 x 46.5 x 30 inches
  • Weight – 160 pounds
  • Warranty – 3-years limited warranty


ApexDesk Elite is a classic computer desk that comes with a perfect combination of amazing looks and versatile features. It has a finely crafted tabletop, giving it a stylish and classy look. It has some great features like a quickly adjustable height facility, metal frame for sturdiness and extremely easy assembly. These features make it a hit among the users and have a very high demand in the market.

This might cost you a fortune, but it is highly durable and a hassle-free product that will definitely become your favorite once you own it. It is worth spending a considerable of money on, and is very sturdy, long-lasting and will look great owing to its sophisticated and evergreen look.

If you’re still confused about this product, then look out for the details as we study this product deeply, bringing out its best!


ApexDesk Elite is one classy computer desk, that is sturdy, strong and durable. You will definitely want it in your gaming room to make it look all the more amazing. The tabletop is 1” thick and is made of MDF with scratch-resistant high-pressure laminate. Its beveled edges give it a splendid look and make it look very classy and exclusive. Also, the high-quality MDF along with scratch-resistant lamination makes it long-lasting. It also has an ergonomic frame to make it easier to access the desk.

The tabletop is extremely wide and strong and carries most of the weight so you have plenty of flexibility to load your tabletop up with several monitors. The work surface can take up a weight of about 225 pounds.

It has a cable management system that makes it super easy to manage the infinite cords that would have been a mess otherwise. It is also extremely easy to assemble, taking around 30 minutes only, which is relatively faster than the other bulky gaming computer desks.

This product is available in a wide variety of colors – black, American walnut, red apple, red cherry, light oak and moonlight white which gives you a lot more options to choose the one best for you, according to your taste and home decor.

Its rapid height adjustment feature makes it an all-time favorite, you should definitely check this one out.

Rapid Height Adjustable Feature

Featuring European design and engineering, the ApexDesk Elite gaming desk lets you transform from a sitting to a standing position, thanks to its effortless height adjustable feature that lets you set the desired height within a matter of seconds with a push of a button.

The height can be adjusted from 29 to 48 inches at a rate of 1.3 inches per second. So you have a wide range available and can choose the height accordingly, to meet your requirements. It has a Heavy Duty Motorized Steel Frame with a one-piece center beam and two integrated motors that facilitate this rapid ascent and descent. It has an optional memory controller that allows users to feed up to 4 preset heights. This is how you can alter from sitting to standing positions with a simple push of a button. This makes it extremely convenient to use this feature, making this product one of a kind!


  • Excellent weight capacity up to 225 pounds
  • A level can be changed rapidly
  • One-piece fixed steel beam for high stability
  • MDF board for durable and long-lasting tabletop
  • A cable management system built into the frame
  • Extremely easy and quick assembly


  • Heavy with around 160 pounds, difficult to move


If you are looking for a desk that is durable, sturdy and stable and has all things that are essential in a perfect gaming desk, then you’ve found your match. And the best part, it promises all the state of the art features in the best quality ever. It might be a little expensive, but if you can afford it, then you should definitely go for it. It offers great features, great looks and the best of quality. You will certainly not regret buying this product, and it will become your favorite purchase within no time.

#4 – Sauder August Hill Desk

  • Dimensions – 59.1 x 58.7 x 29.2 inches
  • Weight – 127 pounds
  • Warranty – 5-years warranty


Sauder August Hill Desk is a very attractive product with Oak finish that gives it a sophisticated and classy touch. It’s spacious surface makes it very easy to hold all the essentials that you require for gaming as well as other purposes. It is one of the finest products of its range and is highly in demand owing to its impeccable features as well as its affordable price range. It is a complete value for money product, one that you won’t mind spending on. Once you get to know the features, you will find it difficult to keep your hands off this masterpiece.

It is a perfect desk especially if you want to store a lot of stuff, and looking for a desk that can support a big, bulky monitor and lots of other essentials along with it.

So without much delay, let’s get to know about the product in much detail.


Sauder August Hill Desk has an L-shaped tabletop with Dover Oak finish ensuring that your room looks great, and gives it an exclusive look. Its top surface is accented with a dark slate finish to protect the platform from any damage and to increase the durability of the platform. The dark slate prevents the work surface from cracking or chipping and increases the strength of the whole unit.

The August Hill is almost 60” wide when you completely assemble it. Its huge surface makes it extremely favorable for large monitors, and it is extremely robust and has an extremely high weight capacity.

The desk is about 30 inches deep, providing enough legroom and room for storing other items as well. It acts as a great computer desk if you have a lot of office stationaries to store. And it comes with many features to make it convenient for extensive storage.

It also has grommet holes and pass-throughs for hassle-free cord management. This way you will not have to worry about the numerous cables tangling and creating clutter, the cord management system is effective and solves the chaos  that comes with the management of cords.

The product is best known for its storage facilities. So let us get into details of that.

Storage Features

The L shape of the Sauder August Hill Desk allows you to maximize workspace, whether you use it for studying, working or gaming. You can place it in a corner owing to its shape, and will not take much space of the room.
Its huge work surface makes it easier to keep large monitors. Office supplies and leaves room for your elbow as well. Its depth also gives room to store essentials. But, that’s not all, it has two lower shelves for additional storage. So you can store your office essentials, gaming devices, stationery and all other sort of equipments to give you a better working environment.

Also, it consists of a file drawer with slides of full extension that can hold letter-size hanging files. You can arrange all your files, folders and other important documents here. It has plenty of room for almost anything and everything. Hence storage is definitely not a problem when you have the Sauder August Hill Desk to your rescue!


  • Finished in Dover Oak with Slate finish accents for the durable top surface
  • Extremely large tabletop for large monitors along with all office essentials
  • Lower shelf for additional storage
  • Extremely sturdy and has high weight capacity
  • A cord management system built by grommet holes and pass-throughs
  • File drawer with full extension slides


  • Heavy with 127 pounds, can’t be moved around


Sauder August Hill Desk is especially useful for official purposes, or if a lot of storage space is required. It has drawers, shelves and a large surface to provide maximum space for storing essentials. If you’re looking for one such product, that is sturdy and has a lot to store, then this is the best buy. It looks classy with its Oak finish, is durable and sturdy. It’s perfect to buy if you can avoid the drawbacks. You will fall in love with this product once you buy it, and there will be no scope for any complaints.

#5 – Tabletote Computer Stand ( Best Portable Gaming Desks )

  • Dimensions – 71 x 46.5 x 30 inches
  • Weight – 3.2 pounds
  • Warranty – 1-year warranty


Tabletote Computer Stand is a tiny, portable desk which is very lightweight and easy to carry around. It is a perfect computer desk if you want a desk that takes up absolutely no space and can be carried around conveniently. Also, it is extremely low budget and will keep your pocket happy.

It also comes with some great features like adjustable height, portable facility, and cup holder. And it looks great in your room, takes less space and you can move it around easily according to your convenience. Isn’t this the best thing that can happen to a desk, now?

It is a perfect stand for laptops, PCs and portable projectors, and is an all-time favorite because of it’s simple and minimalistic design that comes at a highly affordable price!

Let’s delve into the features with this one of its kind product.


The Tabletote Computer Stand is an extremely compact and lightweight product, weighing less than 3 pounds. This makes it one of the top choices for highly mobile travelers. But if you’re not a traveler, you can certainly change the setting of your room every now and then, thanks to its portable features that make it so easy to move around.

It has an expandable work surface, from 13-22 inches making it extremely useful to hold a considerable amount of essentials. Not only that, but it also has a height-adjustable feature, from 12 to 29 inches which give you the option to choose whether you’d want to sit or stand while you work and creates legroom according to your convenience.

It also has a cup holder and a large smartphone holder attached to it. It is provided for convenient working time, as you can operate on your computer while sipping on your coffee, checking for calls and messages on your mobile phones or simply listen to music while you work, or play!

Now we will have a look at some other features that will give you furthermore clarity.

Portable Feature

With its adjustable workspace and legs, Tabletote Computer Stand is an extremely versatile product and can be carried while you’re going to the airports and hotels, it can be conveniently used at meetings or in school, while at home or even in the outdoors! At just around 3 pounds and a little over an inch thick,Tabletote is a lightweight and has a compact design that can easily fit into laptop cases, briefcases, backpacks or can simply be carried like a book.

It is designed for a quick and easy setup, which gives the facility to set it up almost anywhere, that too instantly. It has telescopic, fully adjustable twist lock legs and does not require any tools to set up this tiny desk, that does not require much space to set up or store, making it a perfect desk for the portable facility.


  • Expandable work surface, from 13” to 22”
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can be assembled in seconds without the use of any tools
  • Comes with a cup holder, and a PDA stand
  • Sleek design, takes less storage space


  • Not fit for large monitors, can only be used for PCs and laptops
  • Cannot take much weight and can’t store many essentials


If you are looking for a tiny, portable desk for your PC or laptop and have a tight budget, then look no further. This is a great product, one of its kind and looks great too. You can easily move it around and carry it wherever you want to. It is a bestseller and has been topping charts ever since it was launched. If it fulfills your requirements, then do not hesitate. It will be a great purchase and will live up to your expectations.

Gaming is not just an activity, it is an emotion. You feel that, right? If you’re one of those gamers who’d give up anything just for an intensive gaming session, then you must also know how important it is to have the perfect gaming desk for comfortable gaming time. A good gaming computer desk is…

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