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Best French Press Coffee Maker
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Best French Press Coffee Maker

How do you deal with those coffee cravings early in the morning, late at night, post your afternoon nap? Would you want to get out of your jammies, leave your house, go to the nearest store, stand in a queue? Phew, I already feel tired at the thought of it. A french press coffee maker is the solution to all your problems.  This machine is simple, affordable, easy to use and produces a hot cup of tasty coffee in minutes. There are a lot of coffee addicts who are not ready to compromise on the taste of their coffee at any cost. French press coffee maker is a genuine choice for them. These machines are known for the excellent extraction of flavor and taste from the coffee beans. It definitely has many advantages over a standard coffee maker, such as:

No Paper Filters- Old style Drip coffee makers have paper filters to remove the excess oil which also adds to the acidity of the coffee. The French Press works on a different mechanism, and ensures that you get the richness of the flavor.

Coffee strength– French Press brews coffee naturally, the ground and hot water are mixed together in the machine without interference. This allows the flavors to blend in properly and you can control the strength of the coffee by leaving it to brew for as long as you need.

Easy to clean– A French Press has a very basic design and is very easy to clean and maintain. The parts could be disassembled easily, and hence require very minimal efforts and time to wash. Washing and cleaning drip machines are more difficult.

Simple process-Brewing couldn’t be any simpler than what it is with a french press. You just have to pour the grounds into the pot and cover it as they steep in with hot water. Drip coffee makers have to go through several processes and these stages are quite time-consuming.

The first quest is to find the right french press since it could get quite challenging with the number of options available in the market. There are coffee makers with a large capacity but poor heat retention, while some are compact but not durable. Really, there are only a few you can trust. So you could choose one by keeping in mind what you need, and purpose.

We compared the list of few best coffee makers and finally, these are the six coffee makers who made it to the list:

#1 – SterlingPro French Press – ( Best Overall French Press )

Key Features of the product

Capacity – Brews 35oz. (8 coffee cups)

Design – Designed using stainless steel and borosilicate glass

Product Dimension – 16cm x 14cm x 24 cm

Warranty  Limited 5-year warranty


The only thing which stands between you and a perfect cup of coffee or tea is a good piece of brewing machine. SterlingPro French Press reduces this distance and presents you with an amazingly smooth cup of coffee on the go. It is a highly effective device with a professional Filter Technology.

The coffee maker brings you 8 cups of delightful coffee easily. It is made with stainless steel and borosilicate glass which is heat resistant. You could relax about your morning cup of brewed coffee for years from now. The unique design of this coffee maker looks perfect in your kitchen and impresses many buyers. This is finest French press in the market.

The average capacity of this appliance is 35 oz and one won’t face any trouble brewing 1 liter of coffee at a time. Also, you will receive two extra filter screens as a special gift. This is one of the best deals you could currently opt for.

Interested? Let’s take a deeper look at the product.


Sterling Pro French Press has a stylish design which you would love to flaunt in front of your guests. The outer casing is made up of stainless steel providing a shiny look to this machine, while some parts like the lid is made of chrome. The lid fits perfectly on the machine, and has a plastic lining to ensure a better fit.

The product measures are 16cm x 14cm x 24 cm with a capacity of 1 L. The device is not too large and heavy to carry around while traveling or on a picnic. The product has been also been reasonably priced and is affordable.


If you are looking for a large french press, you have landed on a good product. This is the largest French coffee press with a glass beaker. It has a capacity of 35 oz i.e. 1 litres of delightful coffee for your family. The size of the coffee maker is appropriate and well utilized.

With this machine, you get 8 wonderful cups of coffee in less than 5 minutes on your table. It is fast, durable and comes with a lifetime limited warranty.  If you have a coffee-loving family then Sterling Pro may be the best choice for your home.


Sterling Pro is designed using rugged stainless steel and heat-resistant borosilicate glass which is stronger than other glasses, so you need not worry about any tiny impact shattering the device. These materials are non-toxic and strong enough to not rust or break easily, hence increasing the life of the device. The coffee maker is highly durable and trustable.

It has a professional filter grade technology and uses double screens for better filtration of the coffee. With the Sterling Pro coffee maker, you will receive two extra replacement screens as special gifts. If you don’t like sediments in your coffee, which I’m sure none of us do, this device has one of the strongest filter technology. It is dishwasher safe, and is extremely easy to reassemble after a wash.

Pros :

  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Advanced filter technology
  • Extra filter screens
  • Heat-resistant glass

Cons :

  • Control issues
  • Quality of plunger


Sterling Pro is one of the most reputable names in coffee business, and this product has been a hot favorite among buyers for a long time. The advanced filter technology removes every bit of sediment from your coffee. It has an elegant design that will compliment your coffee table. With a highly durable stainless steel and borosilicate glass body, you also get a 5-year warranty. You get all this for a price that won’t end up breaking your bank balance either. All in all, it is a great machine which you won’t regret buying.

#2 – Kona French Press Coffee Maker – ( Most Durable French Press Coffee Maker )

Capacity-34 oz

Design-Borosilicate glass and fiber

Product Dimension– 10 x 5.9 x 5.5 inches

Warranty-2 Years Warranty


Kona French press comes with a striking and elegant design which is provided by the borosilicate glass and the fiber. It can be used to make coffee, tea, and Espresso. In all the three modes the device gives you the best quality coffee without leaving any residue behind.

The outer shell is unique, insulated and is made up of fiber. It is not just for the purpose of providing a decent look to the device but also protects the carafe glass so that you can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee without worrying about any accidental breakage. The outer shell also adds to the beauty of your kitchen and is easy to handle. The durable and sturdy handle ensures effortless pouring to your mug.

The capacity of this machine is 34 oz and it gives 1L of refreshing gourmet coffee easily. It comes with a 3 piece stainless steel infuser filter so that you don’t feel any  plastic-like taste in your coffee. The best part about this coffee maker is the high capacity with an uncompromised taste. If you are seeking a budget-friendly multipurpose coffee maker which brews both coffee and tea then you need this product right away.

Let’s look closely at the product


When compared to other products Kona French Press Coffee Maker has a smart design, which is good looking as well as protective. It is a perfect example of fine art which leaves customers craving this product. The black outer shell protects the glass and connects to the handle making it sturdy and easy to use.

The product dimension is 10 x 5.9 x 5.5 inches with a capacity of 1 L. The vintage design it perfect match with your kitchen or coffee table. This multi-purpose coffee maker can prepare coffee, tea, espresso and any kind of such beverages. Also, it is very simple to use and comes at an affordable price.


With 34 oz this is a quite big a french press coffee maker which could prepare 1 L of coffee for your family. If you are a social butterfly with guests visiting you, then this is the coffee maker for you. It prepares 8 cups of coffee easily, and this factor plays a very important role in helping customers opt for this product.

This machine is efficient, strong and has a 2-year manufacturers warranty. There is no warranty for a carafe but considering this steal, what more can you expect at for such a mere amount?


It is designed using thick Borosilicate glass which is heat resistant and strong hence, ensuring a longer life. The outer black shell which adds to the beauty of this coffee maker also protects this glass, thereby increasing the durability. The device is washable, and is dishwasher friendly.

Many coffee makers are made up of plastic which is harmful in the long run. KONA French Press Coffee Maker is different from the rest, it has a 3 piece filter system made of stainless steel which doesn’t spoil the taste of the coffee, and is not harmful to your health.

Pros :

  • Good Design
  • Cheap
  • No plastic in the filter
  • Easy to clean
  • Great flavor
  • Multipurpose


  • Coffee cools down in 20-30 minutes
  • Certain parts have shorter life spans


If you are looking for a multipurpose coffee maker with a good design that is easy to use and clean, the KONA French Press is a top-notch device you could get at this price. It gives you a groundless coffee with overall perfection. The borosilicate glass with the outer black shell makes this machine highly durable.  It has a 3 filter system made up of stainless steel. Whether you are craving coffee or tea, this coffee maker will serve you the best of both worlds.

#3 – Bodum BRAZIL Coffee Maker – ( Best Budget French Press Coffee Maker )

Key Features of the product   

Capacity – Two sizes 34 oz and 51 oz

Design – Borosilicate glass

Product Dimension – 4.2 x 5.2 x 9.3 inches

Warranty – 1-year warranty


Brazil coffee maker brews a perfect cup of coffee for you in the easiest and the greenest way possible. You have to just add ground coffee, hot water, and press the button. It has the simplest design, is easy to clean and use, making everything a bit more easier. The device is made of durable and heat-resistant borosilicate glass with plastic handle and base.

The product is available in two sizes and three colors; black, red and green and you could choose any according to your need. The three-part stainless steel plunger has a mesh filter that extracts all the flavor from the coffee instead of getting absorbed by paper filters.

It produces 8 cups of brewed coffee easily. When it comes to making a delicious cup of coffee at your home, you need a quick cup of coffee without having to toil or wait. You get all this for a really cheap price!

Let’s take a closer look at the product


The real beauty of the coffee maker is its simple design. The carafe of this coffee maker like many others is made of Borosilicate glass to provide durability while the base and handle come in three color options; green, red and black, all made of BPA free plastic. With Bodum coffee maker you get solid build quality at a cheap price.

The product measures 4.2 x 5.2 x 9.3 inches with the larger one holding capacity of 1 L. If you are the kind who has to travel almost all the time, and in need of a travel partner, the smaller size of Bodum Brazil coffee maker is the best option for you. This coffee maker comes at a very low price and his highly affordable making it a hot favorite among buyers.


The best thing about this coffee maker is its capacity and its ease of use. It comes in two different sizes so one could easily pick the right size according to their needs- 34 oz or 51 oz. The smaller one is easy to carry on your travel expeditions while the big one is good for those who have a big family of coffee lovers.

It brews a perfect cup of coffee soaking all flavors in around 4 minutes which is quite fast. You get 8 cups of quality coffee right away. Due to its simple and small size, the machine is easily washable by hands. Hence the machine is fast, durable and with it, you get a one year warranty. All this for such a cheap price is something which won’t disappoint you at all.


It has a 3 part stainless steel plunger with mesh filters to provide you with the maximum flavor of your coffee. The carafe is made up of borosilicate glass while the base and handle are of plastic. The glass quality is good but if not handled with care you can’t expect it to last for a very long duration.

All the parts are dishwasher safe but due to the simplicity of the design, it is better to wash the device with hands. It is light weighted and easy to transport. The plastic base and handle protect this device from slight knocking but still, the key for the prolonged use is ‘handle with care’.

Pros :

  • Ease of use
  • Cheap
  • Coffee quality

Cons :

  • Not very strong


If you are not very clumsy and can look over few hiccups in this coffee maker then you have to consider buying this product. It is the best option for those running tight on budget, and those who like a full-bodied coffee. It is small and easy to carry, and comes in two sizes and 3 colors. It provides you with a top-notch cup of coffee in just 4 minutes and is lightning fast.  With the amount that you need to pay for the product, It is a great steal!

#4 –  Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel – ( Best High-End French Press Coffee Maker )

Key Features of the product  

Capacity – Many options available; 8oz, 16oz, 23 ounces, 36 ounces, 44 oz

Design – Double wall stainless steel

Product Dimension – 10.1 x 6.2 x 4.5 inches

Warranty – 5-year warranty against manufacturing defect


Most coffee makers are made of fiberglass and stainless steel but according to recent trends, people are moving towards coffee makers made of complete stainless steel. If you are a fan of really strong coffee, then getting a coffee maker completely made of stainless steel is a good choice. While buying a french press coffee maker, people mainly look into three aspects – Brew quality, Heat retention, and Durability. Frieling Double wall stainless steel coffee maker tops it all.

It is a known fact that things made of pure stainless steel are durable as well as expensive, both the conditions are true for this Frieling model. The plunger made of stainless steel ensures continuous operation. If you are tight on a budget and looking for a french press which is less expensive then this product is not the best choice for you. It comes with a 5-year warranty and is a long-term investment.

Another plus point of this coffee maker is its availability in many sizes. The silver mirror polish looks great on the outer surface, and also goes with your coffee table. Due to the complete stainless steel body, this coffee maker has an excellent heat retention capacity.

Interested? Let’s dig deeper.


The design is very simple, yet elegant. The whole body is mirror polished and is shiny. It features a fine mirror finish, brushed design on the outside and the inside. The good looking handle is long and easy to hold. Due to the simple design, it is easy to dismantle the device for cleaning. All in all, it will look precious in your kitchen or on your coffee table.

The product dimension for the medium-sized machine is 10.1 x 6.2 x 4.5 inches with an approx capacity of 1L. Due to the stainless steel body, it is heavier than the other plastic models but more durable as well. It is one of the high-end models and if you can overlook the one-time investment then this is the best product to buy.


If you are looking for a variety in sizes then this is the best product for you, it comes in many sizes and capacity couldn’t be a problem for any buyer. It could be the smallest to the largest in the list according to the size you prefer. The average size which is 36 ounces is good for serving several guests, and with the stainless steel insulation, there will be no problem at all.

The machine is highly durable and comes with a 5-year warranty. With no plastic in the design, it gives you the true taste of brewed coffee. It comes with a long handle for easy grip and a good gap is provided in between the carafe and the handle so that you don’t end up hurting yourself.


The stainless steel body is highly durable, and you get a taste of pure coffee with this French press. All the parts are of really high quality and that’s the reason, the price is steeped a little high. The coffee is filtered properly so that you enjoy even the last drop of your coffee. At this price, you get a premium quality coffee maker with high insulation and durability.

One of the major features of this coffee maker is its heat retention capability. As it comes with double-wall stainless steel, your coffee stays heated for 4 times longer than in any normal glass carafe. Whether you are serving any cold or hot beverage, the temperature remains within these walls for a long time. It is dishwasher friendly, also due to simple design, it is easy to clean the device even with hand. Overall this device has a long life if used properly.

Pros :

  • Tasty coffee
  • Easy to use and clean
  • High quality

Cons :

  • Expensive


Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel provides you with an exceptional cup of restaurant-worthy coffee. You will be able to enjoy your coffee without any grounds. It is an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy a stainless steel coffee maker. Every part is made to last longer. This is an expensive product, but considering what you are getting for the amount you are paying, it is a good deal. If you are willing to spend a few extra pennies, and you really like your coffee to be the best, then you can invest in this coffee maker, it is worth the price.

#5 – Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press – ( Best Travel-Friendly French Press )

Key Features of the product

Capacity – Brews 15 oz

Design – Stainless steel and fiber

Product Dimension – 3.5 x 3.5 x 9.1 inches  

Warranty – 2-year warranty

French presses are normally considered to be home coffee maker but Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee maker is for those who love a cup of coffee even when they are in a hurry or are frequent travelers. This small and smart machine lets you enjoy your delicious cup of coffee even when you are getting late for a meeting or have an urgent appointment.

Everyone thinks of brewing a hot cup of coffee early morning before going to the office but only a few can achieve this. The rest, run short of time. This coffee maker is small, easy to carry, and super fast. Hence you can make your coffee instantly and enjoy it on the bus, cab or metro, while on your way to begin the day. This could save you few minutes in the morning.

Bodum is a reputed name in the industry of coffee makers, and it is synonymous with quality. This coffee maker is for people having busy lives and regular travel. It is a small, affordable and portable coffee maker with a good design. It makes as well as stores coffee for you, and don’t worry it’s spill-proof.

Let’s look closely at its specifications


This is another classic from Bodum, the French press comes in two variants Acrylic and Stainless steel. While the Acrylic one is light to carry, the other one is made to keep your coffee warm for a long duration. You have four color options of Black, white, red and green. Portable design is the best reason to choose this french press over the others.

The product’s dimension is 3.5 x 3.5 x 9.1 inches, it is a sleek, modern-looking french press that can brew and store a perfect coffee for you on the go. The smart design allows you to have a delicious cup of coffee while you are rushing outdoor. The stainless steel body is accompanied by a band to make it easy to carry. It is reasonably priced for what you are getting and is good for those looking for a versatile coffee maker.


This coffee maker is a French travel press and its aim is not to carry large quantities of coffee. It has a perfect size of 15 oz which is sufficient for a single person. The concept of this travel coffee maker was to provide coffee to those running short on time or are extremely busy and it’s performing well in that dimension.

This is a portable coffee maker that comes with two different lids. It is vacuum-sealed, double-wall stainless steel and the colorful design makes the machine attractive. It can prepare a delightful cup of coffee in 4 minutes. All attempts have been made to make it a leak-proof coffee maker and Bodum has been successful in doing so.


The 2 in 1 Bodum french press is a real winner. You can use it as a french press as well as a travel mug. Critics were amazed to see the heat retention capacity of this coffee maker because even after a few hours of brewing, the coffee was still warm enough to drink. This is something that wasn’t expected from a low budget coffee maker.

Being the ideal travel coffee maker, it is designed to go through some wear and tear during your travel journey. The fiber coating on the stainless steel was very thoughtful as it makes the machine easy to carry. It is provided with a non-slip grip which protects your hand from getting burnt and gives a decent shape to the coffee maker. The vacuum seal keeps your coffee hot as well as makes the machine spill-proof. It is easy to wash and store.

Pros :

  • Multi-purpose
  • Heat retention capacity
  • Design

Cons :

  • Coffee grounds get stuck in the filter
  • A tinge of plastic flavor if not cleaned properly


Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press is an optimal choice when you are looking for a portable coffee maker to brew your daily coffee or tea. If you are busy or lazy, and always running short on time in the morning to brew yourself a cup of coffee, this coffee maker is bound to give you a delightful coffee in the morning. It is a reliable coffee mug providing coffee to busy individuals on the go. Also, the machine is very cheap and there’s nothing wrong with just trying out the device to see if it fits your needs by paying a minimal amount.

#6 – Espro Press P7 – ( Best Overall Alternative )

Key Features of the product   

Capacity – Brews 51oz. (8 coffee cups)

Design – Designed using stainless steel and borosilicate glass

Product Dimension – 16cm x 14cm x 24 cm  

Warranty – Limited Lifetime warranty


If you want a beautiful bright-looking french press coffee maker to showcase on your dining table, Espro Press P7 will meet this requirement aptly. It has a sleek design and brews your coffee instantly. The ultrafine mesh filter gives you perfectly brewed coffee. The stainless steel body has high durability, and it has got to be one of the best coffee makers, you ever need to buy.

The heat retention capacity of this coffee maker is quite good and keeps your coffee warm for 2 to 3 hours. Unlike many other coffee makers, this machine has rubber filters which are uniquely designed and leaves no trace of any residue behind. Also, they work silently unlike the metal filters which make a lot of noise. It doesn’t leave any thick murky grit behind.

For people who like the vintage accented taste of coffee, this device is worth looking at. This coffee maker is available in three sizes; 8 oz, 18 oz, 32 oz. It is ideal for serving a single cup of coffee or the larger size could also serve up to 4 delicious cups. It is double-walled and still light enough to carry.

Let’s look at the product’s specifications in detail


It has a sleek, shiny design and the steel exterior is striking. The whole body is made up of premium stainless steel providing a silver mirror elegant look to the machine. This coffee maker would perfectly suit your kitchen and will fulfill all your needs. You could flaunt this in front of your guest by using it as a server as well!

The product’s dimension is 16cm x 14cm x 24 cm which is quite average. It is not too heavy to carry, and is easy to use. The product is a bit expensive but doesn’t worry, it’s just a one-time investment and after that, you can rest assured about the quality of the product.


If you are looking for a variety of sizes this will be a good product. It comes in three variants; 8oz, 16oz, 32oz each made of stainless steel. This coffee maker is good looking, and you can choose the capacity according to your needs. It has dual mesh filters which filter the coffee twice, removing even a tiny bit of residue from your coffee.

With this product, you get a 5-year manufacturer warranty, although, there are very fewer chances of any fault and you can completely rely on this product for a delicious cup of coffee every morning. So, if you can make a one-time investment on a good coffee maker, Espro Press P7 is to be considered.


Espro Press P7 has a complete stainless steel body providing it with high durability. The double-wall stainless steel also contributes to better heat retention capacity. Also, it is light enough to conveniently carry around and transport, while being highly durable as in virtually unbreakable. You get BPS and BPA free coffee with the dual filter technology. The rubber filter installed in this device is noiseless as compared to the steel filters which produce a lot of noise while their operation.

Although Espro Press P7 is slightly more expensive, it provides you with an exceptional cup of coffee on the go. The vacuum insulated double-wall stainless steel container keeps the coffee warm for a long time, and also makes it spill-proof. All in all, it is a bit on the expensive side but the deal is fair.

Pros :

  • Heat retention
  • Options in Capacity
  • Noiseless Operation

Cons :

  • Expensive
  • The lid has a single wall


The final thought on Espro Press P7 will be that quality comes at a price. This coffee maker looks beautiful and has good heat retention capacity. It boasts features of durability, functionality, and design. The dual filters are noiseless and remove every drop of residue from the coffee. It is perfect for all those who enjoy the flavor and touch of premium French press coffee and can afford a one-time investment.

Factors to consider when buying the best French Press

Getting a French Press is a very easy decision, all you have to do is just lookout for a few things. Whether you are buying a new french press or replacing an old one, you need to ensure that whatever product you are buying is the best choice for you. French Press Coffee makers are cheap, they brew a perfect cup of coffee for you and are very simple to use and easy to maintain that’s why they are in high demand in the market.

So before buying a coffee maker evaluate your needs and take these specifications into consideration


There are many sizes of coffee makers available in the market. If you need a coffee brewer for only one person then 8 oz is enough while for a family you will need a larger one. Check reviews regarding the heat retention power of any coffee maker before buying as this will only be known by a person who has used the product. A French Press of large capacity won’t be of any value if it cannot keep the beverage hot.


Most of the coffee makers are made of stainless steel, plastic, ceramic or glass. Stainless steel provides high durability, offers excellent heat retention capacity and also does not gives a tint of a plastic taste in your coffee but generally, it is slightly on the expensive side. Glass gives an elegant design to the coffee maker and also makes the process visible. They are known for their ease of use. Ceramic is known for heat retention capacity while plastic is the most affordable one. Each has some benefits and downsides. Plastic coffee makers are to be bought with caution as people fear a tint of chemical mixing in their coffee bit by bit.

Ease of Use

Most French Press coffee makers are easy to use. None rely on complicated mechanisms or electricity. The filters and the internal product are to be handled with caution, as a flaw in them leads to problem likes, leakage of ground in coffee, an irregular mixture of products. Models that are dishwasher friendly are easy to clean and they dismantle easily.


Price becomes a deciding factor when it comes to durability, design, and reliability. In general, high priced coffee makers provide high durability and better heat retention due to stainless steel while budget models tend to focus on increasing the capacity and visibility during the coffee brewing process.


When buying a coffee maker make sure that it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty in case there are issues with the technical parts. Any defect in these parts will leave the product unusable as they are not easily available in the market and also it is costly to repair them.

After considering all the above factors you are done. Find a coffee maker suitable for you to enjoy every morning with a perfectly brewed coffee.

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