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Best Corded Stick Vacuum
Best Corded Stick Vacuums
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Best Corded Stick Vacuum

The privilege of owning your home has many benefits. Your home is your refuge from the elements and protects you from dangers.

You can do whatever you like in your own home. You can invite your family and friends to parties or other gatherings. These events can be held in your home at your leisure.

It’s natural for adults to have their own homes, however, having a home also means having responsibilities–such as having to worry about the house is safe from any damages or duties such as keeping your home clean. Home maintenance is a time-consuming task requiring much effort and patience.

Cleaning is an essential aspect of home maintenance. Cleaning is a crucial aspect of home maintenance. This includes keeping cobwebs out of higher places in your home and ensuring that your carpet has been appropriately dusted.

To avoid dust accumulation in challenging to reach areas or termite infestations, fungal growth and even bacterial growth, you must keep your house clean.

A vacuum cleaner is a great tool to have around. Some homeowners call in a vacuum cleaner to clean their house, which can increase your annual cost.

You will need to consider many other expenses associated with home maintenance. Hiring someone to clean your house is more cost-effective, rather than paying extra for it.

Where do you look for the right vacuum cleaner to suit your needs? There are many types of vacuum cleaners available on the market. These range from essential canister vacuums to high-end robotic vacuum cleaners.

Many factors can make vacuum cleaners different. These include their prices, features, and cleaning power. However, this guide will give you all the information you need to find the best vacuum cleaners.

How we got started

There are many factors to consider when buying vacuum cleaners or searching for the best ones.

There are many types of vacuum cleaners on the market. It would help if you decided which type is best for you.

We must also consider the many models and types available to help us find the right demographic.

Different homeowners have different priorities. Some owners prefer to purchase vacuum cleaner at the highest market price. Others may be more concerned about finding the vacuum cleaner that is the easiest and most maneuverable.

Corded stick vacuums have been proven to be the most accessible and popular vacuum cleaners. People will choose a cord-stick vacuum because of their affordability. The price of corded appliances is usually lower than those that are battery-operated. Wireless appliances have a few advantages, but they are limited in terms of time.

A battery-powered stick vacuum can only be used for as long as it has enough power. Corded stick vacuums are the best for cleaning long distances. Here are reviews and recommendations about the best corded stick vacuums.

This guide will give you a detailed overview of some of your best-corded stick vacuums. You can find the best product for you, whether you want something affordable or more luxurious.

Corded Stick Vacuum Reviews

#1 Shark Rocket VV302 Corded Stick Vacuums

WHY DO WE LIKE IT? This powerful 500W vacuum comes with a multitool for cleaning dog hair. The vacuum’s swiveling head and a long 25-foot cord, and swiveling head allow easy maneuvering under furniture and cleaning up.

  • Pros Amazing suction power
  • Great pet hair pickup
  • Dustbin with easy release
  • Cons It doesn’t stand by itself

Shark Rocket HV302 corded stick vacuum cleaner has a powerful 500W motor that delivers impressive suction power. The vacuum has a pet multitool that removes hair from hard floors, carpets, and furniture. The vacuum also includes a crevice tool to clean hard-to-reach areas. The Rocket HV302 does not have a HEPA filter but provides excellent filtration. The 25-foot cord is also a great feature, making it easy to clean large spaces without hassle.

Shark Rocket HV302 corded stick vacuum can be detached, making it portable and easy to clean cars and sofas. Shark designed this vacuum with a swiveling head that makes it easy to maneuver around furniture. The vacuum cleaner comes bagless and a washable, easy-to-empty dustbin. The vacuum picks up heavy particles quickly thanks to its powerful suction. The accessory hub allows for the storage of attachments and vacs in a compact, space-saving manner. This best vacuum for tile floors or pet hair is a versatile addition to any home.

#2 Eureka NES510 Corded Stick vacuum

WHY IT IS DESIRABLE: Unparalleled dirt picking power for various floor types. An ultra-long power cable of 30 feet and LED headlights provide excellent visibility and extended reach in dark areas.

  • Pros Amazing dirt pickup power
  • Cord very long, 30-foot
  • Under furniture, LED headlights illuminate
  • Cons Pet hair attachment is not available

The Eureka NES510 corded stick vacuum has a 15kPa rating and is suitable for both hard and carpet floors. The attachments include a crevice tool, and a 2-in-1 dusting brush. This vacuum can be used to clean almost every area of your home. The vacuum and accessories are folded by the storage base, allowing users to store the vacuum in a closet. The vacuum can be maneuvered around furniture easily thanks to its swivel steering.

The Eureka NES519 is distinguished by its powerful LED headlights that illuminate dark areas and under-furniture. This vacuum can clean large areas quickly and efficiently thanks to its ultra-long power cord that extends to 30 feet. The Eureka NES510 corded stick vacuum has a removable design that makes it easy to clean upholstery and furniture. The vacuum is lightweight at 6.3 pounds. The vacuum has a 1L dust cup and an easy-to-use one-button emptying. If you have a furry friend, the lack of a pet attachment is a problem. However, you can opt for one of our best cordless vacuums to pick up fur.

#3 Bissel PowerGlide PET Corded Stick Vacuum

WHY WE LIKE It: The vacuum has a hair tool and tangle-resistant brush rolls that make cleaning up after pets and cats easy. To extend its reach, the vacuum comes with a 30-foot power cord.

  • Pros Extraordinary suction
  • Tools for special pets
  • Ultra-long 30-foot power cord
  • Cons HEPA filter is not available

BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Slim corded vacuum is a great appliance for effective pet hair removal. This vacuum is easy to maintain thanks to BISSEL’s tangle-free brush rolling. Pet owners will love the Pet TurboEraser motorized tool to clean couches and carpets. Although none of the filters are HEPA-certified, they do a great job. The 30-foot power cord makes it possible to clean large rooms or stairs. If you are looking for a cordless vacuum, our Bosch CCS122GB review is the best.

The BISSELL PowerGlide Pet corded vacuum has a wide range of attachments. The crevice tool, extension wand, and dusting brush allow you to clean ceilings, furniture, and vehicles. The best Bissell vacuum features a brush roll switch that allows users to clean hard floors and carpets easily. The vacuum cleaner has a wall-mounted hub that can organize accessories. Swivel steering makes it easy to maneuver around and under furniture. Easy to clean, the 0.5L empty dustbin is also available.

#4 Iwoly V600 corded sticks vacuum

WHY IT IS DESIRABLE: A great vacuum with various attachments to clean carpets, upholstery, and ceilings. The appliance is allergy-friendly thanks to its effective filter.

  • Pros Great dirt pickup
  • A variety of attachments
  • Cord long 23 feet
  • Cons Carpets are not recommended.

The 500W Iwoly V600 corded sticks vacuum promises homeowners ease of use. This vacuum cleaner weighs only 3.3 pounds and can be carried easily. It can also be detached for one-hand operation. The power cord is 23 feet long, which allows for flexibility when cleaning. This vacuum cleaner has a 17kPa suction, which means it quickly picks up smaller and larger particles. The vacuum is unsuitable for carpets because it was made for hard floors.

The corded stick vacuum Iwoly V600 is removable to clean on top of tables. The bright orange and blue variations complement the sleek design of the vacuum. The attachments include a dusting brush, an upholstery, and a crevice tool. These tools can clean ceiling fixtures, bedding, and furniture. It has HEPA and washable honeycomb filters.

#5 NEQE S180 Corded Stick Vacuum

WHY DO WE LIKE IT? This vacuum can be detached and carried around for hours. The vacuum is powerful and can pick up large particles on most surfaces.

  • Pros Amazing dirt pick up power
  • HEPA filter
  • Self-standing design
  • Cons Not ideal for deep carpets

The NEQUARE S180 corded-stick vacuum is lightweight and ideal for hard floors. This vacuum is powerful and efficient, with up to 20kpa suction. It has a 600W motor. The vacuum has dual HEPA filters, which can be washed and used as a metal filter. This vacuum is a great choice for allergy sufferers and pet owners. The vacuum has a motorized floor head that is great for cleaning pet hair, carpets, and sofas. This model does not have a brush roll, so it could be more effective on carpets.

The NEQUARE S180 vacuum is perfect for cleaning vehicles and ceiling fans. It has attachments for dusting and crevices. This vacuum is self-standing, meaning users can pick it up from the floor without bending over. Extra flexibility is provided by the telescoping tube. The vacuum can be detached to make cleaning inside and outside easier. It is lightweight and easy to lift stairs.

#6 Toppin Corded Stick Vacuum

WHY IT IS COMFORTING: This corded stick vacuum features a 90-degree folding tube and a swiveling head, which makes cleaning under and around furniture easier. The vacuum is lightweight at 3 lbs. It can be easily carried in a bag with a removable design.

  • Pros Incredible folding stem that easily cleans under furniture
  • Motor with powerful motor
  • Construction very lightweight
  • Cons After prolonged use, heats up
  • Carpets not designed for them

TOPPIN VC005 corded stick vacuum is designed to make cleaning under chairs and beds easier. The innovative 90-degree folding wand allows it to reach under furniture. It can move around tables and chairs easily thanks to its swivel steering. This model has a 600W motor that can produce up to 17 kPa suction, which is great for cleaning up large dirt particles. The vacuum does not have a motorized brush to clean carpets or couches, so it is not recommended for carpeted floors.

The TOPPIN VC005 corded stick vacuum can easily be converted to a handheld vacuum used for cleaning upholstery and dusting. Although it is a little short, the vacuum comes with a multi-function crevice instrument. The large, 0.8L dustbin is perfect for large rooms. The vacuum is lightweight at only 3 pounds so it can be carried for long periods. The VC005 is streamlined, unlike other corded stick vacuums, which have dustbins at a 90-degree angle. This vacuum provides excellent filtration.

Best Corded Stick Vacuum for Pet Hair


A Handheld Vacuum

B PowerFins Floor Nozzle

C Wand with Handheld Storage Clip

D Crevice Tools

E Dusting Brush

F Multitool for Pets

G Anti-Allergen Brush

H Charger

I Battery (Pre-Installed).

J HEPA Pre-Installed Post-Motor Filter




To turn off power, slide the switch to the ‘top.

Slide the switch to the right setting to start vacuuming in Standard Mode.


Slide the switch to the middle for bare floor/area rugs. To clean small areas rugs and bare floors, the brushroll spins slowly.


Carpet Slide switch at the bottom. To pick up dirt and other debris beneath your carpets’ surface, the brushroll spins faster.


Pull the Trigger on your handheld vacuum to get an extra boost in power. To return to normal power, release it.


You can easily insert or remove the Li-Ion Battery

Slide the battery into the slot at the back of your handheld vacuum. To remove the battery, press and hold on the Battery Release Button. Then slide it out.




NOTE Full Charge takes approximately 3 hours.


Slide the power button until you reach the desired power setting. Put your foot on the floor and tilt the vacuum back.

NOTE: Brush rolls will only engage if the handle is tilted back.

For above-floor cleaning, you must stand the vacuum upright and press the Nozzle Release button. Then, pull the wand upwards to disengage it.

To remove the handheld vacuum from the wand, press the Wand Release button.


Attach the cleaning accessory and then select the power setting.


1. To empty the dust cup, disconnect the handheld vacuum and the wand. Next, press the Wand Release button. Then pull up on the vacuum.

2. Place the dust cup on top of a trash can and move the CleanTouch(tm), Dirt Ejector forward.

Stick Vacuums: How to Test It

This is how we conduct our revamped stick-vacuum tests on brands such as Shark, Dyson and Kenmore.

Bare Floors

We also tested the laminate flooring by scattering cereal, rice, and other materials on two sections. Four swipes are used to remove rice and cereal, and two to pick up sand. To calculate the amount of debris removed, we weigh the vacuum before and after.

For Pet Hair

One gram of Maine coon cat fur is placed in a medium pile carpet. Then we count how many strokes are required to remove it. A maximum of five strokes is allowed. We take note of the strokes performed and determine how much fur is left on the carpet or in our brush roll.


We place 100g of sand in a carpet, then vacuum it on high speed for 16 strokes with a strobe lamp to highlight the area. Before and after we weigh the vacuum.

Run Time

We test the battery life by running the cordless vacuums on high, then low until it is fully charged. Then we note the times. We also test the medium setting if the vacuum is available (not all vacuums have it).

These are the top performers for each type of stick vacuum, corded or cordless. They are listed alphabetically. See our recommendations and ratings for all types of vacuums.

Corded Stick Vacuum FAQs

What is the difference between cordless and corded stick vacuums, you ask?

These vacuums are different in that they draw their power from various sources. The corded vacuum model has a power cord that plugs into the wall. A cordless model can run on one charge of battery power.

What’s the difference between corded sticks and upright vacuums?

The main difference between the two types of vacuums is their designs and form factors. An upright vacuum is generally considered a full-sized vacuum and offers more power than corded stick vacuums. Corded stick vacuums, on the other hand, are lighter and more portable.

Are corded stick vacuums worth the price?

Corded stick vacuums can be expensive, so you might wonder if it’s worth the extra cost. They are generally worth the price if you value portability and versatility more than additional power. Corded stick models offer advanced technology over traditional options.

Is a corded stick vacuum able to replace a regular vacuum?

Yes, corded sticks vacuums can be used as a replacement for upright vacuums.

What power level is required for your corded stick vacuum

Most manufacturers give an overall rating for vacuum power based on CFM and water lifting. These measurements will provide you with an idea of the types and amount of messes that the vacuum can handle.

A vacuum with greater power is needed to clean more giant messes. You will only need a little ability to clean smaller quantities.

Let’s have a closer look at these power measures:

  • CFM One of the most common ways to measure suction power, or cubic feet per hour, is to use CFM. This indicates how much air your vacuum is capable of moving each minute. This is also called airflow. The higher the number, you vacuum will be more powerful.
  • Water Lift This measurement shows how far your vacuum can lift water after it has been powered. Your vacuum’s static tension also knows this.
  • Air Watts Most manufacturers combine your vacuum’s CFM and water lifting measurements to determine your vacuum’s power. Air watts is the final measurement. This number is the power of your vacuum.

What capacity is required for your corded stickvac?

Corded stick vacuums with enough capacity allow you to vacuum your entire space without constantly emptying it. You will be able to clean your space more quickly if the vacuum has more power.

Corded stick vacuums generally have less capacity than traditional models. You can store around one liter of dust in the best vacuums. A smaller dust canister will produce a compact, lighter, and more portable vacuum. Although larger models are heavier, they can be used for longer periods of time before you need to empty them. A corded model will also have a filtration system. After a few cleaning sessions, the filter will need to be thrown away and replaced or you can choose to wash it. A reusable filter is a good option if you need more funds to buy disposable filters for your corded vacuum.

What floor type do you need to clean in the home?

The type of flooring you have in your home will play a significant role in the choice of corded stick vacuum that you buy. A soft roller is better if you have hardwood floors to clean. A carpet cleaner that has a beater bar to remove dirt and debris from the carpet fibers is better. The best vacuum to clean high pile carpet was specifically made for thicker carpets.

Vacuums can be purchased that work on a wide range of floor surfaces. Adjustable settings and larger dust canisters are the best vacuums for this task, such as a canister vacuum.

What adjustable settings are you looking for on your corded stick vacuum’s corded-stick model?

Many corded stick vacuums offer multi-functionality with a range of adjustable settings. Vacuums that have adjustable settings can be used to clean different types of floors and for power modes for different kinds of messes.

These are the settings you should consider when looking at vacuums.

  • Beater bar: A vacuum equipped with a beater, also known by a brush roll or a vacuum cleaner, will clean carpets more efficiently. The beater bar can damage some types of floors. It is important to be able to switch the beater bar off or on so that you can clean all surfaces in your house.
  • Vacuum Height : If your vacuum has an adjustable height you can adjust the vacuum for different carpet pile sizes.
  • Power Setting: Your vacuum can adjust for delicate surfaces like blinds or shelves, without damaging them.
  • Handheld Mode : One of the greatest features of a corded stick vacuum vacuum is its ability to be converted into a handheld vacuum. This handheld vacuum mode is ideal if you need more portability.

Are you looking for a corded stick vacuum to clean up pet hairs?

We recommend buying a corded stick vacuum specifically designed to remove pet hair. The best corded vacuum for pet hair is stronger and has a larger dust container. You’ll be able clean up all your pet’s mess without any problems. These full-size vacuums can collect dirt and dust bunnies more than handheld models. These stick vacuums are lighter than traditional uprights. You can use cordless vacuums to clean your home without compromising mobility.

What accessories and attachments do you need to use your corded stick vacuum with cord?

Many corded stick vacuums have a range of attachments and accessories that can improve their functionality and utility, particularly when cleaning difficult-to-reach areas. Here are some popular accessories that you might need.

  • Crevice tool
  • Brush roll
  • Multi-tool for pets
  • Soft dusting brush
  • Powerful LED lights
  • Motorized tool

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