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Top 10 Destinations for Corporate Events and Team Building Activities
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Top 10 Destinations for Corporate Events and Team Building Activities

What comes to your mind when you think of corporate events? Perhaps, a long drawn presentation about how the year went, some boring team building activities that you reluctantly become a part of and a sleep-inducing setting that could work its effect on even the most diligent listeners.

If those are the kind of corporate get-togethers you’ve grown accustomed to, it’s time to shake off that boardroom boredom and get ready for some ‘eventful’ corporate events. How can that be possible you ask? Picking the right destination for your event is half the job done. Imagine the excitement you will create when your chosen destination is announced to the employees. Workmates would happily line-up for the year’s big office event and that excitement would translate into better involvement and an overall successful event.

With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of destinations that would not only live up to the expectations of hard-nosed critics but also make your event a much sought after affair. Read on to know more.

1) London

Good old London has seen it all, from great wars to social revolutions. This city has evolved from being a dull industrial town to the more trendy cosmopolitan metropolis that we know of today. Corporate or team building events in the city can range from the downright fabulous ‘Its a Knockout’ to a more sophisticated ‘Race Night’ and everything in between. Jaded corporate teams can blow off some steam with ‘4×4 Driving’ or have a gala time on the deck of a decommissioned naval ship, all possible in the British capital.

London as a city has no dearth of options when it comes to corporate event ideas. So if you’re organisation is in or around the city it’s time you show your team members what really fun corporate events are all about.

2) Barcelona

One thing that the Spaniards have perfected is the art of having a good time, and the city of Barcelona lives up to the hype. For corporates, getting out and about in the Catalan capital would mean enjoying activities like the ‘Camp Nou Experience’, where even a boring presentation would seem enjoyable, with the hallowed turf in the backdrop. If team bonding is what you’re after, ‘Escape Rooms’ in the city offer an unforgettable time with challenges that will test your team’s abilities to the fullest.

Cap off your Barcelona event with some tasty tapas and drinks to make your corporate get together a double thumbs-up experience.

3) Paris

The French capital, in recent times has moved beyond the romantic tag that we have known for so long. Corporates looking to embrace a more involved style of events will find many options in the city. From themed parties with an all-out Parisian feel to the more relaxed “River Cruise’ down the Seine, corporate events in Paris have truly evolved.

After long hours of presentations and deliberations, teammates can taste some fine French Champagne or Wine and make their corporate event in Paris more memorable. To take the wine adventure forward teams can be taken on a ‘Vineyard Tour’ to add a more French touch to their experience.

4) Amsterdam

The Dutch capital featuring on a corporate events destination list might seem odd at first. But take a closer look at what’s on offer and you’ll think otherwise. Amsterdam trumps all the other cities with imaginative activities that are only possible here. Discuss sales numbers or simply relax on a canal boat ride in the city. Invite the teammates over to a bike ride where you explore the ‘hidden’ parts of the town. For a more adventurous outing hop on to a Grand Prix Kart and enjoy a team day like no other.

Amsterdam has been loved for its laidback lifestyle and an inviting atmosphere. Corporate events here will definitely leave your team rejuvenated and raring to go.

5) Berlin

With an eye for detail and high standards, the Germans have set a benchmark for others to follow. This holds true for corporate events as well, especially in the capital city, Berlin. With team building activities ranging from Segway Tours to Clay Pigeon Shooting, teammates will thoroughly enjoy their day out here. For a more ‘out of the box’ experience the city offers Kayaking, Wakeboarding or even Tank rides.

Berlin has seen its share of turmoil in the past and has quickly moved ahead with the times. Corporates looking for a relaxed time, full of team bonding and fun activities are definitely in for a good time in the German capital.

6) Frankfurt

The financial heart of Germany is not all about work and no play. Frankfurt, for long has attracted corporates due to its great work atmosphere, but the city has a lighter side as well. Corporate events in Frankfurt can include team trips to the many Museums or an entertaining evening at the Opera. For a more adventurous team outing, activities like Scavenger Hunts or Archery can be easily arranged.

7) Madrid

The Spanish capital has attracted many tourists to its shores, due to its relaxed vibe and scenic settings. The corporates have taken note of this fact and are eagerly choosing Madrid as the go-to destination for their events. A long day cooped up inside convention centres can take a toll on anybody, but in Madrid, corporate team building events take on a new meaning. Teams can opt for a ‘Paella Making Challenge’ or head to a vineyard for a customised Wine Tour. For a more adventurous time, teams can go Skydiving or Jet Skiing and call off their day out in Madrid with some Spanish tapas and wine.

8) Rome

Rome has been a tourist attraction for many years. People visit the Italian capital to soak in the grandeur of Roman architecture and history. The city not only offers fantastic options for tourists but is also in the forefront when it comes to corporate events. Teams can choose to have a relaxed time with fun team building activities like ‘Pizza Making’ or ‘Treasure Hunt’. After the presentations and number crunching is out of the way, teams can indulge in sightseeing ‘Italian Job’ style.

Rome is not only about grand buildings or ancient landmarks, but the city has also developed a very cosmopolitan vibe which goes down really well with corporates looking to have a fun day out.

9) Brussels

Move over chocolate and beer, Brussels now has many more things on offer. The Belgian capital sure knows how to have a good time. While planning a corporate event in the city, you can choose from the many quirky museums or better still visit ‘Mini Europe’ and add a dash of fun to your time here. For teams looking to do something unique, try the Turkish Baths and say goodbye to all that fatigue.

10) Dublin

The city of pubs is more than a pint of Guinness. Dublin offers great options for corporates who are looking for some fun time away from work. Indulge in some outdoor paintballing and bond better with your teammates. If a relaxed yet thrilling activity is what you want, try Hound Racing, or offroading on a quad bike. Dublin has many such options for a memorable corporate event that is sure to bring your team together and help them bond better.

Planning a successful corporate event is definitely not an easy task. This list is our way to help you with your planning. Keeping your employees’ morale high will get you the desired results, and a great corporate event will do just that. So get your team together, pick the destination of your choice and make your team bond over some fun activities in a beautiful location.

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