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Best Water Filter Pitcher
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Best Water Filter Pitcher

Water is life and having access to clean water sources is basically a human need. It needs to be filtered as you cannot just drink it directly as it is available. Contaminated water can be hazardous as you can fall ill or have some serious health issues. Thus, it is a good idea to keep a check on the filtration process of the water. Apart from the aqua guards and ROs, it is a good idea to use pur water filters. It has a lot of benefits and we have collated some of the good ones available in the market.Some of the water purifiers are expensive but, they deionize the water completely to remove all the impurities. Although, if you do not need that level of purification, then there are several others available at a fairly lesser cost. The best water filter usually improves the taste of the tap water as well.

How we shortlisted the best water purifier for testing?

We spent a lot of hours to determine the final water filter pitchers. There are a lot of companies available in the market and thus, proper research was needed to determine each one of them. We studied on the queries and preferences of the customers. It was necessary to check their expectations. At the same time, we studied and researched on the different types of bacteria and viruses that can contaminate the water.

We also studied on the ways to filter the contaminants to produce safe filtered water. It was necessary to study about the various water pitchers and their processes. In our elaborative research, we tried to connect with the water filter companies and their representatives to thoroughly understand the workings of their pur water filters.

It was important to find the differences between different water filters to have a better overview. Each pitcher of water is designed keeping in mind the different needs of the consumer. We also included resources from the industry leaders and authority brands that were considered pioneers of best home water filters. The special research also included the water quality association and NSF International.

Besides that, we did our survey over the net too. We read different blogs and articles on the same. Our team spent some time reading the customer reviews of various tap water filters and water pitcher filters. Our research included forums and Reddit threads too. Our list also contains water filters reviews which are certified by NSF International. For the uninitiated, NSF International is a third party organisation which provides ratings and certifications for the water filters that remove harmful contaminants from the water.

Research Analysis

We found that some of the best water filtration systems were on the top from a very long time. Brita and Zerowater both the systems were on the top from 2017 and still reside on that position.

Thus, our top pick remained the Zerowater 6-cup pitcher which does the extreme water purification. It can also be called as the lead water purifier as it removes the excessive hard metals from the water. However, the water filters of Zerowater do not last long because of this reason only. The company has also started selling on the go cup filters with Brita pitcher filter. Although, there shelf life is only up till five gallons of water. Thus, we tried looking for other replacement water filters but they were not cost effective and thus, we recommend going with this one only.

The parameters we decided for the best pitcher water filter

There were a lot of factors based on which we decided to check the different water filter pitcher reviews. The following test results decide the ranking of the various water purifier pitcher systems.

Taste Test

We thought of carrying out a taste test. The taste of water is very important as it makes you want to drink water often and stay hydrated. Also, certain kinds of water will not be able to quench your thirst if the taste is not proper. We tried and conducted a blind taste test. In this test, we gave our testers a cup of water from the different water pitcher filters. The testers had no idea about the brand and company of the filters.

The testers just had to mention if the water in the cup was:
  • Pure
  • Tasty
  • Thirst Quenching
  • Crisp
  • Refreshing
There were negative descriptions included in the criteria as well. The descriptions were:
  • Chemical/Artificial
  • Dirty

The kitchen water filters which rated high were only considered and thus, their features were studied.

Speed of the filter to purify the water

This is also an important aspect and thus, we made it a point to study the average time a particular pur water filter took to purify one cup of water. Some people do feel that more time for the filtered water might be necessary but, we thought that at the same time it should not feel like ages. It is an important metric to consider in spite of it not being that critical.

In this test, the Brita filter lead stood first as it took approximately only 40 seconds to filter one cup of water. The Pur maxion filter and the zerowater took quite some time to filter just one cup of water. The representative of zerowater said that the filters take a little longer to purify the water as they undergo a complete ion-exchange process to deionize the water.

Ergonomic Testing

The Ergonomic testing included a lot of factors. The most important one in this process included the comfort level of the pitcher. It was checked if the filtered water pitcher was comfortable and user-friendly to hold even when it was filled with water till the brim.

The stability of the water filter pitchers was also checked on different surfaces like tiles, table and also a refrigerator. A list of the additional features of the pitchers was also added. Some had a pour through lid as well. Small things like these were noticed so that we could accordingly add them in the list.

Chlorine Removal

The taste’s biggest enemy is undoubtedly chlorine. Thus, a test was conducted with the help of a hatch chlorine test kit. Mostly all the water filters were able to remove even the slightest traces of chlorine. Thus, it was pretty easy to choose the different water filter jugs based on that.

Always remember to choose water filtration pitchers based on these factors. These are important features and thus, they help to determine the quality of a particular water pitcher filter.

Reviews of the best water purification system
Zerowater- 6-cup pitcher

This particular water filtration pitcher is undoubtedly the best in the market. No other filter was able to filter all the contaminants and dirt like this particular system. It is efficient and is able to effectively deliver pure water to you. Zerowater filter is the best water pitcher as it is different from all the other ones available in the market.

Zerowater filter just does not use the carbon filter like the other filters available. It deionizes the water completely. Basically, the filter removes all the reactive elements and materials that are available in the water. They are the best water filters for home as they claim that their water filters produce a reading of 000 on a total dissolved solids meter. This is in fact very true.

When an independent laboratory testing was carried out for all the water filter pitchers, Zero water continued to beat all the other filters. The comparison was made on the basis of the number of dissolved solids left in the water after the complete filtration procedure. The procedure includes everything from heavy metals like lead and other taste hampering contaminants like chlorine.

This is the best water purifier pitcher as it can be particularly used in areas where the water is contaminated and is dangerous. For example: There was a mishap that happened in Flint. It was a water crisis that occurred in 2014 as the residents of the place were drinking unsafe water. The water also contained unhealthy levels of lead.

Filters like Zerowater work best in such situations. They efficiently produced filtered water and thus, the residents in such areas can get clean drinking water. The dissolved solids are also removed completely and thus, you will get complete pure water to drink. At the same time, this is not considered good universally because not all the dissolved solids present in the water are harmful. Some are beneficial to the health as well. Solids like magnesium are said to help enhance the taste of the water and add nutrition to it.

Although, the CEO of Zerowater begs to differ. He believes it is the best water filter system as it offers the water in its purest form and taste. The added advantage of this is that all the heavy metals are removed completely.

Although, many people claim that they do not like the taste of the filtered water from Zerowater. It is pretty amusing as it is scientifically proven that Zerowater has no dissolved solids at all. This just proves that we are so used to drinking water from taps and filtered as well, with certain amount of metals in it.

Zerowater also has a 10-cup water filter but it is a little bigger than you would like. On the other hand, the 7 cup pitcher is easier to handle and pour as well. The filled pitcher is also lighter and the spout design is made in such a way that it is less likely to spill or dribble while filling bottles with narrow necks.

The filters of the pitcher are large but do not require any pre-soak. Thus, replacing the filters is much easier. The Zerowater pitcher also comes with a TDS meter. The water filter reviews are great and the brand recommends replacing the filter when the meter reads 006. This is a great feature as you do not have to remember when to change the filter.

Finally, it is the best water purifier as it has an amazing recycling program. It pays $5 for each filter returned. Thus, the clients are incentivized to hold on to the filters and also send them back which in turn reduces the landfills too.

Things to consider before buying a Zerowater filter

The water filters for Zerowater are very expensive. Since they provide with quality, they ask for money as well. However, they do provide promotions and rebates to their existing customers. Although, if you are buying their filters without promotions or offers, you might end up spending a lot of money. It is especially for people who use tap water and has high number of dissolved solids in their drinking water.

At the same time, you have to remember that the performance of Zerowater filters have been very consistent. Except for the money factor, there is nothing else that you need to worry about this water filter pitcher. It is difficult to find a cheaper alternative with the same kind of quality.

At the same time, if you have got more than 30 PPM of dissolved solids in your drinking water, than you might need to replace the Zerowater cartridges frequently.

Overall, you will have to make a decision. It really depends on water is available in your city and how much dissolved solids it contains. Also, if you want to drink pure drinking water than, you will have to increase your budget and consider using Zerowater pitcher.

Brita 10 cup pitcher with long lasting filter

This is a complete budget pick option which is available to you. Brita is one of the most popular and well-known brands of water filter pitchers. Brita water pitchers are largely responsible for the popularity and growth of filter pitchers since the late 1980s. They are basically the undisputed market leader.

The standard brita filter pitcher usually does not remove all the contaminants from the water like the Zerowater filter. Actually, Brita is taking it to the next level with the new longlast filter, model OB06. With this, it is quite evident that brita filter lead is all about 99% reduction of the lead. Brita pitchers are designed in a way that they improve the taste of the water and removes all the heavy metals from the drinking water. The NSF and other various independent tests support this result.

Many people want water filter pitchers that remove chlorine from their water. Also, it is important to customers that their water is saved against accidental exposure to cadmium, lead and even mercury. Brita pitchers exactly do that.

Many different tests have been carried out on Brita filter pitchers. The amusing part is that the chlorine reduction in a used brita water filter pitcher and a fresh brita filter pitcher was exactly the same. The good part is that a new brita pitcher also does not change the taste of the water.

This filter is surely great if you want to drink water that does not contain contaminants. It is also very cost effective and thus, you can choose to buy it and get a blind taste of the same. There is one thing about Brita and that is it does not sell any pitchers packed with their long last filter. You can consider buying the 10 cup everyday pitcher or any other standard brita pitcher with the filter.

What to consider before buying a Brita water filter pitcher
It removes even the worst tasting ingredients like chlorine from the water and gives a proper optimum taste to the water. It also removes the chlorine from the tap water as well.

Brita’s new long last filter also removes harmful metals like lead from the water. However, you will have to buy this one separately. At the same time, it is important to consider a point where Brita’s carbon filters do not remove mineral solids from the drinking water like Zerowater.

Mavea water filter and pitcher

Mavea is a lesser known water filter pitcher brand. The manufacturer is from Germany and Mavea is a subsidiary company of a water treatment company. That particular company has been in business for 50 long years. It is the best water purifier pitcher as it contains two stage water filtration system. This one is also one of our top pick.

Mavea water pitcher uses the traditional filtration cartridge even for a water pitcher. It also has a two stage cartridge filtration system like Brita. The pitcher also contains a micro screen which acts like a sediment filter. It basically stops all the sediments and carbon blocks so that you can get pure and filtered water.

The activated carbon cartridge of mavea water filter reduces contaminants in the drinking water which include benzene, chlorine, mercury, atrazine, copper and lime scale. We also checked its certification with NSF and ANSI Standard 53 and 42. Mavea water pitcher contains both the certifications. One is the standard 53 and the other one is the standard 42 certification. The filter contains both the certifications for reducing contaminants in drinking water.

The pitcher comes in two different models. One is the amazing Mavea XL which is capable of holding up till 9 cups of water. It comes in 6 different vibrant colours. Mavea has a smaller version too. It is known as the Mavea Kompakt. It usually holds up till 5 or 6 cups of water and comes in black and white colour. The added advantage of this one is its design as it can be kept in the refrigerator as well. Thus, it can be called as the best home water filter.

The things that we like about this pitcher of water are long warranty and digital indicator. It comes with a one year warranty. Most pitcher companies only provide 60 or 90 days of warranty. The digital indicator is also very helpful as it is a meter which is capable of tracking real time water usage and even water hardness. This will make it very simple for you. Mavea water pitcher also comes with an automatic pour through lid. This makes it very comfortable to use. It also contains 100% recyclable filter and thus, it is easy to replace them. It is the best water purifier pitcher as it contains advanced in-moulded feet to protect from surface scratches and slippage.

Things to consider before buying Mavea water filter and pitcher

There are a certain things that you should take in to consideration. One of the major thing is that they have a short lifespan filter. 40 gallons of water can be filtered with this particular cartridge. Also, do not buy this pitcher if you are using tap water. It cannot purify highly contaminated water. Also, the cartridge’s lifespan is short and it is expensive too. Thus, maintenance cost of Mavea water pitcher can be high.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

It is a relatively new water filter company as compared to other in the list. We have added it in the list in spite of that as several engineers started the company. They have designed aqua gear water filter pitcher as an affordable option for quality drinking water. It contains two different water treatments under its belt.

Aquagear water filter pitcher has great credibility. Its products are widely used in US as well as UK army. Even NGO like UNICEF and Red Cross use Aquagear. The company started off to solve a common filter problem and was also designed to increase the quality of the drinking water. Aquagear is genuinely doing a good job at that.

We checked and tested the aquagear water filter pitcher properly and realised that it removes over 89 different contaminants in the water. NSF also conducted a third party laboratory test for standards 42 and 53. In that test Aqua guard was capable of removing contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, chloramine, lead, chromium, mercury, copper, arsenic and over 50 different VOCs including trihalomethanes.

We also went further and checked a test that was conducted in Flint, Michigan. Aqua guard water filter pitcher was able to reduce lead levels for 4 times above the EPA limit. It was done till an undetectable level. At the same time, it is designed in a way that while removing all the toxic materials and metals from the tap water, it does not remove all the healthy minerals like Calcium and Magnesium. It also gives microbiologically safe drinking water.

Aquaguard claims that it filters 2000% more contaminants as compared to Brita. This is possible with the help of its filtration cartridge filters. It comes with a five stage filtration system. It contains activated coconut carbon which traps and absorbs water contaminants as water passes through them. The contaminants mostly include chlorine, odour and bad taste. The water purifier also contains CRM Ion exchange media as it effectively removes heavy metals from the water. It further removes industrial and agricultural pollutants as well.

It is the best water purification system as it uses chemical bonding, absorption and depth filtration for filtering the water. Thus, the layering is done in two materials within 5 stages. The filtered water has a great taste as compared to other filtered pitchers. This water pitcher just comes in one size which is the 8-cup size. You can refill it once only with 8 cups of water.

Their pitchers are also made with premium quality and environment friendly design. They are totally 100% recyclable, 100% FDA approved and 100% BPA-free. The company is also so confident about their product that they offer a lifetime guarantee with the leaks and breaks of the pitcher. The best part is that you will get a replacement free of charge. Each Aquaguard filter pitcher is design and manufactured in the US. This is done to maintain the premium quality of the product.

The other water pitchers usually have a lifespan of 40 gallons of water which can approximately last up till 2 months. That is the time when you will need the replacement cartridge. On the other hand, Aqua guard’s cartridge is made out of excellent quality materials. It can actually produce 150 gallons of water which can last up till 6 months. This is usually 3 to 4 times greater an amount as compared to other filters.

Things to consider before buying Aquaguard water filter pitcher

It is slightly more expensive as compare to the other filters. However, the filter lasts longer and thus, you will not have to spend recurring money on the filter. Apart from that, it comes with the longest warranty which is lifelong replacement.

On the other hand, the flow rate of the water filter pitcher is slightly slower as compared to Brita. Make sure that your water source does not contain microorganisms as it does not filter them out. It can only remove particles larger than 2 microns.

PUR LED 11 Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

This water filter by PUR comes at surprisingly low rates as compared to its abilities of water filtration. It can actually hold up to 11 different cups of water. The pur maxion filter is constructed using BPA free materials only. All the components in this particular filter are food grated and so it is safe to wash them and use them again. It is a very environmental friendly option as compared to plastic bottled water.

The pur water filter is very effective as it uses a cartridge filter which can remove impurities and contaminants form the water source. Apart from that, it comes with a premium carbon filter which can remove 95% of harmful metals like mercury from the water. Besides that, it also removes 96% of the pharmaceuticals and even heavy metals from the drinking water.

The activated carbon filter is made out of different materials like heat treated coconut shells. They have a relative adsorption surface of 200,000 square feet. This is the reason that pur water filter is the best water filter. We spoke to a lot of real customers and figured that they do not expect water filter pitchers to work as water filtration system. They feel that pitchers would only remove usual contaminants form water.

However, pur water pitcher goes an extra mile and removes more than just bad taste, chlorine and only debris. The cartridge filters used by pur are based on a 3-step filtration technology. The water once poured inside, passes through a mesh. The tight mesh blocks all the larger contaminants from going down to your drinking water. After passing through the tight mesh, the water goes down to the carbon filter.

It is the best water filter pitcher as it contains a carbon filter which is made out of coconut shells. The filter contains a very porous surface. It might seem small to you at first, but you should remember that even a grain of treated carbon can offer up to 1000 square meters of porous surface. The next procedure includes the contaminants in the water are totally attracted to the carbon. It is a natural process and it is called as adsorption. The pur water filter is exactly based on that. Thus, they enter the porous surface instead of entering your drinking water.

The water also passes through a separate ion-exchange filter which removes the minerals that are responsible for lime scale build-ups. The different minerals comprise of magnesium and calcium. The ion exchange filter traps the resin beads by removing them from the water.

The remaining water which comes down is softer, cleaner and contains better taste. Drinking this water is any day healthier than drinking tap water. The cartridge filters of this pur water filter have a maximum filter capacity of 40 gallons. However, it does not contain a high filtering capacity and thus, you will have to change the filter frequently.

The pur water pitcher has capacity of 11 cups or 0.68 gallons. Although, you should understand the filtered water capacity is of 8 cups or 0.5 gallons. So, for your water consumption, you will have to refill it frequently.

Things you should consider buying PUR LED 11 Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

Pur water pitcher has a very slow filing time. It almost take an hour to fill up the water. Also, it only goes slower as the filter approaches its maximum filter capacity. The model of the pitcher has a LED light to notify the change of filters. Sometimes it is possible that the LED light might not work.

We also feel that the ion exchange filter that is used for softening the water can do a better job. The filter leaves it soft but, sometimes it leaves certain deposits.

Turapur Pitcher and Water Filter

It is a fairly new company. The brand promises that the water will taste and smell better. Drinking this water will leave you energized by giving you healthier joints and pretty skin. Turapur pitcher has two different types of water filtration system. All its pitchers are made out of BPA free plastic and it has a water filtration system in three stages. The first stage includes a NSF certified activated carbon filter. The second layer of the turapur water pitcher is with ion exchange resin which removes bad odour and improves the taste of the water. It will also soften you water.

Hydrogen is also present at this stage and thus, it is responsible for enriching water by using infrared ceramics, tourmaline and magnesium. The Turapur pitcher reviews are great as they produce water with 9 PH. The other good part is that it can fit your refrigerator perfectly. Also, you can take it outdoors to picnics and trips as well. This filter also does not require assembly or installation.

When we looked for Turapur pitcher reviews online, we did not find many as the product is relatively new. However, the few reviews that were available online were positive. People who have tried the water filter pitcher are satisfied with the product completely. The company has also made a lot of scientific claims and provided enough evidence for the performance and high quality of the product.

Some parts of the system are made from metallic magnesium. This metallic magnesium reacts with water and releases hydrogen gas. So, the latter dissolves in water within a minute. The reaction is possible only when the water is in cold surroundings. So, this indicates the water should be kept in cold surroundings only. There are other water filter jugs which are based on the same system like Turapur water pitcher. However, they have no certificate or guarantee of their safety.

One man who has reviewed the Turapur water pitcher said that it completely lives up to its advertisement. He said that he had increased inflammation in knees, hips, hands and elbows. After drinking water from the water filter pitcher he saw a great improvement in his condition. He used to consume a gallon of water every day.

What you should consider before buying the Turapur Pitcher and Filter

Everybody supports the theory of drinking water for your overall wellbeing. However, research shows that drinking alkaline water can be even more beneficial and thus, it is important to understand that Turapur pitcher gives you the alkaline water.

It comes with a 3 year warranty period as well. The filter also lasts for long. Apart from that, the filters are relatively cheap and they have great promotions and offers running on filter at all times.

BWT-Design water filter pitcher

It is one of the best water filter pitcher. It will enhance the quality of your drinking water with magnesium and will surely give a natural taste to your water. It is a big pitcher but there is no answer to how many cup the pitcher’s jug fill. Some say that an exact number of 8 cups can be filled while some claim that less than 8 cups are filled in the pitcher. This difference is because people from different countries measure it using different measuring cups.

The water filtration pitcher is made out of BPA free plastic material. The brand follows all the standards of clean craftsmanship and implements all the regulations properly. The filtration system is up to date but, it takes almost 30 seconds to acquire a clean jug of water. This system is quite impressive and thus, can be called as the best pitcher water filter.

However, it is important to remember that this filtration system is not capable of removing fluoride from its water. At the same time, many countries in the world do not have the presence of fluoride in the source of their drinking water. Although, it is important to remember that it is not the best tap water filter as tap water might have traces of fluoride in it depending on the region.

The average life of the BWT-Design water filter pitcher is about 40 gallons of water or 100 fills. It does not have a great filter like all the other water pitchers available. Make sure that you also clean the whole jug according to the instructions given to you by the manufacturer. If you fail to do that, the pitcher might release some sort of black bits in to the water if you are using it for the first time. The brand also recommends throwing away the water from the first two pitchers.

If the issue persists, then there is some problem with the filter and you will have to get it replaced or buy a new one. This issue only happens when the filter is cracked. There is a counter for the remaining life of the filter and so it is great and very helpful. It is a great kitchen water filter.

What to consider before buying a BWT-Design water filter pitcher

The filter releases those black particles when you use it for the very first time. You will have to understand that you will have to spare 10 minutes preparing the pitcher. This can be annoying for certain users. The design of the spout is also a bit uncomfortable as the water often leaks while pouring.

The good part is that it is cost effective. You can buy it if your source water does not include fluoride in it. It also has a quick filtration system after the initial 10 minutes setup. It is the best water filter for home as it has plenty of patented technology.

It is a good idea to buy this water filter jug as it is relatively user friendly. The filters are also budget friendly and thus, you can afford them changing again and again. There are minor issues but that can be worked through.

These were some of the best water filters for home. We have tried and reviewed one water filter pitcher for every need. So, if you are looking to drink water which as pure as possible then, you should opt for Zerowater filter pitcher. However, it is expensive and has a different taste. You will have to develop a good taste for the same.

If you require a filter which provides with alkaline water then, opt for Turapur water filter pitcher. It is new in the market but there is no harm trying it if you consider the real customer reviews.

Although, all the water filtration pitchers we reviewed, will remove some or the other contaminants and heavy metals from your tap water. Almost all of them are experts in removing chlorine from the water thereby enhancing the taste of your drinking water.

Also, you should understand that BWT-Design water filter pitcher and Brita’s long last filter both are cost effective. Brita also filters three time the water as compared to others. Also, it removes more number of heavy metals as compared to the basic brita pitchers. You will surely have to buy a Brita pitcher to go with it as they sell only the filter.

At the same time, Aquaguard pitcher and filter has lifelong guarantee on breakage. It also offers a very advanced filtration process which no other filtration system is able to offer. Thus, you will have to make a decision and choose the best portable water filter of your choice. Read the reviews carefully and make a choice based on that.

Who should buy a water filter pitcher?

Almost everyone should have a water filter pitcher as it enhances the quality of the water and delivers it to you in its purest form based on its system. The primary benefit of using a water filter jug is taste. Almost all of them remove chlorine from the water and thus, improves the taste of the water. It is important to understand that even the most harmless particles can hamper the taste of your water. If you minutely observer, you will be able to realise this. It does not matter if you are having water by itself or are consuming a cup of coffee by adding water into it.

Water filter pitchers can come to your rescue if you do not have a reverse osmosis system or other type of water filtration system at your house. Water filter pitchers are really easy and convenient way of having access to clean and purified drinking water. Also, it really depends on your geographical location too. If you are living in a place that has very poor source of tap water, then getting a water filtration system or water purifier pitcher is a wise choice.

It is a good idea to also research and study the type of contaminants and chemical that are present in your source water. This will surely help you decide on the type of filtration system you need to buy. All the water providers in US are strictly abided by the law to provide a consumer confidence report. This particular report lists all the different testing results. You can surely call your agency and ask for the same. It is available online at the EPA’s website as well.

At the same time, it is important to understand that the problems with your source water will definitely not show up in a regional test. For example, if the problem with your water is because of the plumbing it will not show. Also, if your supply of water is from a well or any other form of supply, you will have to get yourself tested on your own. It is good to get tested as only then you will be able to buy the best water filter faucet. It is not a good idea to randomly buy pitchers of water. You surely need to understand its functions and then research the contaminants and heavy metals in your existing source of drinking water. Only then you will be able to choose a proper water filtration system.

Also, all these water filter pitcher companies test a sample of your drinking water for free. It is because based on that they will be able to suggest a particular kind of product to you. You will get the complete report of the test on your mail. Although, do not completely rely on these tests and make a decision as these tests are for promotional gimmicks. It is merely done to convince you to buy their tap water filter or filtered water pitcher. Thus, instead of going for such tests, get it checked once for yourself. Then, you can let the water company re-test. In this way, you will be able to compare the results and make a better and informed decision.

Almost all the reputable filters will always be NSF certified. We have prepared a list of water pitcher filters that have some type of certification at least. Most of them have NSF certification for sure. Even if some have different certifications, they all remove some kind of harmful contaminants from the water for sure.

Getting a filter is a great idea for everyone as it further removes treatment additives like chlorine. Chlorine can be harmful and can also hamper the overall water drinking experience for you. It significantly affects the taste of your water. At the same time, filtered water will not build up mineral scale in your electric kettle and coffee maker as well.

Using a water filter pitcher is quite cost effective as compared to installing a complete osmosis reverse system. At the same time R.O systems waste a lot of water as they dump most down the drain. They also take up the valuable storage space in your kitchen which is available down the sink.

At the same time, please understand that none of the water filters in this list are capable of removing biological contamination. Also, none of them are certified for the same. Also, do not forget that if you get a boil water advisory for your area, you should make sure that you are boiling you water. Also let it cool down for a minute and then add it into the water filter pitcher. You need to follow this step even if you get the best water purification system.

Buying Guide for Water Filter Pitcher
What exactly are water filter pitchers?

They are basically self-contained and fully functioning water pitchers which produce clean and filtered drinking water. They come with a container which has a different capacity of holding volumes of water depending on the capacity of the same. The best water filters are usually made of lid. Depending on the model, there are two or three different filters in the water purification jar.

How do water filter pitchers exactly work?

Almost all water pitcher filters use an activated carbon filter and a cartridge filter. It is used to block the contaminants from going in the drinking water. When you will pour water in your pitcher of water, it will first pass through the filter. This is the stage where contaminants are removed. It so happens that some pitchers have two filters. One for the big particles and one for the smaller ones.

After this process is done, the water then slowly starts draining in to the actual container. A bypass stem is available in the container which allows you to pour water in the glass without touching the filters again.

What is a carbon filter?

It is basically produced from coconut shells, lignite, coal, petroleum pitch or wood. The activated carbon is produced using different procedures.

Physical activation through Carbonization

In this process, the source material is activated between temperatures like 600 degrees to 900 degrees. This process is done in an inert atmosphere with the presence of nitrogen or oxygen. You can filter buy such carbon filters for filtered water.

Physical activation through Oxidation

In this process, the source material is exposed to steam or oxygen. The temperature ranges between 600-1200 degrees C.

Chemical Activation

This process is different as it based on the manufacturer. Thus, every brand would have a different procedure of it. However, the principle procedure remains the same. The source material is impregnated with different chemicals before the source material is carbonized. The chemicals used in this procedure are very strong and include acids, bases and also salt. Many companies are seen using potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, calcium chloride and zinc chloride for this procedure.

The raw material of the water pitcher filter is easily activated due to impregnation. The carbonization temperatures in this process are low which range around 450-900 C. This is the reason many manufacturers prefer chemical activation over the physical one. It is an easier process as the temperatures are lower and the activation time is shorter. Thus, the costs are also cheaper.

How a Carbon Filter works?

Usually all activated carbon filters work on the natural phenomena of adsorption. Adsorption is a very natural tendency which is found in atoms in liquid, atoms in gases and in dissolved solid surfaces. These all entities basically adhere to a solid surface.

The activated charcoal has a very porous surface and so, it is used to make water pitcher filters. It also has lots of nook and crannies on its surface which allow a lot of space. This space allows the ions to enter by trapping them inside. Activated carbon also has high porosity and so just a gram of activated carbon offers an adsorption surface of 32,000 square feet.

When the water enters the filter of the tap water filter or any other filter for that matter, most of the ions of the contaminants will adhere to the surface and no go through the jar in the filtered water.

Thus, after a certain period of time, the surface of the carbon filter is eventually filled with particles and contaminants. Thus, the filter will lose its ability to trap new contaminants and so, you will have to continue changing the carbon filter of any water filtration jug.

Cartridge Water Filters

Some of the water filtration systems use cartridge filters instead of carbon filters. It is a more advanced type of filter which is used by the manufacturers. Cartridge filters for sure contain carbon filters but, they have other systems running at the same time as well.

Some of the water purification systems, contain cartridges which run through 7 different filtration stages. They use systems like ion exchange resins, activated carbon, mineral balls, and tourmaline to filter the water.

Ion exchange resins are tiny beads of resins which are filled with sodium particles. When a magnesium particle or calcium particle comes across this bead, they are immediately attracted to its surface and so, completely adhere to it. The sodium contained in the bead is immediately exchanged to a new particle and the magnesium and calcium are totally trapped. The sodium in these beads is in small quantity and so is released to the filtered water. Since, it is in small quantities, you cannot really tell.

The mineral balls present in the cartridge filters nourish your water with minerals. When the filtration is carried out, the water sometimes is filtered with good minerals as well. This makes the water mineral deficient and thus lowers its quality. So, the mineral balls come to the rescue by solving this problem. This increases the nutritional value of the filtered water and makes it healthy to drink.

Tourmaline which is present in this cartridges is basically a mineral which has the capability of running current in the water. This current completely resonates with the far infrared spectrum of the water. This procedure helps in water molecules to resonate with far infrared spectrum frequencies. These frequencies are in sync with your body and so your metabolism will increase after consuming the water treated with tourmaline.

How to Choose the Best Water Purifier

There are a lot of different criteria that can be considered before making a purchase of the water pitcher jug.

Jug Material

Many pitchers are made of plastic which makes it quite cost effective. Also, a lot of different designs can be done with plastic as well. At the same time, low quality plastic jar can be hazardous to health. Although, all the water filtration pitchers are made from high quality BPA free materials.

However, this is the first thing that you should check while buying a water jug as you need to avoid the toxic materials that the jug will throw from its plastic.

Filter Life

This is an aspect that you should totally consider before buying a water filtration system. However, cost effective is you system, if the filter need to be replaced frequently, it is of no use. This will actually increase your recurring cost drastically. Also, check the price of the filter beforehand only.

A good filter is one which requires you to change its filters every 2 to 3 months only. If someone is claiming for 4 to 6 months, it is even better. So, check for this criteria properly as your buying can be based on this.


Capacity is the sole thing while buying water filtration pitcher. If you are a single member in the house, then buy a pitcher accordingly. Also at the same time, if you are a family, you will have to check on the volume of the best water filtration pitchers accordingly.

Longer capacity is always good as you do not have to repeatedly continue filling the pitcher. You might consider buying a 5 cup jug for 3 people but, the best thing to do is buy a 10 cup water filter pitcher as it will help you avoid a lot of nuisance. A few minutes of process might not sound like a lot but, if you have to repeatedly do it with your routine, it can get really irritating.

Ease of use and cleaning

A container of pure filtered water would also need proper cleaning to avoid bacteria, algae and other unhealthy particles which are stuck on the filter or the pitcher. It can potentially pollute your drinking water.

Thus, you need to choose a water filter pitcher which has a simple design and so, it will be easier for you to clean.


Thus, there were some of the tips about the water purification pitchers which you need to take in to consideration. Also, the products that we have listed will help you to buy the best water pitcher and filter without any doubts.

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