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What’s better than waffles for breakfast? Healthy and delicious! Waffles with jam, fruits, chocolate, and cream. But making waffles is such a pain, right? It is a never-ending struggle, to find the right waffle maker, the perfect batter and what not. But not anymore!

2019 has brought along with it a wide variety of waffle makers that are a dream come true for every waffle lover out there. We bring to you the best waffle makers in the market that makes way for hassle-free waffle making sessions!

Let us take a look at all the amazing products that have made it to the review list.

#1 – Oster-Flip Nonstick Belgian Waffle Maker Iron

  • Power – 1080 watts
  • Dimensions – 14.8 x 8 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight – 5.05 pounds
  • Warranty – 1-Year limited warranty

The Oster-Flip Nonstick Belgian Waffle Maker is a wish-granting factory for all waffle lovers out there. One of the finest products of the range, it is a delightful product you wouldn’t want to miss out on. And no, it is not going to burn a hole in your pocket!

An amazing waffle maker that makes the crispiest of waffles and comes at an affordable rate. Now, isn’t that the perfect combination?

It is definitely one of the best waffle makers in the market and has become an instant hit among its users. Its unique features like the adjustable temperature control for light and crispy waffles, easy-to-clean non-stick surface, and durable chrome housing are making it to every kitchen.

A closer look at the masterpiece:

The design and capacity

This ‘straight out of your dreams’ product is not only easy-to-use and affordable but also has a stylish chrome design. It is available in two colors – Black and Silver, both of which look will look great in your kitchen.

It has a strong chrome housing, which makes it extremely durable. Also, it has a black trim for a base and a cool-touch handle. It has a space-saving, vertical storage design that simplifies storage. It’s sleek, vertical design not only gives it an amazing appearance but also occupies less storage space.

The waffle maker has a height of 6.5 inches and weighs 5.05 pounds. It has a diameter of 6.75 inches and makes 1” thick Belgian-style waffles. It gives you crispy waffles in just 5 minutes! It’s indicator lights signal when the waffle maker has reached the desired temperature and make the process easier. This way, you can make waffles according to your own preference, soft or crispy.

Let us go through its characteristics in detail to know why it’s a must buy.

Impeccable features

As the name suggests, this waffle maker has a flip operation that lets you rotate the pan easily so the batter fully coats surface to facilitate the making of even waffles. Oh, and that is a must for every waffle lover. The flip feature ensures that there is no uncooked batter, and uniformity in color and proper texture throughout.

Its adjustable temperature control feature makes it an ideal waffle maker suited to your own taste.

The cool-touch handle along with a release button is a very useful feature as it provides a firm grip and also prevents burns. Thus, easy and safe comes hand in hand with this product.

It also has a removable drip tray system which not only prevents liquid dripping but also makes it super easy to clean the waffle maker after use. The non-stick plates are also an added bonus to the mess-free cleaning process.

Making waffles become easier like never before! All these features might sound a little technical, but honestly, they’ll make your work a lot easier than you can ever imagine. Who knew making waffles could be so easy and efficient?  And I’m sure you never came across a machine that not only gives you the best of waffles so easily, and smoothly without you having to worry about the cleaning up bit.


  • Strong chrome built
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Cool-touch handle for easy grip
  • Indicator lights when the desired temperature is acquired
  • Flip operation for evenly cooked waffles
  • Drip tray that makes cleaning easier
  • Takes less storage space – vertical design


  • Plates are not lockable when you open them
  • Waffle sizes are relatively smaller


The Oster-Flip Nonstick Belgian Waffle Maker is an ideal waffle maker which is not only simple to use but also affordable. Its strong built, easy to use features make it one of the best of its kind. If you can avoid the very few negatives, then look no further because you won’t find a better waffle maker at such an amazing price.

#2 – Krups GQ502D Belgian waffle maker

  • Power – 1200 watts
  • Dimensions – 12.6 x 6.7 x 16.5 in
  • Weight – 9.1 pounds
  • Warranty – 2 years


Krups GQ502D Belgian Waffle Maker is a product you will not mind spending a fortune for. It makes amazing waffles and is easily one of the finest products of its range. And the best part? it won’t upset your budget. You will definitely want to own one, once you know why it is chosen by all.

Its consistently great and tasty looking waffles, that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, makes it an all-time-favorite.

This is one of the best models of the Krups brand and is creating a wave in the market. Making four waffles at a time, it comes with brilliant features like audible alerts, adjustable browning settings, and stainless steel housing.

That’s not all, there’s so much more to this brilliantly made product!

So, let’s move on to the characteristics of this magnificent waffle maker.

The design and capacity

This Krups Belgian Waffle Maker can make upto 4 waffles at a time, making it extremely easy to serve to a group of people. This makes waffle making such a convenient and a fast process!

Also, it is an extremely stylish model with stainless steel housing making it very sturdy, durable and gives it a classy look! and is available in two colors – Black and Silver. It will definitely fit into your kitchen like the missing piece of the puzzle, and that too without taking much space!

It also has a cord wrap and handle lock for convenient storage. You can store it either vertically, or horizontally to save storage space. This waffle maker, with a height of 16.5 inches and weight of 9.1 pounds, is compact and will take almost no space in your kitchen cabinet, all `thanks to its sleek and intelligent design.

Let us see what sets this dreamy waffle maker a class apart.

Easy cooking

It makes crispy waffles that are 1” thick with deep pockets, with dimensions of 4”x4”.Its indicator lights and audible alerts make waffle making such a fun task. Besides, it has five browning levels, from light to dark, depending on how we would want our waffles. Trust this product to give you the perfect waffles, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, that too in 7 minutes!

One of its most interesting and useful feature is it’s own, ready to bake and ready to eat indicators along with audible alerts. It ensures that your waffles are perfectly cooked and makes sure you don’t have to keep hanging around there to check on your waffles. The beep of the indicator makes it an extremely easy process. All you have to do is put the batter, set the temperature and then wait for the sound of happiness!

It has removable die-cast square plates along with a non-stick coating that is dishwasher safe and makes cleaning such a hassle-free process. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning the device once you’re done. Gone are the days of complicated machines that make cleaning up such a monotonous process, the non-stick coating not only provides an easy food release, but also an effortless cleaning process!

It also has a wrap-around cord and a locking lid which makes storage easy and gives it an edge over others. It is easy to carry, easy to store and also takes minimum space!

It is a very reliable machine that offers quality waffles, and is definitely going to become one of your favorite kitchen products, thanks to its amazing features that make it super easy to cook waffles!

And yes, these features are as easy as they sound. Cooking waffles have now become a cakewalk, but thanks to the extraordinary and user-friendly features of this Krups Belgian Waffle Maker that we can have the tastiest waffles ever!


  • Stainless steel housing
  • 5 browning levels, from light to dark
  • Indicator lights with audible alerts
  • Can cook four waffles at a time
  • Removable die-cast plates for easy cleaning
  • Sleek design, cord wrap and handle lock ensure less storage space


  • Heavy with over 9 pounds
  • Uneven cooking at times


Krups GQ502D Belgian waffle maker is a great product and has features that make it one of the best waffle makers of 2019. Inexpensive, and its state of the art features make it extremely popular in the market. If weight is not an issue, and you have the budget, then care to look nowhere else. There is a reason why it has made its name in the market. You’ll surely know why once you see it, and taste its waffles. It is definitely going to live up to your expectations!

#3 – Hamilton Beach Round Waffle Maker

  • Power – 800 watts
  • Dimensions – 14.88 x 9.9 x 9.1 inches
  • Weight – 6.35 pounds
  • Warranty – 1-Year limited warranty

The Hamilton Beach Round Waffle Maker is everything that you expect from a perfect waffle maker. It is certainly here to stay, top a few more charts and create a storm in the market. And the best part? You get the most amazing features in affordable prices!

Its excellent features like browning control, cool handle, and easy cleanup along with the sleek and stylish design makes it a top contender. It is highly in demand because of its modern features, and a cost that won’t drill a hole in your wallet. The features it offers will make you realize that it is a value for its price.

This Beach Round Waffle Maker is one of Hamilton’s most reliable and quality products, and it’s gaining massive popularity.

This exceptional waffle maker is a must-have, especially for its design and features!  

Design and Capacity

It is a chic-looking waffle maker which has made its name on the list and the market. A very modern and stylish looking equipment, its black and silver body is not only sturdy but also comes with features of great utility.

Made with brushed stainless steel and high-quality plastics, it is an extremely sturdy and durable machine. It certainly has a long life. It also has a cool-touch handle for the prevention of injuries, which is also foldable and makes storage easy. It is compact and doesn’t occupy much space on the counter or cabinet.

The waffle maker has a height of 9.1 inches and weighs 6.35 pounds, and takes approximately 1” thick waffles with a diameter of about 6 ½”. The waffles can be made crispy or fluffy, depending on your taste, owing to the adjustable browning feature of the waffle maker. Oh, how can you forget the advanced heating technology where you can set a desired temperature and cook waffles according to your convenience.

No more worrying about the type or kind of waffles you eat because they will always be in accordance to your taste.

Now let us delve into the working and functioning of the product.


Hamilton Beach Round Waffle Maker is one of the finest product of its line. Its flip feature makes even, crispy waffles, just like restaurant ones! The flip functioning of this waffle maker specifically ensures that the waffles cooked evenly on all the sides. The five browning levels help make the perfect waffles, that are the right amount of crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Its advanced heating technology ensures that you get the best quality waffles. The waffles are in accordance with your taste, depending upon the settings you select…

It comes with on and ready indicator lights that indicate when to turn the machine on and when to add the batter. This makes cooking such an easy and convenient process, isn’t it? It has deep grooved waffle grid design that is specialized in handling all types of batter, making the best waffles irrespective of the batter.

It has a simple clean-up process which is facilitated by removable waffle grids that are dishwasher safe. The drip tray provides prevention from leakage and helps during the cleaning process. The drip tray also catches batter and avoids mess.
So it makes sure that apart from cooking easily, you can clear the clutter easily too. No more hassle-free clean-ups after cooking.

These features make it very convenient to bake waffles and ensure that the waffles are just what you need. These features of the Hamilton Beach Round Waffle Maker make it one of the very best waffle makers available in the market right now.


  • Flip operation for crispy and thick waffles
  • Advanced heating technology for even cooking and browning
  • Adjustable browning control that gives crispy or fluffy waffles, from light to dark
  • Cool- touch foldable handle providing compact storage
  • Power on and ready to cook indicator lights for easy cooking
  • Removable grids are dishwasher safe and comes with drip tray
  • Brushed stainless steel housing which ensures durability


  • The cord is a little short – 26” long


Hamilton Beach Round Waffle Maker is an all-rounder, with all the features required to make great waffles easily. If you don’t mind the price, then it is undeniably one of the best waffle makers out in the market. It is an ideal waffle maker, with all the features you will ever need. Its flip operation, browning levels, and stylish design make it an all-time favorite. It will leave you extremely satisfied, and will instantly become one of your most trusted products.

#4 – Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker (WMR-CA) – ( Best Budget Pick & Compact Waffle Maker )

  • Power – 1000 watts
  • Dimensions – 11 x 8.5 x 4 inches
  • Weight – 3.86 pounds
  • Warranty – 3-Year  warranty

Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker (WMR-CA) is an extremely reliable product that is equally economical. Very light on your pocket, you’re definitely going to love this one even more for the extensive features that it offers. It has already made for itself a huge fan base, thanks to its smooth functioning and amazing looks!

It has become one of the most favorite waffle makers because of its impeccable features like regulating thermostats, five browning levels, non-stick plates and brushed stainless steel housing. Its cost, as well as its compact nature and sleek design, are definitely the best on the list. If these are your priorities, then this will become one of your hot favorites!

It makes crunchy, golden brown waffles, perfect for your everyday breakfast. What else can you ask for? It is a perfect combination of good looks, affordable prices and delivers delicious waffles!

But what makes it one of your best bets?

Design and capacity

Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker (WMR-CA) with its brushed stainless steel covers is not only sturdy and durable but a handsome looking machine that will definitely add grace to your kitchen. The model is available in silver color, which will go with any kind of decor.

It has a round non-stick cook plate that is divided into four quarters that bakes a traditional style, large waffle. The waffle maker with a height of 4 inches, and weighs 3.86 pounds, and makes waffles that are ½” thick and 7” in diameter. You can customize the waffles according to your taste with the help of the 5 browning controls.

It also has provisions for wrapping cord at the base and special grooves to plug prongs, both of which support the compact storage feature of the waffle maker. Also, the special latching mechanism ensures a closed lid during storage.

Apart from the intelligent design, the product has some really useful features that will make you want to own this product right away!

Special Features

Waffles can be cooked very easily, thanks to its indicator lights which signal whenever the waffle maker is one, ready to bake, and two, when the waffles are ready to eat. Also, there are five settings to control the browning of the waffles from light to golden deep brown. Its regulating thermostat also helps you attain the desired color and texture by setting the suitable temperature. So, you can have your waffles according to your preference, and without any hassles.

It also has a weighted lid that does not rise up when the waffles are cooking, thus ensuring undisturbed baking of waffles. It has rubber feet that keep the machine steady and do not create any marks or scratches on the kitchen countertop.

It also has non-stick baking plates which provide a quick and simple cleaning process and makes removal of food crumbs extremely easy. So there’s no fretting about the cleaning up even after the baking is over.

It also has a recipe book that can help you make new varieties of waffles. So are you ready to put on your baking gloves and rule the kitchen?

All these features combined, give you a complete package that provides you with every essential tool to make the most delicious waffles. This waffle maker is an all-time favorite that promises to deliver the best quality waffles and has really interesting features at the same time.


  • One large, traditional-style waffle can be baked
  • Five setting browning control for crispy or fluffy waffles
  • Regulating thermostat for proper cooking of waffles
  • “Ready to bake” and “ready to eat” red/green lights
  • Non-stick baking plates that make food release easy
  • Cord can be wrapped under the bottom for easy storage
  • Brushed stainless steel housing which make it sturdy


  • Heating up can take a long time


Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker (WMR-CA) is a fine product and is particularly useful if you want to go for a compact waffle maker. Its features are perfect if you’re looking for a low budget waffle maker, that will take up less space and produce amazing, crispy waffles. This product is not only promising to look at, but also delivers satisfactory results. It is undoubtedly one of the best waffle makers of 2019

, and you will surely fall for it once you begin to use it!

#5 – Chef’s Choice WafflePro Classic Belgian (840B)

Main features of the product

  • Power – 1100 watts
  • Dimensions – 12×12.75×5.25 inches
  • Weight – 5.15 pounds
  • Warranty – 1-Year limited warranty

Yet another stunning product on the list, Chef’s Choice WafflePro Classic Belgian (840B) is yet THE waffle maker that is grabbing eyes for its exemplary features. Though a little heavy on the pocket, it offers great quality, and you’ll absolutely want to bring this beauty home at any cost!

It makes absolutely scrumptious waffles, though it works best when the batter is thick. But it has features that will make you forget everything and buy it immediately.

It has some remarkable features like its Unique Quad baking system, indicator lights with audible alerts, instant temperature recovery along with its stylish look. It has become one of the most purchased waffle makers already and is a strong contender!

This is just a beginning, this waffle maker has a lot in store for you. So without much delay, let us get into the details of the product.

Design and capacity

This high tech waffle maker is not only efficient in its functions but is also an equally attractive model that will make your kitchen look classier.

With a stainless steel body, it is highly durable and sturdy to use, available in black, it is one of the smartest looking pieces in the market. It has an evergreen design, that will make your kitchen countertop look elegant.

It also has a built-in cord storage compartment, which makes it very easy to store the waffle maker in a small storage space. Thus,it is space-saving and compact.

Unique Baking System

This machine is magic, it produces the most palatable waffles in less than 90 seconds. Perfect for hasty situations even otherwise. After all, who wouldn’t want their food being served in 90 seconds!

Its Unique Quad Baking System allows you to make the ideal waffle by selecting the flavor, texture as well the color of your choice. The waffle that you make using this maker will be a customized version, according to your preference. The flavor lets you retain the aroma, choose between a crispy exterior and deep baked texture. It also lets you decide a color varying from golden to brown. It has an instant temperature recovery, which further makes sure that you get the top quality waffles.

It also has a unique advanced ‘floating’ top plate that ensures that the waffles are evenly baked and that the thickness is uniform. The floating lid also guarantees an easy clean-up each time after use.

Apart from this, it has a regular indicating signal that tells when the waffle is ready to be baked, or when the waffle has been baked. It also has audio alerts which make the cooking process a lot easier.

It contains a non-stick deep channel griddle and an easy-clean overflow channel, both of which make this machine easier to operate,  and provides a hassle-free waffle baking session.

These features may sound a bit complicated, but they will make work very simple. Waffle making will now become a hobby since the process is so easy and fun!

These completely new, and useful features make it a trendy and a reliable pick. This waffle maker is undoubtedly the most different, and one of the most reliable products in the market.


  • Makes delicious waffles in less than 90 seconds
  • Has an instant temperature recovery
  • Indicator lights and audible alerts for easy cooking
  • Has a Unique Quad Baking System that helps make the ideal waffles
  • Easy cleanup facility
  • Compact design – takes less storage space
  • Sturdy stainless steel housing which makes it durable


  • Requires thick batter, hence less versatile


An extremely reliable product, this machine can make the most ideal waffles, owing to its Unique Quad Baking System. It has some really different features which simplify the process overall. If the cons can be ignored, and if the cost of this masterpiece does not disturb your budget, then you should definitely consider this product. You will not regret your decision as this waffle maker is bound to make you more than happy.

What’s better than waffles for breakfast? Healthy and delicious! Waffles with jam, fruits, chocolate, and cream. But making waffles is such a pain, right? It is a never-ending struggle, to find the right waffle maker, the perfect batter and what not. But not anymore! 2019 has brought along with it a wide variety of waffle…

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