Best Sound Machines 2019

Have you had sleepless nights? The ones where the background noise around is too much to let you sleep peacefully. And the worst part of such noises is that you can’t really stop them. How can you stop your noisy neighbours from creating  a ruckus, or cars from honking?

But you don’t have to worry anymore because we’re going to tell you all about Sound Machines which are made for this very purpose, to mask any annoying sounds that can prevent you from sleeping soundly. Sound machines will make sure that you get the best of environment so that you can sleep without any disturbance. The product is a perfect buy especially if you have infants who are not able to sleep properly, or elders who have ringing ears and need something soothing before they can finally sleep.

And don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the various sound machines out there in the market. We’ll help you buy the perfect one, as we present to you the Best Sound Machines of 2019.

#1 – Avantek White Noise Sound Machine

Dimensions- 3.9 x 3.9 x 2.4 inches

Weight – 0.6125 pounds

Warranty – 18 month warranty


The Avantek White Noise Sound Machine is a fine product that completely obstructs unwanted noise ensuring that you sleep well. It is an excellent machine that is highly efficient and creates a soothing environment for undisturbed sleep.

It has amazing features, ones that will make you love it. It is easy to use, comes with a lot of specifications keeping in mind all conditions. It may seem a little expensive, but it is totally worth all the money. High quality and the latest technology makes it an instant hit among the users.

Let us discuss the features of this brilliant model that will help you make a decision faster!


Avantec White Noise Sound Machine is an excellent model that has plenty of features. It comes with basic twenty different soothing sounds: six kinds of white noise, six different fan sounds, around eight nature sounds that include ocean wave, rain, wind, stream, birds, crickets, campfire and clock. All these sounds are non looping, natural,soothing, authentic and free of scratches, which help you mask all the annoying noises in the background, thus creating an atmosphere ideal for sleep, relaxation and focus on study or work.

Also, it offers a wide range of volumes with 30 levels, the maximum of which can reach up to 115 dB. So you’re sure to find the desirable volume settings for yourself, as you have a wide range to choose from.

It has a user friendly auto timer as which will enable you to set a time when you want the sound machine to shut down automatically, according to your preference. You can set it any time between 1-7 hours. When the time is up, the sound will fade away eventually without causing any disturbance or inconvenience.

With the dimensions of 3.9 x 3.9 x 2.4 inches and a weight of 0.6125 pounds, it is is extremely lightweight, compact and portable. You can easily carry it around. It is small and can be kept in a briefcase, travel bag and you can use it in the office as well as home.

Now let us discuss a feature that sets it apart from the others.

Memory Function

The Avantek White Noise Sound Machine has an extremely interesting feature, it automatically records and saves your previous volume settings, sound and timer.

It offers a wide range of volumes with 30 levels, the maximum of which can reach up to 115 dB so you are sure to find the right volume setting for you.  Now this machine helps you to recall the last setting that you had selected according to your preferences. So you don’t have to set your preferable choices every time you use the sound machine as the device remembers it. This feature makes this model an easy to use and convenient product.


  • It has 20 soothing sounds that provides you a peaceful environment
  • Has 30 volume options to help you choose the desirable settings
  • Comes with an auto off sleep timer
  • Has a memory function that automatically adjusts to your previous settings
  • Compact design which can be carried anywhere
  • It also contains a power adapter and USB cable included


  • It does not contain a battery backup
  • No headphone output available


Avantek White Noise Sound Machine is simply one of the best sound machines you’ll come across. It has high quality, some brilliant features, and a budget that won’t kill you. It comes with a great sound masking feature, auto timer and other facilities that will make your work simpler. It is a classy model and has most of the essential features that you might be looking for. If this product lies in your budget, and if you’re not looking for something too specific, then this is the product you need to buy. This efficient and reliable model will definitely keep you happy!

#2 – HoMedics Sound Spa SS-2000

Dimensions- 6.5 x 6 x 2 inches

Weight – 0.5 pounds

Warranty –  1 year warranty


HoMedics Sound Spa SS-2000 is simply one of the best Sound Machines in the market. It is definitely a great buy if you’re looking for a Sound Machine that can help you get a good sleep without burning a hole in your pocket. It is affordable and will lie in your budget.

But its price has got nothing to do with its features. It comes with the best of features that will fulfill your requirements. It is easy to use, stylish looking and has high technology that makes it an all-time favourite. Wait till you hear more about this machine. You’ll want to buy it too!

Let us now delve into the specifications of this model without wasting another minute.


Homedics Sound Spa SS-2000 is pure brilliance. It is a great product that offers some really amazing features. It has 6 digitally recorded soothing sounds to choose from – White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night, and Brook. The Sound Spa’s sounds are such that they provide authenticity and mimic the nature to provide the most peaceful environment possible.

The Sound Spa also has an adjustable volume control to help you achieve the perfect volume according to your choice. This adjustable feature will ensure that you get the desirable volume.

It has an auto-off timer that can be set for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. The best thing about this timer is that you can set it for as less as 15 minutes. This is an excellent provision for conservation of energy. Also it is a very convenient option for you or your little ones.

With dimensions of 6.5 x 6 x 2 inches and a weight of 0.5 pounds, the Sound Spa Sleep Sound Machine is extremely small and lightweight. It can be easily kept in a bag or suitcase making it the ideal for travelling purposes. You’ll never want to be without it.

Now let us discuss about its USP, its power settings.

Power Settings

The SoundSpa supports multiple power settings.It can be plugged into a wall outlet with its adapter which is included with the Sound Machine. You can easily charge your Sound Machine if you have a wall outlet nearby. But in case of emergency, if you do not have a wall outlet, you can still charge your Sound Machine. You can also charge your machine using 4 ‘AA’ batteries when running out of power and are unable to find a socket. This ensures that your Sound Machine is never out of battery.


  • It has 6 soothing sounds that are designed to mimic the natural environment
  • Has an Adjustable Volume Control  to help you get the desired sound
  • Has an auto-off timer which can be set for as less as 15 minutes
  • It can be powered by 4AA batteries as well
  • Has a compact design which can be used for travel purposes
  • It comes with a wall outlet  power adapter


  • Does not contain a headphone output
  • Relatively less sounds to choose from


HoMedics Sound Spa is undoubtedly the best sound machine when it comes to value for money. One of the least expensive models, it offers a great deal of features that will definitely cater to all your demands. An all rounder, it offers a wide range of sounds, and has all the basic latest features in order to make it super convenient for you. It is affordable, light, easy to carry, easy to use and has all the essential features, what else can one ask for? If you’re looking for a low budget all rounder machine, then stop right here. This will definitely become your favourite in almost no time!

#3 – LectroFan

Dimensions- 4.4 x 4.4 x 2.2 inches

Weight – 1.2 pounds

Warranty –  1 year warranty


LectroFan is a great model that is long lasting and reliable. It has an excellent sound masking quality and ensures that you sleep soundly without even the slightest of disturbance. The product is built to last, it oozes durability and sturdiness. It has a wide variety of sounds that helps you sleep better.

It is relatively more expensive than the other sound machines, but for people with quality and endurance on their priority, this machine is a dream come true. It is worth all the money, in fact much more. Comes with incredible features, and an easy to use mechanism, this product is definitely a hit in the market.

Let us now study its functions and features in detail to give you a better insight.


LectroFan is a outstanding Sound Machine that performs its function of masking unwanted sounds with utmost efficiency. It comes with ten different fan sounds and ten  different ambient noise variations, including white, pink, and brown noise. The sounds are of high quality that successfully blocks all the annoying background noises. All these sounds make sure that you get a relaxing, soothing and peaceful environment for sound sleep.

It also has a Precise Volume Control that allows you to set the perfect level for your unique environment. This feature makes sure that you get the exact volume setting that you desire, and that you don’t have to settle for a volume nearly the same as you want, but you get precisely the one that you want.

The machine has a dimension of 4.4 x 4.4 x 2.2 inches and weighs 1.2 pounds. it has a safe, solid-state design which makes it robust, and gives it long lasting features. It is a very durable and and a reliable model. And this model comes in a FFP i.e. Frustration  Free Packaging. It is also powered by AC and USB.

Now we will discuss a feature of this Sound Machine that you won’t find in the rest.

No Moving Part

LectroFan is 100% digital, and as it says, it’s better than ‘Fan in a box’. With Advanced Sleep technology that has outdated approach of using a mechanical fan in enclosed in a machine and provided with just a few speeds for audio variety, LectroFan is definitely much more improved and has benefits of being digital. It’s 100% electronic, with no motor, fan or any other internal moving parts. You get a much more enhanced variety of sounds, which are reproduced digitally via a large, high fidelity speaker. This increases the quality of sound production and helps mask the unwanted noises better.


  • It comes with 20 soothing sounds to suit your requirements
  • Precise Volume Control  to help you create the perfect environment
  • It can be powered by AC or USB
  • 100% digital with no moving parts thus producing high quality sound\
  • Has a safe, solid-state design making it durable
  • Comes in a frustration free packaging
  • It comes with a wall outlet  power adapter


  • Does not contain a headphone output
  • No battery backup available


If you want  a durable machine that also offers great features, and a one that has a great sound masking ability then you really need to consider this product. It has a variety of sounds, wall outlet adaptor and is 100% digital. It is moderately expensive, but not the kind that will burn a hole in your pocket, and if you want your sound machine to last longer than the rest, you gotta invest! And don’t worry, you will definitely end up loving this machine, thanks to its efficiency, and user friendly functions that makes it one of the topmost products in the market at this point.

#4 – Sound+Sleep

Dimensions- 7.5 x 5.5 x 4.5 inches

Weight – 2 pounds

Warranty –  1 year warranty


Sound+Sleep is a definitely one of the best sound machines available right now. It has too many features to be true. It comes with all the latest features you can think of. It is an amazing model that is ruling charts right now owing to its great efficiency and a wide variety of features making it so convenient and reliable.

Its features make it an expensive product, but honestly, it is still not much for a product as brilliant as this one. It has high quality sound blocking system, and other technologies make it the most highly advanced sound machine on the list with almost all the latest features. And they’re added for convenience of the users, which makes it trending product in the market.

We’ll just give you a description of the product and you’ll understand why we say so!


Sound+Sleep is undoubtedly the most highly advanced Sound Machine on the list. It comes with completely different set of features, one that sets it apart from the other Sound Machines. It has 30 rich and captivating non-recurring sound environments for better sleep, relaxation, and sound blocking.Unlike other sound machines, Sound+Sleep uses naturally recorded, high-definition sounds that are around 30 minutes in length, and it also cancels out all audio repetition for natural real-world sound environments.

It also has an optional sleep timer which gently reduces the volume after 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes to allow you to drift off to sleep. So the auto off timer ensures that you can sleep soundly while saving energy, as well as making it convenient by automatically switching off the sound machine according to the time you set.

This sound machine comes with a Front panel lighting that automatically dims for distraction-free rest. So you don’t have to worry about waking up in complete darkness, but the light also fades away automatically so that there is no disturbance while you are asleep. Also, this highly advanced model consists of a 3.5mm audio connector which you can use with your own headphones or speakers in order for relaxation and peace, especially in public places.

Now let us discuss its unique feature, which will not be found in any other sound machine.

Adaptive Sound Feature

Sound+Sleep comes with an Adaptive Sound Feature that listens to your sounds in your surroundings and responds instantly by adjusting the audio volume accordingly. So basically, this machine has this smart feature where you don’t have to set the volume and other features, your sound machine will analyse the background noises and will provide you with the most favourable settings.


  • It comes with 30 calming sounds to mask all the unwanted noises
  • Has an Adaptive Sound Technology that automatically adjusts the settings according to the environment
  • Has real, non-looping nature sounds unlike other sound machines
  • Has a Sound Richness Control for deeper and more complex sound profile
  • It has an optional sleep timer as well
  • Front panel lighting which dims automatically
  • 3.5mm audio connector which can be used with your own headphones or speakers


  • Relatively bulky, not easy to carry
  • No battery backup available


Sound+sleep is definitely the most advanced sound machine when it comes to having the latest features. It is built to satisfy all your needs, and provides the most complex of functions that you may not find in other machines. Definitely, all of this comes at a cost. This is the most expensive machine on the list, but if you require a machine that is smart, does all  the work for you and has a brain of its own, then go for it. You’re going to be proud of the investment that you make right now!

#5 – HemingWeigh White Noise Sound Machine

Dimensions- 6 x 6 x 5 inches

Weight – 2.5 pounds

Warranty – 6 months exchange guaranteed


The HemingWeigh White Noise Sound Machine is a fine product that has great sound masking features. It has compact and stylish looks, and comes with great features too! It offers real air sounds to help you drift off to sleep and also comes with specifications that will definitely match with your idea of a perfect sound machine.

Comes at a great cost, this machine will lie in your budget and will not make your pocket light. This product is made to suit every other requirement, from budget to features and to looks. It has some great features that make it much more convenient than the others, while continuing to perform its basic function at par with other sound machines.

We are in love with this beauty, and we’ll talk about this product in detail to let you know exactly why.


The HemingWeigh White Noise Sound Machine is a product of great durability and reliability. It is highly efficient and provides excellent masking from annoying sounds that prevent you from sleeping it has real air – real sounds: all natural sound of rushing air in the form of white noise which provides a comforting environment.

It also has 2 speed operations for a greater sound range. So you can set your volume settings according to your convenience. Its sound range and and production quality makes it a very effective model and hence it is an effective sound masking machine that prevents the background noise from disrupting your sleep.

The product boasts an expert craftsmanship.With a circular design having radius of 6 inches and height of 5 inches and weighs 2.5 pounds. It  comes with a compact design and hence can be placed anywhere without taking up much space. Also, it’s features make it an extremely easy to operate machine. You don’t have to worry much about its operation, thanks to its user friendly interface.


The HemingWeigh White Noise Sound Machine is a complete package that will get you the most for your money. This sleep machine contains a built-in USB port for easy  night-time smart phone charging. So you can actually place it on the bedside table and charge your phone without any hassle. It also comes with a built in LED night light that has a separate on and off switch, which is  especially useful for children when they wake up at night, and also adults who don’t like sleeping in the complete dark.


  • Has real air – real sounds to provide a natural and peaceful environment
  • Has  2 speed operations for a greater sound range
  • Has an LED night light with separate on-off switch
  • Easy to operate and has a compact design
  • It comes with a built in USB port for convenient night time charging


  • Bulky and cannot be easily carried
  • No battery backup available


If you’re looking for a smart sound machine which not only falls under your budget, but also offers great features like USB port and night light according to your convenience, then look no further. This is your ideal sound machine. Designed to make life easier, it comes with great sound options, brilliant masking and offers other state of the art features too. It is ruling the markets, and you will not regret your decision of purchasing this machine, if you makeup your mind to do so.

#6 – Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine

Dimensions- 5.8 x 5.8 x 3.8 inches

Weight – 1.6 pounds

Warranty –  1 year warranty


Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine is a simple and effective sound machine that carries out its role of blocking annoying sounds efficiently. It is easy to use and very convenient, especially if you’re looking for a machine that does its work hassle free and promises quality.

Marpac is a reliable company that promises the best of quality and has been the gold standard in best white noise machines. As the name suggests, this machine is a classic, and is well-known for producing white noise that makes you go to sleep in an instant. It is user friendly and makes sure that you get exactly what you need. Not very light on the pocket though, this product ensures that you don’t have to look for another sound machine for a very long time.

Not just quality, it also comes with features that will keep you satisfied. Let us go through them to let you know what a wonderful machine this is.


Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine is a very trustworthy and reliable machine that promises durability. It has a real fan inside that produces the white noise. So you can get the soothing sound of a fan without the cold air or other disturbances as such. It produces a natural, subtle sound that fades into the background and then blocks all the annoying noises that might prevent you from sleeping soundly.

This classic sound machine comes with two speeds give you the option of setting the volume that you for your surroundings and for masking the sounds effectively. You just need to adjust to find the tone that is most satisfying and soothing to you.

With the dimensions of 5.8 x 5.8 x 3.8 inches and a weight of 1.6 pounds , this model is compact, designed to fit anywhere and blends humbly into surroundings. It is perfect for travel purposes, so you can take your sound machine anywhere in order to get the perfect environment and a sound sleep.

Easy to Use Feature

This sound machine has a speciality, that is extremely easy to use with absolutely no complex functions that require you to be careful. You just have to plug it in and flip the switch to select your volume settings; ‘high’ for noisy environments or more extensive sound blocking; ‘low’ for surroundings that have moderately lower background sounds. And once you’ve selected the desired volume, you can customize the sound by twisting to fine-tune the tone of your white noise,  you can choose high pitch or low pitch according to your preference.

The Dohm Classic is a simple and effective machine, with no complicated interface. It has everything essential that you require and no extravagant and difficult functions.


  • Customized sound for personalized sound environment
  • Dual speed fan allow for tone and volume control
  • Comes with a strong plastic body, extremely durable
  • Extremely easy to use, no complications
  • Conveniently compact and can be easily used to carry around


  • Does not contain a headphone output
  • No battery backup available
  • Less sounds to choose from


If you’re looking for a model that is a classic sound machine and does it function perfectly, then this is what you should be going for. Hassle free, low maintenance and high quality sound blocking feature, its simplicity and class sets it apart. Not too expensive, it is a durable and reliable model that is efficient and very convenient to use. If quality is your requirement, look no further. You will definitely be satisfied by this model.

Have you had sleepless nights? The ones where the background noise around is too much to let you sleep peacefully. And the worst part of such noises is that you can’t really stop them. How can you stop your noisy neighbours from creating  a ruckus, or cars from honking? But you don’t have to worry…

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