Best Diaper Bags

How To Selected the Best Diaper Bags

For this research, our analysts were experienced parents that have had experience using diaper bags in the past. For the same reason, we had an idea of the top contenders we wanted to pick for this research. However, apart from the existing knowledge, we also referred to review websites such as BabyGearLabs and Wirecutter to pick out the best diaper bags for this comparison.

Readers would notice that the list does not feature any artificial leather bags. While the bags are a growing trend on social media and popular parenting websites, the user reviews do not indicate that such products are not fit for a top-product list in this niche.

Similarly, the list also does not feature any genuine leather products. Sure, such products have great resistance against regular wear-and-tear, they don’t perform well against water damage and staining. Moreover, many users simply don’t prefer leather products. For these reasons, leather bags were not considered for this list.

After the first round of researching the most recommended products, we ended up with a little over 20 products to test. After this, the bags with most complaints related to manufacturing quality were eliminated. Next, bags that did not feature an insulated water bottle pockets were also eliminated from the list.

Expensive bags, that did not justify their price, in terms of materials used and quality were also eliminated from the list. Thanks to this, the majority of the bags included in this list cost under $70, with one exception the JuJuBe B.F.F., which is also our top overall pick.

While the bag is on the more expensive side of the price spectrum, the materials used, along with the 2-year warranty are an immense advantage that is well worth the extra cost. Moreover, the JuJuBe bag has also turned out to be the best option in the $150-$180 range of bags.

Instead of focussing on different style options “for Dads” and “for Moms”, our research is focussed on bags that offer a variety of style options. Our top pick, the JuJuBe B.F.F. features a collection of “black-out” styles that may appeal to all kinds of style preferences.

Rebar Group also tested a variety of diaper pads that can be added to a diaper or messenger bag that you may already be using.

Here’s Our Comparison Of The Best Diaper Bags

Diaper Bag Price Range Type Features Style Options
JuJuBe B.F.F. $$$$ Convertible ????? ?????
Eddie Bauer- Traverse $$ Backpack ???? ???
Skip Hop- Duo (Special Edition) $$ Tote ???? ?????
Ergobaby- Coffee Run $$$ Convertible ???? ???
Obersee- Bern $$ Backpack ??? ??
Maman- Designer Tote $$ Tote ??? ???

Deciding On The Need Of A Diaper Bag

In many cases, a diaper bag may seem like an unnecessary investment. After all, you can carry all the same items in a backpack that you may already own. For some, the decision of buying a diaper bag may just be a question of style.

However, diaper bags in our list offer a variety of compelling features that make a strong case for a dedicated diaper bag. One such feature is the diaper changing pad.

Sure, a changing pad may not always be necessary. However, the poor hygiene of the changing tables in malls often makes one realize the value of a changing pad. Moreover, there are instances when changing table isn’t available at all. In such situations, a changing pad comes as nothing short of a blessing.

But a changing pad isn’t the only thing that makes a case for having a separate bag dedicated to diapers and related supplies. If you are someone that values being organized, a dedicated diaper bag will save you the trouble of shuffling diapers and other essentials out of your favorite backpack.

Moreover, a dedicated diaper bag also eliminates confusion for a sitter that may be taking care of your baby for a few hours.

Most importantly, with a diaper bag, you can almost always be sure that you are carrying the necessary supplies whenever you step out with the baby. Nothing is worse than realizing you picked the wrong bag when you’re far away from home and there’s a smelly emergency on the road.

However, it is important to remember that choosing the right diaper bag is only half the battle won. Knowing the right time to restock on your diaper supplies is the secret behind being prepared.

With that said, the diaper bag you choose will be accompanying you and the baby everywhere you go, and it makes perfect sense to invest in one that will last.

Testing Parametres

A group of experienced parents, all of which have children that have grown out of diapers, were surveyed about the most important factors that matter when selecting a diaper bag. The answers ranged from storage capacity to categorization abilities, to the comfort offered by the straps.

The bags were then tested against these parametres and the survey respondents were asked to rate these bags from most desirable to least desirable. The results are listed here:

Diaper Bag Organization Ability Comfortable Straps Size Of Changing Pad Bottle Pocket Type
JuJuBe B.F.F. ????? ???? 21” X12” Open Pouch
Eddie Bauer- Traverse ???? ??? 22” X14” Zip Pocket
Skip Hop- Duo (Special Edition) ???? ?? 22” X12” Open Pouch
Ergobaby- Coffee Run ???? ?? 22” X18” Open Pouch
Obersee- Bern ??? ????? 23” X14” Removable Cooler
Maman- Designer Tote ???? ?? 22” X12” Open Pouch

Organization Capability

After initial testing, we realized that the organization’s capabilities are what set diaper bags apart from regular bags. They’re perfect when it comes to staying organized during emergencies.

The ability to organize and separate items especially comes in handy when you are carrying stuff for more than one baby. Different compartments make it possible to access specific items in the bag, without having to pull out other, unrelated items.

On these grounds, our top overall pick, the JuJuBe B.F.F., tops the list. The spacious bag features a huge main compartment, organizer pouches, and even extra side pockets, offering the perfect mix of storage capacity and organization options.

On the other side of the spectrum is the Obersee Bern. While the backpack has significant storage and compartmentalizing capabilities, it does not really distinguish itself as a diaper bag. The tall compartments are better suited for laptops and stationary instead of spare diapers and wet wipes.

Comfortable Straps

The comfort offered by the straps is never a question until you have to carry the bag for a full day. We did exactly the same to find out how our top picks compare when it comes to shoulder comfort after carrying the bags for a full day.

The bags were tested on a late-night outing to the airport with a two-year-old and an infant, a true challenge, as described by the parents.

After the test, emerged the most unlikely winners, the Obersee Bern, and the Eddie Bauer bag. While the Obersee Bern does not fare well in terms of storage capabilities, it is the most comfortable companion on long trips.

Most other bags in the test feature cross-body straps that are only good for short journeys, and can prove to be a nuisance when the bag is carried for long hours.

With that said, convertible straps on the JuJuBe bag, and the Ergobaby Coffee Run also offer a lot in terms of comfort and utility.

Size Of Changing Pad

All the bags included in the test offer decent sized changing pads. In essence, the changing pads are big enough to ensure your baby is safe from any filth present on a public changing table. However, all the changing pads offered by the bags on our list are still fairly small.

Moreover, all the pads offered by these bags are fairly waterproof, with a couple of exceptions. The Eddie Bauer and Maman bags use sponge padding. Due to this, changing pads in both the bags soak a trace of liquid and could trap some liquid inside as well.

If you are looking for bigger, more water-resistant changing pads, consider purchasing add-on changing pads. While all the pads offered by the bags in the list are fairly utilitarian, you cannot use them lying in any sort of liquid without expecting a bit of damage.

Bottle Pockets

Our test revealed that no matter how well insulated your bag or cooler is, carrying ice is an absolute necessity when it comes to keeping bottles chilled on a day-long outing. The findings were similar when we review portable coolers in another post- insulation sure helps, but ice is necessary to keep perishable food edible for long hours.

However, the ability to carry and keep bottles cool has not been rated as a necessity by most parents in our group of testers. Sure, being able to keep bottles cool on a day trip in the heat is an added advantage, but not a deciding factor, at least according to our testers.

The bottom line, if you are carrying a bottle on a day-long trip, the insulation offered by your bag will only be good for a few hours. Beyond that, an ice pack will be necessary to keep the bottle cool.

Style Options

If you notice the most trendy diaper bags, the most prevalent pattern is that the style is similar to designer purses or tote bags. Thanks to this trend, most dads try to find alternatives to carrying a dedicated diaper bag.

To help fellow men in need, few others are offering more “manly” versions of diaper bags. In fact, an entire market segment is now dedicated to bags that mimic military aesthetics and appeal to the previously overlooked parent demographic of dads.

While some may argue considering style options for diaper bags is a wild idea, we choose to not listen to them. You will be carrying the bag around for almost three years, might as well choose something that compliments your style.

Besides that, the “tactical” versions of diaper bags offer excellent functionality in terms of comfort and storage capability. The case is exactly the same for several diaper bag styles. The modern variety of diaper bags boast practical solutions that satisfy all kind of style preferences.

Diaper Bag Style Overall Styles Available Dad-friendliness
JuJuBe B.F.F. ???? 14 ???
Eddie Bauer Traverse ??? 3 ????
Skip Hop Duo (Special Edition) ????? 12 (two special edition styles) ???
Ergobaby Coffee Run ??? 4 ???
Maman Designer Tote ??? 6 ?
Obersee Bern ?? 18 bottle pouch colors ?????

When baby responsibilities are split between spouses, choosing a single bag can be a problem. Different style preferences can lead some to make the decision to purchase two bags instead of one. While doing so is an entirely practical solution, having a single diaper bag will help avoid confusion when you’re in a rush.

With that said, choosing a “neutral” bag out of our top choices is pretty easy. Almost every bag in our list comes in “neutral” styles and colors that satisfy most style preferences. However, we could find no parameters on which one bag could be awarded the tag of “most neutral”

While your personal taste will play the most crucial role in picking the right bag, we did have some favorites. There was no surprise that when it comes to style, there were two top choices put forth by the different genders.

Thanks to the massive variety offered by JuJuBe, the B.F.F. was the favorite choice among moms. JuJuBe’s offerings range from colorful and lively pastel designs to more serious, sophisticated colors. As a result, almost everyone had one favorite JuJuBe style.

While JuJuBe surely wins several brownie points with respect to variety, the basic style of the bag does not appeal to the dads that are looking for “tactical” vibes in their diaper bags. For this reason, team dads came up with their own favorite, the Eddie Bauer Traverse.

The surprising thing is, contrary to JuJuBe’s offerings, the Eddie Bauer bag is available in just one color, but the style is so great that almost every one of our testers loved it.

As mentioned earlier, there is nothing wrong with having two diaper bags in one home. It just comes with additional responsibility, always making sure you’re picking up the right bag.

Now that we’ve spoken about our parametres, let us look at our top three picks for bay diaper bags:

Our Winners

The Top Pick: JuJuBe B.F.F.

If you’ve read this far, you already knew JuJuBe is our top pick, and for good reason. The bag is stylish, comfy, practical, offers variety, and boasts a gigantic storage space. In short, the JuJuBe B.F.F. comes closest to perfection, as far as diaper bags go.
In the comfort department, it is safe to say the B.F.F. may not be trekking buddy but still is the best backpack around.

It isn’t a bag for all the use, but the option of un-clipping the comfortable straps does add significantly to the comfort of carrying. This special feature also makes it one of the best shoulder bags around.

Moreover, the JuJuBe B.F.F. makes use of durable material for its creation, which more than justifies the price tag. The Teflon coated fabric is stain-resistant and washable, making it extremely low maintenance. Apart from being durable the touch and feel of the fabric feel like an upgrade from polyester and nylon.

The real feature that makes the JuJuBe a complete winner is the organizational capability of the bag. The bag isn’t too large to be uncomfortable but still offers significant space and organization options. The main compartment is big enough to carry essentials and some extra and bulky items.

There is a front zip pocket that is perfect for safely storing smaller objects that would otherwise get lost. There is also an additional, scratch-proof pocket that will keep your wallets and sunglasses protected.

Insulated with Thinsulate, which is as good as insulation materials get, the water bottle compartments can comfortably hold bottles and sippy cups. However, if you are carrying milk or baby formula on a day-long trip, it is advisable to use an ice pack to maintain safe temperatures within the bag.

The JuJuBe bag scored big in terms of style, mainly due to the sheer abundance of variety the brand is offering. The designer diaper bag has curated one of the largest style collections in the industry and has brought to the world, the perfect amalgamation of style and functionality.

The range features floral shades such as the “Sakura At Dusk” or the “Queen Of The Nile”, perfect for parents that love chic designs. The blacked-out “Onyx” collection features more serious colors for those that like more basic, subdued colors.

If you (or your child) are a Hello Kitty or Tokidoki fan, you would be apprised to know about the JuJuBe collaboration design editions.

The changing pad is perhaps the Kryptonite of the JuJuBe. While it is made from high-quality material, it is the smallest of all the changing pads we tested. Apart from size, the changing pad is great is all other aspects.

In fact, the use of memory foam, which is great for the comfort of your baby, is probably the reason the changing pad is so small. The pad also features satin and waterproof sides, which makes it highly adaptable to the different environments where diaper emergencies can take place.

JuJuBe is a veteran when it comes to diaper bags, and the B.F.F. has been its top offering since 2005. The bag comes with a lifetime warranty and is unbelievably durable.

In Summary:

  • The JuJuBe B.F.F. offers the perfect amalgamation of style with functionality.
  • The bag is not too big to carry around and still offers ample space for diaper supplies for two toddlers.
  • The detachable shoulder straps give the bag additional utility as it can switch between a backpack and a shoulder bag.
  • The bag uses durable materials that come with a lifetime warranty against defects.
  • JuJuBe bags are washing machine wash friendly.

The Runner-Up: Eddie Bauer- Traverse

Our runner up was a favorite among our testers in terms of style. The Eddie Bauer- Traverse is available in just one color, and on the outside, resembles a regular backpack. With that said, it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing or trendy bag out there, the styling is still pretty decent for almost any taste.

Add to that the immense utility offered by the bag, and you get and the Traverse emerges as the best option among budget diaper bags. “Budget” is the word that also defines the quality of the materials used.

This in no way means that the materials used in this bag are poor, but they don’t exceed expectations when you think of a $50 bag. However, when you consider the price tag, the materials used are of fair quality. The zippers and other hardware of the bag justify the $50 price tag.

The changing pad, however, is where we noticed the most compromise on quality. The stitching on the side gave out after a single wash. When used with caution, the changing pad will work well for up to a year. After that, repairs or a replacement may become imminent.

With that said, the Eddie Bauer- Traverse is more than just a stylish bag and scored highly in the storage space and comfort sections. Sure, it doesn’t have a gigantic compartment like the JuJuBe, but still packs quite a punch in terms of space.

Moreover, the bag boasts separate and obvious compartments for different diaper related supplies. If that wasn’t impressive enough, you will be surprised by the sheer number of zipper pockets present on this thing.

These features do take some getting used to but are extremely convenient during long journeys.

The above statement is also true in the case of the straps on the Traverse. While they will not beat a high-end bag in terms of comfort, they’re not too far behind and work extremely well for the price tag associated with the bag.

The most appreciable feature of the bag is perhaps the side wipe pocket, which is perfect for taking care of that last bit of dirt you accidentally left out. Since the pocket is spacious, you can simply throw in the whole pack of wet wipes instead of calculating how many would fit in it.

In Summary:

  • The Eddie Bauer- Traverse is one of the best budget diaper bags available in the market.
  • The materials used in the construction of the bag justify the price tag.
  • The bag is styled well, like a normal backpack on the outside and a diaper bag on the inside.
  • The backpack style straps on the bag make it perfect for all-day outings with the kids.

The Second Runner – Up: Skip Hop – Duo SE

The Skip Hop- Duo SE is the special edition version of the Skip Hop Duo. The tote style bag got great points in the style section and brings some refreshing new features to the already-loved tote by Skip Hop.

The most notable upgrade on the bag is the fabric. The fresh new “wipe-friendly” fabric both looks fantastic and is stiff enough to keep the tall bag upright at all times. Compared to the other bags we tested, the Skip Hop- Duo SE is a bit smaller.

However, in many cases, the smaller size of the bag is an advantage. Think about the times when your diaper bag isn’t filled to the brim. Wouldn’t it be heavenly if you could reduce the size of the bag in such times?

The 13-liter capacity bag (compared with JuJuBe’s 16-liter capacity), offers decent storage space, while making the act of carrying the bag much less cumbersome. With that said, there is a clear compromise on the storage space.

If your diaper bag use involves packing diapers, and folded clothes, along with some wipes, the bag will be an absolute joy to carry around. However, if you plan on storing bulky items such as tiffin boxes or even a jumbo-size pack of wipes, you will definitely feel the restrain in space.

Bottom line, any and all items being stored in the bag need to be less than three inches wide to fit in the bottom of the narrow storage space. However, don’t let the limited storage space fool you, the Skip Hop Duo SE offers some excellent organization features.

The bag comes with a plethora of little pockets that are perfect for organizing small-sized essentials. The main compartment, as mentioned earlier, is roomy enough to store the basic diaper bag essentials such as change of diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes for the baby.

The side pockets offer ample and secure storage space for bottles and sippy cups. Since these side pockets are also zippered, the bottles effectively sit inside the bag. While this may seem insignificant at first, this little feature does wonders for the insulation features of this bag. In fact, storing the bottles inside the bag may just beat the insulation padding offered on the outside pockets by other bag brands.

Our favorite storage feature was the zippered pouch pocket at the top of the bag. It is a simple pocket that can be used to store essentials meant for adults (in essence, you). The pocket may not protect your sunglasses from your keys, but will snugly fit all your essentials.

This is a great advantage when you consider the way this bag is constructed. The zipper pocket is large enough to compare to a mid-sized purse and will hold make most of your belongings readily available. This means, no more digging through diapers and wipes to find your home keys.

Speaking of keys, there is a key clip holder positioned near the top pocket. If you do make use of key-clips, you are going to love the functionality of this one. If, however, you don’t use key clips, the feature is detachable and the top zipper is snug enough for your keys.

The front-pockets on the Skip Hop Duo SE, while boasting significant storage space, are held together by magnetic buttons. If you have used bags with magnetic buttons in the past, you already know that they don’t do much in keeping the pockets closed when there is something inside the pockets.

However, as mentioned earlier, the pockets do have significant storage space and can work great if the bag is handled with a bit of care. The front pockets are big enough to store a 32-ounce bottle of water.

One of the front pouches also has a pen-holder, cleverly hidden inside. While the top sipper pocket mentioned earlier is perfectly fine for carrying a pen, we felt that the thought behind an additional pen pocket deserves a mention in the review.

While Skip Hop is a specialist in creating baby products, the quality of the Duo SE does not compare to JuJuBe’s offering. The fabric is easily stained, and quality issues with the zippers become apparent after using the bag for a few months. However, it is worth mentioning that the zippers never truly gave out during the testing phase.

Skip Hop offers a two-year warranty against defects but will not cover damage caused during washing machine wash. That’s right, this bag will need to be cleaned outside the washing machine.

With all that out of the way, the price tag on the Skip Hop Duo SE surely came as a surprise to many of our testers. Some even anticipated the price to be $200! However, the bag is priced at an honest $70 and with the right discounts and sales going on, you can get it for under $50. In other words, the Skip Hop Duo SE offers the maximum bang for your buck.

In Summary
  • The special editions Skip Hop Duo is perfect for the fashion-conscious.
  • The bag is deceptively slim but can hold a respectable amount of diaper supplies
  • Skip Hop Duo SE is only available in certain color options. They are, however, all top-of-the-shelf styles. Those looking for more neutral styles can opt for the normal edition of the same bag.
  • The main downside of this bag is that it is purely a shoulder bag, which can be a challenge during long outings.

Other Top Contenders In Our Test

Ergobaby- Coffee Run

In many aspects, the Ergobaby Coffee Run packs the best features of our top contenders in a single bag. The tote style bag offers a trendy look that is available in neutral, serious colors. The bag does even beat our second runner-up in a couple of evaluation parameters.

For starters, the Ergobaby Coffee Run is about 40% bigger than the Skip Hop Duo SE. If that wasn’t enough, the bag also comes with convertible straps that allow it to change into a backpack. This was a big missing feature in the Skip Hop bag, as it makes carrying the bag easier during long journeys.

Speaking of straps, they have always been a serious consideration among our testers. The straps associated with the Ergobaby may not be industry-leading, but surely do offer ample comfort.

The straps however aren’t the only awesome thing about this bag. As mentioned earlier, the bag also boasts 40% more storage capacity than our second runner-up This space also comes with some awesome organization capabilities. The interior pockets offer multiple sections capable of holding diaper supplies, and the front zipper pocket is fully insulated.

Add to all this the huge changing pad that comes with the bag. The pad is absolutely water-proof and fits snugly inside the bag, despite being a full six inches larger than any other pad included with the bags we tested. Experienced parents know how advantageous a waterproof and large changing pad can be during diaper emergencies.

The area where the bag was a little disappointing was the way the materials felt. From a brand that is known for making baby carriers that are soft, mushy, and comes with some amazing padding, the material of the bag is surely a downgrade.

The bag does boast the use of some long-lasting materials and quirky features such as mesh panels on shoulder straps and a water-resistant tub bottom. But even these features were not enough for us to overlook the quality of the fabric used, which, to some of our testers, felt like cheap nylon. Even after looking at all the color options being offered by the brand, our testers were not particularly impressed by the way the fabric of the bag felt.

In fact, because of the way the fabric of the bag felt, many of our testers assumed that the Coffee Run was the cheapest option picked for the test. However, this wasn’t the case. With a price tag of $70, the bag is more expensive than several other options that were picked for the test.

The top two feature priorities of a bag, however, remained comfortable straps and ample and smart storage space. If one ignores the poor feeling fabric, the Ergobaby Coffee Run scores high in both these aspects. In fact, the straps of the bag are more comfortable than many other bags we tested, such as the JuJuBe- Be Prepared. Comfortable straps can truly make a difference, and prevent neck and back pain during long hours of carrying diaper supplies with your toddler.

Maman- Designer Tote

The Maman Designer Tote was unanimously called the most good looking bag we tested. The quilted design works wonders for the look of the bag. The best part, however, isn’t the style quotient of the bag, it is the utilitarian design.

Similar to the Skip Hop Duo (launched nearly at the same time too), the bag has a slim, tall tote shape that, thanks to the choice of fabric, stays upright. However, the design is deceptive and offers a ton of storage space on the inside. The bag has a huge main compartment and several smaller pockets that help you avoid putting smaller items at the bottom.

Our testers felt that the number of pockets offered by this particular bag was just enough to store the essentials, and not overwhelming enough to confuse the user of the bag. Bottom line, without calling anyone a copycat, the design of Maman’s Designer Tote is very similar to the Skip Hop Duo SE. We’re not saying that it is a bad thing since the Skip Hop design has proven its usefulness time and again, but we felt it is a point worth mentioning.

Apart from the practical design, however, the bag scores highly in other aspects such as the quality of the fabric. The water-resistant layer works unexpectedly well, and the fabric itself is surprisingly stained resistant and can be easily wipe-cleaned. The bottom of the bag is made with leather, which is extremely durable, even after using the bags for several months on end.

The Designer Tote, much like a lot of its competition, offers two insulated pockets for water bottles, along with six other pockets meant to store essentials. The bag also comes with a matching changing pad. However, the “matching” feature of the changing pad is perhaps the only upside of the changing pad that hasn’t already been mentioned in other sections.

Add to that the fact that the Maman Designer Tote, weight a mere 1.23 pounds, is one of the lightest bags we tested. The design and the light weight of the bag combined with its smart tote style design make it an absolute joy to carry around.

The most aesthetically appealing feature of the bag is also ironically its weakest point. The quilt-jacket style stitching, while aesthetically pleasing, will give out after using the bag for a long time. In fact, if the bag is put through rough use, such as being kept at the bottom of the trunk or closet, the stitching will start coming off pretty soon.

This is a huge disadvantage of the bag as this problem can only be solved by replacing it. The lack of warranty just makes the whole deal that much more sore. This was the main reason the bag did not replace the Skip Hop Duo SE in our top three picks.

For parents that are working on a budget however, the Maman is a great option. This stylish looking bag is available for only $45, and the materials used absolutely justify the price tag.

If purchased strategically, that is, during a sale or with a discount coupon, the bag can actually turn out to be a great deal for those strapped for cash.

Obersee- Bern

Obersee is a family-owned American brand that primarily sells gymnastics gear. Creating baby products is a bit of a stretch for this brand, and the same is apparent in their diaper bag, Bern.

The Obersee Bern screams innovation and well-thought-out design. With that said, not all innovations turn into success.

Let us begin with the positives of the bag. For starters, the bag, on the outside, looks nothing like a diaper bag. This is something that was especially appreciated by the dads among our testers.

In fact, if you hide the labels well enough, the bag could easily pass for a laptop bag.
While there is no denying that the bag was designed as a diaper bag, but the changing pocket feels like a repurposed laptop pocket.

This was one area where our testers felt that Obersee got lazy with the design. The “changing pocket” even features a fleece lining, which is typical for laptop bags. However, the changing pad scores brownie points where the pocket lacks. It is a couple of inches bigger (23 inches by 14 inches instead of 22 inches by 12 inches) that every other competing bag. The changing pad even features an easy-clean, waterproof side, just like the one featured in the Ergobaby Coffee Run.

Beyond the changing pad, the bag doesn’t really offer any baby-specific features. However, the space within the bag is more than ample for carrying the diaper change essentials, a change of clothes, along with some other essentials. There are, however, some features that our testers found unnecessary for a diaper bag.

One example would be a music player headphones pass through which is a standard among travel and laptop backpacks.

There are however, other places where Obersee’s innovation did turn out positive results. The clip-on bottle pocket has to one such feature. The bottle does a great job of keeping up to three bottles chilled on a hot summer day, provided you use an ice pack. Without the ice pack, however, the insulation is pretty weak, and it is almost as good as simply carrying the bottles within the main backpack.

However, the main advantage of having a clip-on bottle holder is apparent when going through airport security checks that don’t allow liquids. The bottle pocket can be easily detached without having to dig through the other stuff stored in the bag. But we felt the clip-on bottle holder wasn’t thought through completely.

It would always get in the way of opening and closing the bag. For this reason, in most of our tests, it was being carried as a separate bottle holder.

The Obersee Bern, when viewed as an attempt by a brand at creating their first diaper bag, does seem like a decent attempt. However, it doesn’t really make the life of a parent any easier, not even in terms of being economical.

The bag is priced at an exorbitant $80 and is not able to justify this price tag in any aspect. There are much better options in the market (and on this list) that are available for a much cheaper price and will leave you with cash to purchase a separate bottle cooler.

Hafmall Diaper Bag Backpack

Another well-designed diaper bag that gave tough competition to our top picks, the Hafmall Diaper Bag Backpack is in many aspects, the economical version of the JuJuBe B.F.F.

The bag offers a large main compartment, surrounded by 13 separate pockets. Three of these pockets are insulated and work extremely well with an ice pack. The main compartment is large enough to not just store the diaper-changing essentials, but has the capacity to store some of the adult essentials that most parents carry.

When it comes to ease of carrying the backpack, there are several options available. It can be used as a backpack (duh!), can be converted into a shoulder strapped bag, and comes with stroller bag attachments. The backpack straps are designed keeping innovation in mind, and can be adjusted to suit different heights. With that said, the straps aren’t the most comfortable, especially during use for long hours. In fact, during day-long journeys, they may make you resent carrying a bag at all. However, the stroller attachments worked great to provide relief. The downside is, you cannot stroll the bag everywhere.

The bag uses polyester as the main component for its construction. The material has been proven great for use in bags and doesn’t disappoint here either. It is durable and water-resistant, and can be cleaned easily with a few wipes. The zippers used also feel pretty sturdy, and did not falter even after months of use.

The limited return policy that lasts up to 90 days, however, is what stopped this bag from being included in our top three picks. The limited warranty was viewed as a proof of non-reliability by our testers. If we’re being honest, a 90-day return period does show that the manufacturer has limited trust in their own product, which is never a positive sign. The bag also is not machine-wash friendly and the warranty does not support machine wash damage.

It is worth mentioning at this point that the bag can be easily hand-washed.

The bag does score well in terms of style. The look of the bag is not second to that of a designer backpack. Moreover, the bag offers four color options that all fit different tastes in design for moms and dads.

Kiddycare Diaper Bag Backpack

The Kiddycare Diaper bag is definitely a boon in the gender-neutral department. The design was appreciated by both moms and dads equally. To add to this, the bag comes in five different colors to satisfy your style needs.

The bag is cleverly designed and boasts 15 pockets, in total. Three of these pockets are insulated but don’t make much of a difference without an ice pack. There are two conveniently placed side pockets that are perfect for storing wet wipes. The main downside in terms of storage is the relatively smaller main compartment.

While the size doesn’t compare to other competitors it is still enough for carrying the basics meant for a single baby on a short trip. However, since storage capability is one of the top two priorities for our testers, this bag did not get picked in the top three.

The materials used in the construction are sturdy. The fabric feels durable and proved durable with long use and the case of the zippers was no different. The quirky thing about the zippers in this bag is that they come with an anti-theft security slot, making the bag all the safer. The manufacturer’s trust in this case, unlike our last pick, is commendable as the bag comes with a lifetime warranty against defects.

The bag can easily be converted into a stroller and the backpack style design offers several advantages. For starters, it frees up your hands to carry more important things, such as the baby. Moreover, as your child grows out of diaper bags, the Kiddycare diaper bag can turn into the Kiddycare backpack for your child.

Bottom line, the lack of storage space is possibly the most significant downside of this bag. On the contrary, it gives great competition to other bags in terms of value for money and style. Add to that the comfort of the straps, and you get a great diaper bag on a budget.

Priced at under $100, the bag is close to perfect if you have a single child.

Got A Bag You Already Love? Turn It Into A Diaper Bag With These Changing Pads We Tested

A changing pad is perhaps the most advantageous feature of a diaper bag, and for good reason.

A trusty changing pad can turn a potty nightmare into an easy feat.

But if you like to travel light, and don’t mind carrying baby supplies in another bag, all you need is a couple of changing pads to make yourself baby-ready on the road.

We tested two changing pads that are both bigger than the average diaper-bag changing pad, and extremely useful. Since both these options are also affordable, they can also act as a replacement of a lost or damaged changing pad of your existing diaper bag.

Plenty Of Baby Space and Absorption: The DaffaDoot

The DaffaDoot is a gigantic changing pad made with cushy and practical material. The pad is water absorbent in the center, and waterproof at the bottom. The water-absorbent side is bordered by soft fleece padding. Overall, it serves as a practical and cushy space for your baby to get changed.

The only disadvantage of the pad is ironically, the size. Thanks to the huge size of the DaffaDoot, it is sometimes difficult to fold up and shove inside a bag. If storage space isn’t an issue, this is as perfect as changing pads come.

One For The Road: The DaffaDoot

For those who like comfort, this is an extra-large changing pads that takes care of all your environment-related worries, including the possible damage to your car’s upholstery. The water-absorbent feature is great for specific situations like on-road emergencies in a car.

However, the same feature makes it difficult to carry the DaffaDoot in a bag. The “liquids” absorbed by the pad aren’t something you want thriving inside your bag. On the other hand, when it comes to protecting the surroundings from any kind of containment leak, the DaffaDoot works pretty great. The best way to take advantage of this pad is to keep it in the car, sealed inside a plastic bag. Whenever it soaks up, give it a wash and you’re good to go.

A wipe-down changing pad: Baby Loovi

The Baby Loovi is an even bigger changing pad than the one mentioned before. At 25 by 31 inches, it beats the DaffaDoot in size and in another aspect, maintenance. The pad is much easier to keep clean, thanks to its wipe down friendliness.

It’s also easier to carry around, thanks to the associated storage pouch. However, thanks to the size, folding the pad correctly can sometimes be a tricky undertaking. However, if you can manage that, the pad is the perfect companion for a road trip with the babies.

Absolutely Waterproof: Baby Loovi

The Baby Loovi is so big that many of our testers used it doubled-up most of the time. However, that was, in many cases, a necessity for giving the baby enough padding. With that said, the pad, despite its size, is easy to fit inside a bag.

If you are someone that cannot fold well, the Baby Loovi is still pretty easy to carry around. Sure the cushioning may be a problem, but that seems to be the only downside of this changing pad.

In Conclusion

Like most decisions related to parenting, buying baby gear warrants due diligence. In this article, we’ve taken the pain of collecting all the required information for you to make an informed decision. While doing so, we understood how making these choices can be an overwhelming decision.

After Rigorously testing several products for years, we have brought to you, our top picks. The top two considerations, according to our testers, remained the comfort of the straps and the storage capabilities of the bag.

The versatility and durability of the JuJuBe B.F.F. made it the top pick. While a little on the expensive side of the cost spectrum, the quality of this bag justifies the price well.

For those looking for more budget-friendly options, the Eddie Bauer- Traverse and Skip Hop- Duo SE are great options. While they are not as well made as to the B.F.F., they still offer great value for money as budget options.

Top Pick: JuJuBe – B.F.F.
A great bag overall, the JuJuBe- B.F.F. is the unanimous choice of our testers for the top pick. It is made from durable materials and offers great storage space. The lifetime defect warranty and machine-wash friendliness are what make this bag complete.

How To Selected the Best Diaper Bags For this research, our analysts were experienced parents that have had experience using diaper bags in the past. For the same reason, we had an idea of the top contenders we wanted to pick for this research. However, apart from the existing knowledge, we also referred to review…

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