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Tony's Pizza Walklet01Tony's Pizza Walklet02Tony's Pizza Walklet03Tony's Pizza Walklet04Tony's Pizza Walklet05Tony's Pizza Walklet06

Great food and great urban space go well together on the streets of San Francisco

A small pizzeria in Naples, Italy is the inspiration behind Tony Gemignani’s story for Tony’s Pizza Napoletana. A fullfillment in his ever growing passion for pizza drew him to self content when he first tried an authentic Neapolitan pizza. Since then he was determined to learn this art of pizza making and one day open a restaurant like no other.

Tony has now extended this inspiration towards the creation of a new public space in the street, adding seating for his patrons, as well as neighborhood residents and vistors who pause to relax and chat on the parklet.

The lively streets of Naples served as inspiration for this parklet which creates a vibrant new social space in the street.  Fabricated from galvanized steel clad with bamboo decking, the parket is a model of sustainable construction. Rebar customized this parklet to fit Tony’s unique aesthetic.  Great food and great urban space go well together on the streets of San Francisco.

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Date: 2011
Client: Tony’s Coal Fired Pizza
Location: North Beach Neighborhood, San Francisco, CA