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Created for the Alaska Design Forum‘s Common Space program in Juneau, Alaska, Rebar’s “Sho-Globe” is a portable inflatable structure that redefines urban common space. Inclement weather often nullifies the functions of outdoor public space–however, with the “Sho-Globe”, any space can be transformed into a soft, warm ephemeral shelter. With a form originally derived from a seed pod (hey it’s almost spring here!), this emergent space provides a venue for meeting, sharing, relaxing, playing and meditating. It also serves as an ideal venue to host jam sessions and socializing around the Alaska Folk Fest, which is happening in Juneau all week.

Starting today, construction of the Sho-Globe begins in Juneau, Alaska. We will be building it with the help of volunteers at 118 Seward St., please come and stop by! Construction will be completed on the 13th and we will be taking the “Sho-Globe” to key locations around the city of Juneau. Please be sure to follow us on Twitter @rebargroup to find out where we’ll be. Or keep checking ADF’s Common Space website for more updates and volunteer information.

Written by Rebar

April 11th, 2011 at 9:05 am