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Park(ing) Day After Party

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Party after Park(ing) Day with the creators, in San Francisco

Rebar to host Park(ing) Day 2011 After-Party in San Francisco

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Rebar seeks volunteers for Park(ing) Day at SPUR in San Francisco, September 17

Rebar is seeking 4 volunteers to represent Rebar at Park(ing) Day San Francisco at SPUR on September 17. This year, Rebar will provide several Walklets to demonstrate a new modular, flexible sidewalk system that can create pedestrian plazas in the …

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Rebar inaugurates Park(ing) Day Paris 2010 with city-wide event

In partnership with the French art and culture organization Dédale, Rebar will travel to Paris September 10-19 to launch that city’s first large-scale Park(ing) Day event. The trip will include a weeklong residency by Rebar at the Cité Internationale Universitaire, where the …

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