Rebar is always looking for collaborators, colleagues and co-conspirators.

Our studio thrives on the many talented, dynamic and inspired individuals who call Rebar home. If you are interested in working or apprenticing with Rebar, please read through the information below.

Rebar Apprenticeships

A few times a year, Rebar offers a limited number of unpaid apprenticeships across a range of disciplines, including art, architecture, design, filmmaking, urban planning and social activism.  Though we do look for specific skills when filling specific apprentice positions, we are more interested in more intangible qualities and capabilities, such as your passion, your ability to thrive under diverse and dynamic creative working conditions and your receptiveness to subverting the existing categories and hierarchies that define your area of disciplinary training.  Because we receive far more applications than we can accommodate, these apprenticeships tend to be competitive, challenging and extremely rewarding opportunities for both creative and personal growth.

We offer Apprenticeships in the following categories:

Design Apprentices (2-3)
Public Art Apprentice (1)
Artwork Fabrication Apprentice (1-2)
Graphic Design and Social Media Apprentice (1)
Park(ing) Day Coordinator Apprentice (1)

To learn more about the Apprentice Program, or to apply for a position, download the Apprentice PDF.

Rebar is an equal opportunity collaborator and does not select its apprentices or job applicants based upon race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability status.