Ghigo DiTommaso

Ghigo DiTomaso BIOGRAPHY – Associate Designer

Ghigo was trained as an architect in Florence, where he picked up the tools of the trade while feeding a strong interest in history and theory. Professional degree and licensure in hand, he moved to Barcelona to become part of its thriving design community. There he joined the debate on the on-going transformation of the city and committed himself to the creation of beautiful public architecture. More recently, a growing fascination for the study of cultural landscapes brought him to UC Berkeley, where he was Visiting Scholar for a year. He can now be found in San Francisco, devoting his passion for design and his skills to Rebar. He holds a MArch from the Università di Firenze an M(Sc)Arch from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

email: ghigo [at]
phone: (415) 400-5362