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SmartCity Conference & Exhibition

Bushwaffle unleashed on the streets of the French capital

In January 2010 Rebar traveled to Paris for the SmartCity conference and exhibition, produced by Dedale, a French cultural organization. The conference, held at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, included a wide range of rich and interesting projects that engage questions of mobility, technology and their impact on the human experience of the city.

For the exhibition, Rebar deployed Bushwaffle in a variety of locations around Paris and Gentilly (an economically-depressed suburb just south of the city) to measure and compare diverse social and cultural dynamics in different urban contexts. Of the many lessons derived from this research, one simple fact rose to the fore: hot pink inflatable street furniture makes people smile.

More information is available (in French) on the SmartCity website.

Date: January 2010
Paris, France

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