Doxa Orange right arrow Remixing the Rebar studio

Right as the dust began to settle in our newly acquired studio space and workshop, we we’re informed by our landlord that a new large tenant was seeking to occupy the rest of the space in our building. In fact, they needed so much room that they desired to engulf our new studio into their production and distribution operation.


This led to some hard feelings among the ‘Bars seeing as this was our first home, having spent the previous five years meeting and hanging out in local bars and relying on the generosity of a certain fantastic local community gallery.

After a month or so of negotiations we came up with the idea of keeping our current mezzanine loft area with all its irreplaceable character of exposed wooden beams and brick, and expanding our workshop space into the adjacent studio.

The Mezzanine

So while our new neighbor tenant has engulfed the previous rebar shopspace, we are in the process of engulfing the adjacent tatoo parlor and shop space into a new, labyrinthine collection of shops, storefronts, mezzanines and lofts that will soon make up the Rebar Studio.


Having spent so much time thinking about how outdoor public space is a physical manifestation of social codes, and devoting our practice to exploring the niches, loopholes and voids in the public realm, its enlightening to learn through the visceral experince of building remodeling how plastic the built environment is.


How walls and ceilings can shift and move according to molten sets of values, economies, and relationships.

We look forward to returning from Paris to our new space, or collection of spaces, that will seemingly be quite appropriate for the diverse and dynamic practice that the new Rebar studio is growing to support.


Written by John

January 22nd, 2010 at 5:53 pm