Doxa Orange right arrow Rebar at Smart City conference, Paris, January 23-30

Rebar will be in Paris, France next week to take part in Smart City: New Urban Challenges, New Artistic Practices, an international conference and workshop. This year’s workshop theme is mobile cities, which the program describes:

Mobile media, localisation media, new map-making and storytelling forms as well as other mobility instruments have infiltrated our cities and lifestyles.They have mutated city-dwellers relation to time and space; we are witnessing a multiplication of mobility practices and forms, of trajectories, of theintensity of the communication flow and trips. What is the impact on our perception of geographical areas, on urban forms and city planning, on ourlifestyles? This is the question that the artists are to explore in the workshop, developing varied artistic projects directly linked to the territory (strolling,mobile interface, urban game art, immersive systems, ephemeral architecture…)


Also at the conference are several artists and collectives from around Europe including Adelin Schweitzer, Ulrich Fischer, Studio 21bis, Antonin Fourneau, Zoom+Infraksound+Damien Masson, Collectif Zoom, Damien Masson, Christophe Goutes and Pixel 13If you are in Paris, come see us. Rebar will be presenting on Thursday January 28th at 2pm, at the Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe, Cité internationale universitaire de Paris. More updates on the Doxa, from the road!

Written by Blaine

January 17th, 2010 at 4:23 pm