Doxa Orange right arrow Rebar amps up for Urban Play in Køge, Denmark



Check out the construction of Rebar’s upcoming installation at  Søndre Havn (South Harbor) in the historic seaport city of Køge, southwest of Copenhagen, Denmark.  As part of the Urban Play exhibition, Rebar is exploring Køge’s history with a constructed landscape of raw industrial materials: Legelandskab af træ og sand (Playscape of wood and sand). Sky-high piles of sand are poured around vertically mounted pine logs, creating a minimalist, man-made forest where site lines are left to be discovered, buried between the sandy dunes. Over the course of the exhibition, we expect that the form of the undulating ground plane will morph based on the exploration patterns of visitors frolicking around the site.


Legelandskab af træ og sand (Playscape of wood and sand) in progress


Vandremark (Wanderfield)

Rebar will also be sowing a nearby vacant lot with wheat grain in the installation, Vandremark (Wanderfield)Over time it will grow in between the concrete grey silos of the industrial landscape, changing colors as it runs its seasonal course.

Urban Play opens next Friday, May 4th.  Principal John Bela will be representing the Rebar posse, so if you find yourself nearby, come say hello. Stay tuned for more pics!

Written by Rebar

April 26th, 2012 at 9:01 am