Doxa Orange right arrow Prototyping for Año Nuevo

Buffeted by rain and wind the last few weeks, we haven’t been able to get down to Pescadero, CA, to begin building full-size prototypes of the “habitat ridges” we are designing for Oikonos, a wildlife conservation organization working on Año Nuevo Island. Until last week. The sun broke through and we began testing “the hull” design. We are building it on the mainland, where we have access to tools (and the wildlife is absent). This design will span the isthmus on the island.



(Photos: Masha Slavnova)

Which is not too bad a scaling-up of the original model (base is the shape of the isthmus):


The ridge designs we’re testing are constructed from eucalyptus harvested from a conservation trust area near Pescadero. Eucalyptus is abundant, and invasive, in California, and if they prove usable for the ridge designs we will be solving two problems at once.

More on the habitat restoration project, and Año Nuevo, here.

Written by Rebar

October 14th, 2009 at 2:42 pm

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