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Pollinator Garden

Interim garden transforms vacant lot while development stalls

The Lansing Street Pollinator Garden is a temporary garden and art installation at the 45 Lansing street site in the Rincon Hill Neighborhood of San Francisco. Rebar is collaborating with the Pollinator Partnership and the property owners of the 45 Lansing Street Site to bring you a pollinator garden and educational exhibit. The garden was installed in the spring of 2010 and will be on display for the 1-2 years before development plans move forward on the site.

The garden features circular planting beds made from rice straw wattle— tubes of straw wrapped in burlap. This material is entirely biodegradable. Beds are planted with a variety of pollinator attracting plants including: purple lupines, white yarrow, blue gilias, flax, orange California poppies, baby blue eyes, pink and white clarkias, red chinese houses, and purple owl’s clover.

Appearing in the garden are a series of pollinator sillhouettes. These silhouettes are large scale versions of the very types of species that are likely to appear in the garden over the coming year including the Mission blue checkerspot, Mission Bay checkerspot, Anna’s humming bird, and the honey bee.

Date: March 2010
Location: San Francisco, CA

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