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California College of Art URBANlab: Pavement to Parks Course

Temporary street interventions lay the groundwork for a green connection between neighborhoods.

Led by Mona El Khafif , Rebar co-taught a semester long course in the Architecture Department at the California College of the Arts (CCA) entitled Pavement to Parks: a public laboratory for urban tactics.

The course began with an analysis of the City of San Francisco’s Pavement to Parks program and the three sites the program generated in 2009, including Showplace Triangle,  designed by Rebar. Students conducted social and spatial analysis of existing sites and used temporary intervention as a tool for mapping and gathering data.  Next, the course turned its attention to the Showplace Square planning area, exploring the outcome of the SF Planning Department’s multi-year planning effort. Students conducted groundwork to investigate new potential sites for intervention. Finally, the class focused on Hooper street and its potential role as part of CCA’s emerging urban campus landscape and as a future green connector linking the Potrero Hill and Mission Bay neighborhoods.

This class is part of CCA’s innovative URBANlab,  an institutional research and design collective composed of CCA faculty, students and professionals interested in advanced research and design that investigates the challenges and potentials of the urban environment in the 21st century.

Date: Summer 2010
Location: San Francisco, CA