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Iøn Sorvin of N55 and Till Wolfer release Parkcycle Swarm into the streets of Copenhagen


Rebar created the world’s first pedal-powered public park: the Parkcycle in 2007. On the occasion of Participate: Baku Public Art Festival 2013,  Rebar and N55 with Till Wolfer have created a novel evolution of the piece: Parkcycle Swarm!

Parkcycle Swarm is an open source, public space distribution system. Individual pedal powered Parkcyles function as independent subunits, but join together quickly and easily to create an aggregate public space. Parkcycle Swarm is a collaboration between John Bela of Rebar Group and N55 with Till Wolfer. Parkcycle Swarm has the potential to grow exponentially, as people use N55’s open source plans to create their own iterations of the piece.

N55 recently released Parkcycle Swarm for a prototype test run in Copenhagen. The peice performed beautifully, delivering a context for unique social interactions across the famous Danish city known for its bicycle culture.

Till Wolfer demonstrates the conversion from mobile park to stationary open space


Parkcycle Swarm is a fully functional cargo bike, an elaboration of N55‘s groundbreaking XYZ spaceframe vehicle system.  The steering column and seat tube fold away and are concealed under a landscape panel to create a fully inhabitable park surface.

Designed and fabricated in Copenhagen by N55 and Till Wolfer with John Bela of Rebar, the piece has been packed for shipping and is now on its way to Baku, Azerbaijan for the Participate: Baku Public Art Festival 2013 project opening on August 5th.  Swarm on!

Written by John

July 3rd, 2013 at 11:18 pm