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City Grazing Goat Shelter

Architecture for animals leverages repurposed and prefab materials

Along Cargo Way in southeastern San Francisco, a herd of 80 goats lives on a 10-acre site ringed by the San Francisco Bay Railroad and a cement recycling plant. City Grazing, the local “rent-a-goat” service, introduces an alternative to weed control and land restoration. Currently, the goat herd is outgrowing its existing shelter, which consists of a series of shipping containers and feed structures.

To accommodate herd growth, improve living conditions for the animals, and to make caring for them easier for their human guardians, Rebar has developed an economical solution that simultaneously references the shelter’s industrial location and uses a variety of repurposed, prefabricated materials. This efficient, low-impact accommodation will serve this herd of urban goats for many generations to come.

Date: Spring 2011
Location: Cargo Way, San Francisco, CA