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Rebar recently returned from a week in Copenhagen, Denmark to participate in ” Contemporary, Fun, and Temporary” a conference organised by landscape architect Bettina Lamm, University of Copenhagen department of Forest & Landscape in collaboration with curator Charlotte Bagger Brandt, Råderum – office of contemporary art.

Conference participants included an impressive list of Denmark’s architects, planners, developers, artists and urbanists. Rebar presented on the topic of user generated urbanism and discussed the evolution of our practice from guerilla interventions like Park(ing) Day to our ongoing collaboration with the City of San Francisco’s Pavement to Parks program.

We were thrilled to present along with Christof Mayer from Raumlabor, Berlin’s version of Rebar on steroids. Christoff described a few of the incredible and diverse project he and his group have been involved in since 1999.

Breakfast Salon on the rooftop of an abandoned paint factory building

Conference organizer’s Bettina and Charlotte have been collaborating over the course of the last year, and organizing a series of Breakfast Salons at various site’s throughout the city. We were lucky to participate in one of the salon’s held atop a former paint factory being converted into cultural spaces.  We met a number of incredible artists and cultural producers including Christian Fumz of Givrum. Givrum is an organization working for the deployment of empty buildings for cultural and social purposes. They offer free guidance to social and cultural entrepreneurs wishing to start up a culture platforms.

Rebar’s John Bela spent the week exploring the city, meeting an incredible group of artists, activists, and designers and generally gushing over the extensive bicycle culture and the separated bike lane network throughout the city.

grade separated bike lanes form an extensive network throughout the city

grade separated bike lanes form an extensive network throughout the city


Copenhagen is full of incredible street art.

Mural on a wall in Christiana, Copenhagen's autonomous zone

Temporary (?) playgrounds at the Carlsberg Brewery site

Temporary (?) playgrounds at the Carlsberg Brewery site

During the conference Rebar hosted a hands on workshop entitled “Unfound Niche, Unmet Need”. We started by collectively drawing and brainstorming concepts for Parking Day intervetions, and then discussed the opportunities to transform some of Copenhagen’s many niche spaces in ways that could fulfull unmet social needs.


Rebar hopes to be invited back to Copenhagen in the Spring of 2012 to participate in a project in Koge, A small port city to the south of Copenhagen undergoing a transformation of its industrial waterfront. Bettina and Charlotte hope to bring a group of both local and international artists and urbanists to develop a set of projects, exhibitions, and spaces that activate the future development site, test ideas embedded in the redevelopment proposals, and explore the role of art as an engine for urban regeneration.

The potential project site in Koge

The potential project site in Koge