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Artist-led community engagement

In partnership with Cliff Garten Studio, Todd Bressi, and Via Partnership, Rebar is leading a novel public engagement process that uses artmaking as the primary driver in the planning process. The Central Corridor Public Art Plan will shape millions of dollars of public and private investment into arts-related programming along the Twin Cities’ newest light rail line. This new infrastructure will extend its reach beyond the light rail corridor to consider the entire public realm in all its cultural and economic diversity.

Rebar initiated this process with a two-day public bike tour across the Corridor. Referred to as a “mobile symposium,” the tour paused en route at various culturally rich locations that encapsulate the challenges, promise and particularities of this diverse urban landscape. Practitioners of art, activists, and designers acted as “hosts” at each stop, offering their vision for the future of the Corridor, and engaging in a place-based conversation with the other riders and members of the interested public.

As an extension of the bike tour, the collaborators created an interactive website, the Atlas of Fantastic Urban Futures, an open-source platform where residents can mark sites of art practice and public engagement on the map, activating their role in the larger planning dialogue. The website will evolve as the Art Plan moves forward, creating a dynamic snapshot of the process and a repository for video, discussion, and documentation of artwork into the future.

Date: 2010–present
Client: Public Art Saint Paul
Location: Minneapolis-St. Paul Central Corridor