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Roads were not built for cars

At Rebar we are always trying to re-imagine our city’s car-centric streets by turning them into mobile parks, temporary public spaces, new bike lanes, and now city-permitted parklets. We think this public space is not just for automobiles and history supports this. Check …

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DETOUR 2012: Design Renegade Detour 2012 Vernissage Thursday, November 29, 4pm at the vacant lot of the former Wan Chai Police Married Quarters, Jaffe Road, Hong Kong Exhibition Dates: November 29 – December 16, 2012  An art and design exhibition featuring playful and experimental …

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Rapha Parklet Coming Soon

For the Cycle Club San Francisco, Rapha and design studio Rebar have deconstructed an iconic Rapha Citroën H-Van in order to create a ‘bookended’ public space. Known as a ‘parklet’, our design blends the cultural history of road racing’s support …

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State of the Commons

    An increasing share of the Internet’s visual resources are now locked away in private cabinets, untagged and unsearchable, shared with a public no wider than the photographer’s personal sphere…Hundreds of millions of people who have photographed culturally significant …

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Bridge in Paris

Paris-based architecture firm Atelier Zündel Cristea (AZC) has proposed an unusual pedestrian bridge on the Seine that dares us to reconsider our public behavior and our conventions for moving through urban terrain. Why walk (snooze) when you can bounce? Designed …

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Preview of Sky-Fi at ZERO1

Rebar has created two projects for the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial in San Jose, California. Here’s a preview of Sky-Fi, a collaboration with architect Christopher Haas.  Sky-Fi is a streetscape canopy that spans S. 1st Street in San Jose’s SoFa district. The …

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Reporting from OPENkitch’n in DC

OPENkitch’n is a collaboration between Rebar and the D.C. Office of Planning (DCOP), curator Justine Topfer, the 14th Uptown Business Association (14-UBA), neighborhood residents, local restaurant owners, D.C.-based artists, and funded by an ArtPlace grant. Rebar worked with these partners …

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Book your tickets for Rebar’s upcoming OPENkitch’n event in DC

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Rebar in DC

Rebar just completed our second ArtPlace event along the 14th Street NW Corridor with the DC Office of Planning and the 14th Street Uptown Business Association.  We set up a temporary workshop on 14th Street and Crittenden for the week and …

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StoreFrontLab announces their year-long schedule of projects

The StoreFrontLab, an exploration of storefronts as places of community, creativity and local industry, has recently announced a year-long series of curated installation at the ….location. . Works by Rebar family and friends Heather Smith, Kelly Gregory and Kristin Saunders will be featured in the exhibitions space.

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Rebar Street Furniture Design-Build in DC

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Vive le frontages!

In his recent publication, Reconquérir Les Rues (Reconquering the Streets), architect, urban planner, and professor Nicolas Soulier offers a unique perspective on reclaiming public space, particularly along residential streets and back alleys. Soulier outlines the typology of the “active” frontage …

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