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Land art + sustainable power generation

Artocos is Rebar’s competition entry for the Land Art Generator Initiative.

The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) is a landmark initiative that has brought together artists, architects, scientists, landscape architects, and engineers in a first-of-its-kind collaboration. The goal of the Land Art Generator Initiative is to design and construct a series of public art installations that uniquely combine aesthetics with clean energy generation. The works will serve to inspire and educate while they provide renewable power to thousands of homes around the world.

Artocos are folded shell structures that capture and combine solar energy and wind to generate power, create space to inhabit and contemplate the surrounding ecosystem, and make visible and audible environmental processes that shape our lives. Each piece is composed of a double-layer wall oriented to the path of the sun. Internal walls are clad with dark-colored thin film photovoltaic modules. Air enters through grated air intake vents facing the predominant wind direction. Sunlight heats the air in the chamber between the walls, generating a convection air current while activating the photovoltaic cells. The double-layer wall curves and folds to enclose a wind turbine and three flue organ pipes. Air moving through the double-wall rises and accelerates to power the wind turbine and activate flue organ pipes that generate musical tones.

Artocos was created by Rebar in collaboration with Rachael Yu,  Geoff Sharples, Ric O’Connell, Grant Ballard, and Sahar Qawasmi and has been selected to be included in the competition publication.

Date: June 2010
Location: Competition for Dubai, UAE