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First let’s get to the big news: a Rebar design that has been under wraps for over a year is now public and it’s on Kickstarter. (It’s the first Rebar project to land on Kickstarter and we’re as excited as…well, as excited as someone about to take the plunge from a sauna into the cold pool. I-can’t-believe-we’re-actually-going-for-it excited.)

Now you could get all you need to know from the Architizer story on the project that came out this weekend, which pretty much nails all the important points. Or the recent piece on the Architect’s Newspaper. Or Inhabitat. But it never hurts to recap:

SOAK from the street

SOAK is a spa entirely contained within several shipping containers, designed for the twin (and deliciously paradoxical) goals of maximum resource efficiency and maximum hedonistic enjoyment. It will occupy an open parcel in the eastern neighborhoods of San Francisco, at least to start. (No, we’re not telling where yet.) Because it’s entirely portable, it can keep going to where urban space needs activity, like a pioneer species preparing the ground for new growth. Aiming to be as off-grid and resource light as possible, SOAK will harvest half of its soaking tub water from rain and use only solar energy for its heating and electricity needs. Yeah, we said it–an entirely off grid rainwater fueled hot-tub sauna mecca for healthy hedonists.

Resource diagram

OK, we didn’t come up with the term “healthy hedonist”. To find the entrepreneurial engine behind SOAK look up Nell Waters, named one of San Francisco Magazine’s Hot 20 — yes, she’s like simmering hot H2O, get it? Damn straight. Nell engaged Rebar to develop the preliminary concept and start exploring the engineering feasibility (we are getting some world-class help with that part). We know it’ll work. We know, more or less, what it will physically look like. Now we just need to build Version 1.0.

This is where the Kickstarter part comes in. Nell is creating a proof-of-concept prototype with a slightly smaller footprint than the concept shown in the renderings, that will allow it to open for public use next year. We have the designers, engineers, and builders standing by. How much does it cost to build something like this? It isn’t loose change, but given the innovation in systems and design involved, it’s also resources used as efficiently as possible.

Right now you are thinking: how can I get a piece of that? Want to be part of making a statement about sustainability and enjoying yourself? Ever suspect those two things could move a little closer on the dial? Want to take your date to the spa you funded? (“You say you’re a benefactor?“) Or maybe just use the secret healthy hedonist handshake? Sign up to give to the campaign before 12/31/13. It’s all-or-nothing, soak or croak, zero to lose except your pants. Get in there. Take the plunge with us.

SOAKers in the hot pool

SOAKers in the hot pool

SOAK's back yard does primary greywater treatment and infitration

SOAK’s back yard does primary greywater treatment and infiltration


Written by Blaine

December 2nd, 2013 at 8:31 pm